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Two years ago I noticed how bad my neck was...

Two years ago I noticed how bad my neck was looking. I have never considered myself beautiful but I was content with my looks, but now its hard to accept the crepey skin and jowls. I have been looking at this site for over a year, I have learned so much. I am thankful for all the reviews that have been shared by people, it has helped me decide to have this done. I have been anxious, fearful, excited and just wanting it to be over. I have only told 4 people, not wanting others to realize how unhappy I am with my looks. My PS said I will just look "refreshed". I have chosen to trust him. I realize everyone has to come to that point. I am 60 years old and in pretty good shape, so I hope that helps with the healing process. I will be getting a Face & Necklift . Will post pictures later on.

The day has come!

Driving to the clinic, dead silence in the car. I think my husband is more nervous than I am. Just want this part to be over. I hope and pray that I am doing the right thing.

Surgery is now behind

Dr. Parfitt said he thinks I will really like my results! The staff was wonderful before the surgery and the Dr. was so gentle. Last thing I remember was some shots in my face and him saying he was doing something with my hair. He used twilight and I didn't feel or hear anything during the surgery. Next thing I knew I was in the suite, in his clinic, that I am staying in over night. A staff member will be here with me all nite. No pain yet, that will come tomorrow I was told. She is getting me all I need and I am in a very comfortable recliner. I am so glad that part is over!

It's done!

The surgery went smoothly. The last thing I remember is the Dr. putting the IV in my hand, I am a hard hit but he did it the first time! There were 2 assistants in the room doing stuff also. He then told me he was going to pull my hair back, and gave me a few shots in my face, they just stung a bit. That is all I can remember, next thing I knew I was back in my suite in a comfortable recliner. I don't even remember getting into the chair. One of his staff stayed with me all nite. She gave me meds and anything else I needed. Surprised to find out another person just had the same procedure the day before and she is in the room next to mine. So far not much pain, I am sure it will come.

Back home

Spent the night at a hotel across from the surgical center. Not as comfortable as their suite but it cost much less. Went back to their office and they removed the gauge wrap, feels better to have that off. One of the staff showed me how to clean the sutures and clips. It is a bit overwhelming at this time, not sure how I am going to reach the ones I can't see. My husband doesn't have the stomach for this stuff to help me much. I have come this far, I am sure I will make it work. I am pleased with the results of my neck, I know I have a lot to go through yet. I so appreciate all the tips that I was able to get from so many people on this site. A baby toothbrush and button up shirts were a must! I went to Goodwill and bought 3 shirts for $10, what a deal. The pain is very little at this point, taking extra strength Tylenol. I am only able to eat soft foods, chewing is a little uncomfortable. Time to rest.

Day 3

Didn't sleep too good last night, even with a Tylenol PM but enjoyed a good movie about Mother Theresa. I didn't have a lot of pain but couldn't get comfortable in the recliner. I don't have any bruising yet but my face feels hard today. I am not applying any ice since my PS didn't suggest it. Seems to be a difference of opinions among PS on that subject. I took a shower yesterday, NO shampooing yet. I wasn't shocked to see the clumps of hair thanks to the posts of others. Not saying I like losing my hair, just hope it grows back! Haven't had much sleep the last 2 nights so I am hoping to get some naps today.

Feeling better than expected

I showered again today, someone had suggested a shower stool so I am glad I had one. Nice to just let the water run down my hair. No locks falling out this time. I can tell what swelling I had is going down. I agree the morning is the worse. Trying to stay away from salted foods, not easy. I can't believe how nice my neck looks already on day 3. It's amazing. The ears feel weird and tender at some points. I imagine this will be the hardest part of the recovery. No surprises since I have read others comments about them.

Slept in my own bed last nite.

Finally slept in my bed, not a recliner. My husband put several pillows between the mattresses so it would be a more natural incline verses 3 pillows under my head which isn't comfortable to me. I used one pillow and my neck pillow to rest my head on. The back of my head was a bit sore when I got up, I think my staples on my back neckline were the issue. I had one stitch in my ear bugging me also. I got up twice to see if I could soften it with the ointment I was given. It worked. I have to put Witch Hazel on the staples in my head four times a day. I also apply hydrogen peroxide on the stitches four times a day and an ointment. Those items were given to me before I left the office plus special Q-tips. Big day, I was allowed to wash my hair with baby shampoo, no conditioner though. I also washed a load of clothes. No pain today and the only bruising I have is under my chin where the incision was made. I'm pretty sure the plasma muscle was tightened in my neck. My jaw line and cheeks are fairly hard today, not concerned. Watching movies and relaxing. I am blessed not to have to work all this month.

Day 4

More ears!

Day 6 stitches out

I was more than happy to get the stitches in front of my ears and under my chin removed today! Painless. I still have the staples in 4 places in my hair, they came out in a week. One of the staff mentioned using a gel pack on them to lessen the discomfort when i am laying on my pillow, will blast try that today. I only have brusing under my chin, but the swelling in my cheeks are making up for it. I asked the staff why I wasn't told to use any ice and she said it's because the PS just uses the wrap the 1st 24 hours. That's it. Another preference I guess. I still can't wear my glasses, because of swelling and tender ears. I had to pull my chair right in front of the Big TV. Took it easy yesterday, did nothing. When I came home today I had a desire for pancakes so I made some coconut flour blueberry pancakes, made me happy! I am already tired of watching my salt intake, not much choices since chewing is still uncomfortable. No more cleaning the ears :) I asked if I could spray the witch hazel on my clips instead of the qtips and she said yes, that will be so much easier. I have a minature glass spray bottle that I will use now. That's a tip!

What a difference a week makes.

It hard to believe that this time last week I was getting my lower face and neck lift, something that I know will change my self-confidence. I have always been friendly and out going but this neck and saggy Jowl was making me retreat, not too proud of that. I am so thankful the surgery is over, I was stressing that for weeks. Doubts, fears and cost were thoughts that I know realize so many of us go through. I am hunkering down and not going anywhere for another week, I am concerned people are going to notice, I have many girlfriends that I haven't even told them. They didn't even know that my neck bothered me, so I hope they won't even notice:). Today the left side of neck is sore, like a stiff neck. I have read some stuff on hematoma's, so am calling my PS tomorrow to ask about it. I realize I have a long way to go, but I know it's better to call than to be worried. I am limited on food choices since I still can't chew very well and low salt diet isn't too much fun. So I am really glad I at least have Netflixs and Facebook to pass the time away. Time for a movie and a Tylenol PM. Good nite

June 14....2 weeks on the other side

I am feeling pretty good. Staples were removed yesterday, no pain. The only really bruising I had was under my chin. I still have swelling on my neck and under my ears. I didn't use any ice or creams, per PS instructions. I did use warm cloth on day 10 when my neck was so sore. Better the neck day. I am back to eating regular foods, still watching salt intake. I drove for the first time today, have to be careful moving my neck for another week. The strangest feeling runs from ears to ear and on my neck. Feels like I have super glue all over that area. I realize this is normal and it will take time for those nerves to come back. I think I am looking ok but I fell like people can see what I "feel" under my skin, if that makes sense. This results are definitely been every moment of discomfort, which really hasn't been a lot. I encourage anyone who is able to do this for yourselves:)
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