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I began invisalign when I was 25. I had always had...

I began invisalign when I was 25. I had always had very crowded teeth, an overbite, and my top teeth were very narrow (kind of "buck" teeth--I hate that term though!) It was something that always bothered me. I couldn't afford braces when younger, and didn't want "adult braces". So I gave invisalign a whirl. I am presently on tray 28 of 30 trays. My teeth are beautiful! I was given the option to wear elastics to try and improve my overbite, but knew I wouldn't keep up with it (the overbite itself doesn't bother me, so it was my decision). I read lots of reviews before deciding to start invisalign, and some of those reviews were scary. Let me clear a few things up based on my experience: -Cavities will happen only if you don't take care of your teeth! I HAVE NOT had a single cavity (ever) and invisalign did not change this because I brushed/flossed before putting the retainer back in. -The attachments they put on your teeth look funny. It took a bit to get used to, but 14 months with attachments was well worth it. -I've eaten with invisalign in (rinsed/brushed as soon as I was able to). And I ALWAYS drink beverages with the retainer in. I know you're not supposed to do these things. Red wine will absolutely stain the retainer (not terribly, but it's noticeable). I drink beer, coffee, juice, anything with the retainer in.

It hasn't negatively impacted my teeth or the process, but it does help me keep the retainer in longer. -Invisalign is not "invisible". When someone is close to you, and you're in good light, it's obvious you're wearing it. But photos, bars, someone more than 4 feet from you, it isn't noticeable at all. -It really doesn't hurt. The first retainer I wore was a bit uncomfortable. I took a tylonal and was fine. Since then, I've never taken pain-killers for new trays. -Your teeth do sometimes feel "loose" after switching trays. This is normal, as your teeth are shifting. Sometimes eating tough food would be uncomfortable the first day or two. -My only problem was some root sensitivity for about two weeks. It went away with the next tray, though. Like anything, there's effort needed to make change. I really think invisalign is great, but I've heard that some orthodontists make it sound like a simple miracle treatment. It's definitely not easy, but not super hard either. See a few different orthodontists and read reviews of their practice before making a decision!

As I'm just finishing up invisalign, I'm unable to answer the "after care follow up" section. Since Dr. Bebrin and his staff have been great, I'd imagine this would also receive a high rating. All phone calls were promptly returned. The one email I sent through the website wasn't returned. The staff is wonderful. Dr. Bebrin doesn't spend as much time with you once the invisalign process is started, but that's normal orthodontist/dentist procedure anyway. He always swings by at the end of the visit to check you teeth briefly and is very friendly. He has a few offices, I've been to the Middleton one (great!) and the Peabody one--which is quite cramped.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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