Lower Eyelid Surgery - Mid Missouri, MO

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Tomorrow (Oct. 10th) I finally fulfill a 10 year...

Tomorrow (Oct. 10th) I finally fulfill a 10 year wish of having these bags taken care of.
I will post pictures as I heal. It will be done in the surgeons office, and I will give details as to how long the procedure is, etc. I want to thank so many others that have posted their experiences on this board, it has helped me a lot. I have been taking my arnica montana, and Bromelain. I have the frozen peas, and pillows propped up as I have read on here.

Day 2

Lower eyelids done

Day 2

Very swollen and bruised but not painful


Large under eye bags

Fifth day after lower lid surgery

Should I be concerned about the little bumps (bags?????) right under my iris on both eyes ? The surgery site is not painful but itchy. I will keep icing because I'm worried about the swelling :-(

6th day after lower eyelid

I can notice swelling is going down- bruising is getting smaller but not turning yellow yet.

Stitches out tomorrow

Swelling really down-bruising going away

Stitches out, now just steri strips

Didn't hurt - can see swelling more that was under tape.

8 days out

Yikes! Lots of swelling! After the tape came off yesterday- I was very happy with improvement- then toda- Wow! Lots if swelling! I am wondering what I have done to cause this?

Nine days out

Bruises have "shrunk" down. Under eyes still lioks and feels swollen.

Nine days out

Tenth day out

Hummm -cant decide about swelling- all tapes came off today, yippee- no pain, but still sleeping upright and icing.

11th day

As the bruises fade, I'm feeling better with my eyes.

12 Days post

Bruises have faded more, feels fine. While I still have bags, they aren't as bad, but not sure if I am going to be really satisfied, as I didn't want to see bags any more!

Before surgery

14 Days post

I'm not happy today.

Little better today

15 days post- iced this morning- and I swear water came out of my eyes - not crying

16th day

I will stop updating everyday now that progress has slowed down.
I don't know what to think- maybe I was too old for this to do much good?

16th day


19 days post

Trying to be patient

I don't think the right eye took :-(

It has been 26 days now, and while I am pretty happy with the left eye. The right eye doesn't look like anything has been done to it (in my frustrated opinion) I am posting two views. Depending on the lighting, it can look better or worse.

One month later-glad I did it

While I expected not to have any undereye bags after surgery- i believe that they are much better than before- especially the left one. My right eye seems almost like it wasn't touched- but it was!

Dr said my eyes looked good, I just still had swelling

You be the judge

Dr said my eyes look good - just still some swelling

You be the judge

6 weeks out

I still have bags, but I don't think they look as bad as "before" surgery. Please let me know what you think.

Update from Oct. 10, 2013 surgery

Although better, I feel like I still look like someone who needs their under eye bags removed.

Very conflicted

Four months out- why am I so vain? I just thought the bags would look better by now. Not very patient I guess.

Four months (almost) out

Still wish I had no bags, but hanging in there.

Review update per request

Update for 1-27-2014

Eyess February 4, 2014

Here's an update per RealSelf request

Five months, not thrilled with results

I feel like I have doomed myself by not being more positive about my outcome. I doubt how I took care of myself, and am blaming my diet, sleeping habits, did I ice enough, ice too much? I don't know.
I just feel like I don't really see a big difference. Some yes, but nothing to say "I'm happy I did it!"

Update picture

My Dr. says wait two more months before trying something else.

April 2 2014

One of the doctors on Real Self said I needed filler in my tear trough, which makes sense after I looked at his web site.
My Dr. said she studied my before and after pictures and did not want to remove any more fat, but I may want to try a laser treatment

Still waiting

Almost 7 months- still not happy

This is it

My PS says there isn't anything more she can do about the "puffy" look. I do have one bump that she is going to examine in before and after pictures to see if she can tweak it in the office. I will go back in September. To say I am disappointed is an understatement, especially after seeing so many great results on realself. I must resign myself that I waited too long to have this done at 61 instead of 51. So let this be a lesson to all of you youngsters: Don't wait- if something is bothering you, go for it while you are still able to benefit and enjoy it. I will post a picture from today, even though I have no eye make up on. :-)
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