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I have ALWAYS wanted breasts. I have a very curvy...

I have ALWAYS wanted breasts. I have a very curvy figure only a 24 inch waist and a 36 hips but my breasts are only a 31. I went to Victoria secret and got fitted for a bra and the girl kind of laughed when she said um youre barely an A. I will be 30 in March and hope to have the money saved up for implants. My mom thinks its stupid for me to want boobs. She says. "I love little boobs" (this is coming from a women who is at least a D cup if not bigger) My husband says he loves my boobs the way they are. But I am just not happy about them and feel like I never will be. I have lost 25lbs since Jan and want to do this...but is it the right thing to do. Plus I am not loving the price tag of the procedure!! What are your guys' thoughts opinons. I am thinking about going to Dr. Concannon in Columbia MO for a consultation at least.

After consultation:

Had my first consultation with Dr. Concannon, all I can say is "WOW"!! He was awesome. He made my husband and I comfortable and he addressed the WHOLE list of questions we had. He was amazing. His office is very nice and the staff was great. I even got asked if my lips were real...ha ha. The only thing we are waiting on is MONEY!!! We looked into CareCredit and his office doesn't provide the 18 month financing option. Soo finding $6800 is holding us up. Trying on sizers was an amazing experience. This was the first time that my husband has seen me so happy about the way I looked. I didn't feel like a little girl. I tried on naturelle 325 and 350s. I think that if I went any bigger I would have "armpit" breasts. I had always wanted boobs but now that I have had my consultation I want them even more!!! Crazy!!! What are some ways that you guys have saved up/paid for your surgery? My mom suggested taking out a loan from the credit union I have a second job that ALL that money is going into my savings account. However, it is for vacations, home improvements...etc as well. Overall, my consultation was wonderful and Dr Concannon deserves the reputation he has.

more pictures

i want these!!!

I love shape size everything about her breasts!! I cant wait to get this procedure done!!

another consultation

Scheduled a ba consultation with Dr. Puckett for July 19. I really liked Dr. Concannon but feel its in my best interest to get a second opinion both surgeons are top rated so I am very lucky. Ill update everyone after the appointment.

appt rescheduled

Because of the military sequester my husband could no longer make the appt of the 19 so it has been moved to the sad that it got pushed back but that's what happens when you're a military wife...

consultation with 2nd Dr

My consultation with Dr. Puckett is tomorrow at 3. I'll let you girls know how it goes!! Excited about a second opinion. He's cheaper but the consultation isnt free...and he does anesthesia instead of conscious sedation. So totally different!!

Two great doctors...

Who would've thought there would be such different doctors that are amazing in Columbia MO?

When I first got to Dr. Puckett's office, I immediately felt more like an everyday

not letting me do this all at once was not as fancy as Dr Concannon's place. The employees also were not all done up and looked normal not like barbies. My appointment was at 3 and didnt get called back until 10 after, not a big deal. My blood pressure was checked weight etc like a doctors visit. Then I was taken to an exam room and told to undress and the nurse would be in to go over goals and medical hx. (My husband had to wait until after the exam..which I was not happy about) The nurse was pleasent and very professional. She left and I had to wait for Dr. Puckett. I could hear the nurse tell him everything I had just told her. (Annoyed) Dr. Puckett came in and examined my breasts there was no measurements made he pointed out some imperfections and told me they may or may not be more noticeable after implants. He also layed me down and did and breast exam

sorry so many short

I have fibrous breasts which i knew about and he explained that it was normal and that it could cause me to get a biopsy later. Finally my husband was allowed to come back...they said their hellos and then we jad to watch a video of dr puckett talking about breast augmentation. He is a professor and it was very dry but very informative. I was ready to just walk out and say this isn't going to work out. Then came the Q&A session.this is where Puckett blew concannon out of the water. He answered all of our questions and concerns and made us feel very at ease about how he would do things. He doesnt do sizers at the first appointment he says sizers help you with a starting point but pictures are what he likes to go by that way whwhenp he's operating he can say yepi need a few more ccs or maybe a little less. This is exactly the opposite of Concannon who said its to hard yo tell with pictures

so now its pick & choose

Not sure who we will decide to go with. But happy i have two great ps who I can trust my little As with.

Dr. Puckett!!

My husband and I have decided on Dr. Puckett. We have figured out how we are going to pay for it I just have to schedule it. I am in a bass tournament in September so it will be after that!! So excited

getting nervous..

Im getting nervous and I havent even scheduled my appt!! Ha going to call next week and schedule with Dr. Puckett...he does ba on mon and wed. Probably going to do a wed. That way i only have 3days off of work. I work two jobs and am thinking about taking two weeks at my part time job since i lift heavy stuff and fold clothes all day there. When my husband and I got all the money figured out I kind of had second i doing this for the right reasons..what if they dont look how i expect them too...should we use the money on something else??? Anyway....Im doing this...I never do anything for myself!!! So excited!! Ill post my surgery date as soon as I know...

surgery scheduled!!

Pre op is 9/10 and surgery is 9/ excited I know this month is going to fly by!!

birth control

Im just finishing my pack of i supposed to not start a new pack?? Due to surgery and blood clots...etc?


Sooo...not what I expected at all today...(:/) my appt was at 330 the receptionist made an announcement saying they were at least 45 mins behind schedule..the surgical center seemed like a great place...i saw a lot of cancer patients and I felt horrible at first i mean i felt like the most selfish ungreatful person husband reassured me this was not the case and said think of it this way you know how good your ps is when all these women with cancer trust him...i love that man!!! So when we got called back took normal vitals..and the resident came in and reassured us that Puckett would be in but she was just going to go over paperwork..puckett came in looked at the pics we had brought in said to bring them back on monday...that was it (he did go over a few questions we had) I had been under the impression we would do sizers and everything but nope...his nurse came in went over more paperwork and that was even though we didnt go over size I feel very confident in his ability...i am thinking about calling and making sure they know i would like to be a full C-small monday I go in at 8 for 10you surgery!!

today is the day!!

Have to be at the surgery center at 8 am...very excited and only a tad nervous.. thanks ladies for all of your support!!

yay i can update.

Pretty good drugs for but still in a lot of of pain. He tried for a little bigger but 350 is all he could get in since im not very big to begin with. Movement is minual and i definatlt have rex arms. Anyone elae get night sweats? Each day a little better lwill post pictures later

6 days

Feeling okay for the most part. I trally thought we could go more than 350 especially since the lwft doesn't look like itw nade its way inro "hole" made for it quick how to measure was 32dthe ao

why only 350

I said i wanted full c to small d 375-400q thia ia why i choose him...

one week

Wow lots of typos. Ha ha. After coming out of surgery I was in pain but I had a really hard time talking. Drank some sierra mist and ate graham crackers.I could eat but couldn't talk. The nurse actually called the Dr back in because of this. He went ahead and cut my bandage brace because he thought it was too tight. Got to go home remember all the bumps but that's all. As soon as we got home I felt nauseated I think it was from the anesthesia wearing off ate some saltines and felt a little better. Followed up with all pain meds and stayed on top of them because I was in a lot of pain. had to go to the doctor the next day after as normal to be taken out of the dressing and fitted into a surgical bra with a 2 inch ace wrap. Everything seemed great. On Thursday I was looking in the mirror and the ace wrap was actually becoming in bedded into my skin and I had a small indentation where my implant hasn't fallen into that spot. They wanted to see me and look at everything and set up another appointment for this Thursday. Other than that Iove them I wish they were bigger but I didnt' have a choice in that matter. Lots of swelling and pain still. First day at work was today and that was hard took half of an oxy just to get through the day. Dr Puckett and Mary his nurse have done so much to help me through all of this.

hot flashes???

I used to be a very cold blooded person, but i have boughts of being very hot since surgery . Temperature is fine but i have beads of sweat coming off of breasts dont feel hot so im not worried about an infection and like i said no anyone else have issues with sensation of hot flashes?

42 days post op

I absolutely love everything about my new breasts. Still have steri-tape on the incision sites. My husband told me that my left breast incision looks like a wrinkle that's it and the right is a little bit more noticeable but not by much. Some days I wish I would've gone bigger and others I think they are just right. Still wearing the surgical bra. I have an appointment on Wednesday so hopefully I will be able to start wearing real bras then. I have been bra shopping on a few different occasions I know that my breasts still have some dropping and fluffing to do so I don't want to spend a bunch of money. I'm fitting into 32-34 D - DD I haven't been measured mostly because I don't want them to see my nasty surgical bra or my steri strips or what do I say. "Im 30 years old but I don't know my bra size"?!! oh well think I will just wait a bit longer since they fit funny in bras too much side boob in some, bulging at the top in others...filling out the entire bra that's just weird to me..ill try to get some pictures up soon.

Pictures 5.5 weeks

A little over 3 months

I had my 3 month appointment and Dr. said," well everything looks perfect" That was such a nice thing to say. I feel great still wake up with very hard boobs but after massaging they feel great. I am a 32DDD according to vs and I can't complain. I love them.. what a weird transition we all go through. I am still massaging twice a day and will continue until told otherwise. My next appointment is in March. One word of advice...patience...the bras I fit into after a month no longer fit. Luckily I spent very little on them but wow what a change. I mean I went from a 34 D to a 32 DDD. Still hate that the scar is not in the crease but he did what he could with what I had.

experiencing pain

I am experiencing a dull sharp pain In my left breast its been like this for about three weeks. When I massage it the pain lessens but after a few hours it gets tight again. My right breast has no pain and is very soft but my left is still very tight. It might just be that the pocket is smaller but could it be cc. The left is about a half inch higher than the right. The implant does move around freely and applied pressure doesn't hurt but the pain is still there. What do you guys think?
Dr. Charles Puckett

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