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Like many, my story starts years ago after...

Like many, my story starts years ago after pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding of two babies. Before having children my bra size was a 34-C. Afterwards, I wore a 34-B with a definite loss of breast tissue. My self-confidence in the bathing suit (and bedroom department) was diminished. I was lucky to consult with a very competent plastic surgeon who suggested 250 cc above the muscle saline implants. It was the era of "Baywatch" so of course I upped the ante to 305 cc implants. At the time, the bigger the better, right?! I had those implants for 24 years, during which only my husband and a couple of friends knew (but many questioned).

I never had any complications with this first set of implants but by age 49, I was ready for a change. I had gained a few pounds over the years and of course everything goes to your boobs. By this time I was barely fitting into a 36 D. I was also getting tired of friends' comments about their own aging (sagging) breasts at the same time wondering how mine were still so full and perky. I consulted with another P.C. (as previous one had since retired) regarding removal or downsizing. Like many other women, I was told that I didn't have much breast tissue and wouldn't be happy with the result. Scared, I made the decision to downsize and went with 175 cc (filled to 195) Mentor implants. Incidentally, in surgery the P.C. found that old left implant had been leaking. I thought something was going on because the shape had changed in that breast. A pre-surgery Mri would have saved me a few thousand. I was initially happy with the surgery and my new somewhat smaller look.

Now four years later, after gaining 25 more pounds (thanks menopause), and noticing a firmness in left breast that was never there before, it was time for these things to go. Also this breast was larger and there was an ache in it. I went to the same P.C. who again told me I wouldn't be happy and seemed very disappointed initially in my decision. Even required a follow-up appointment for me to think about it. Which I did for about 6 more months. At that time he told me I'd most likely have a B -C cup and would probably be very happy with my decision.

Well, March 19, 2013 was my removal date. Beforehand I can attest to going through all the emotions that I have read about on this site. How will they look? Will everyone know? Will I go through a depression over this? Will my husband still be attracted to me? I think that's only normal for every woman. My answers: good, no, no and yes. :)

The day of surgery I felt a calm which is not my normal pre-surgery state. I was ready. My implants were removed through aeriolar incision under a light general anesthesia. P.S. did implant removal with slight capsulectomy, no lift. I only took two pain pills during my entire recovery because I anticipated discomfort. Honestly though I had no breast or incision pain. My only issue was constipation (so ladies be prepared). I obeyed P.C.'s instructions not to overdue or lift too much weight. I wear a sports bra provided by my P.S. at night and the Genie bra during the day. (pictures coming in the future). At week 1-2, I had some of bruising and the incisions felt quite firm. Surprisingly, so far I would say my breasts are a size B-C. Of course I don't have the upper pole volume as before. My right breast is slightly dented in at the top and gets wrinkly if I raise my arm up. Hopefully that'll change in time. They could still shrink. I'm hoping to lose some weight for the summer and I'm sure then my breasts will get smaller. Still I absolutely love the look and feel of natural breasts. Clothes shopping is a heck of alot more fun too.

Let me say that getting my implants removed has been pivotal. I almost feel as if I have a do-over in life. I feel "real" for the first time in almost 30 years.
I want to thank all the wonderful women on this site who have shared their stories. You are inspirational. I have to believe that it's a movement that as begun. Hopefully, women of the future will be happy with their natural selves.

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