Zoom Whitening Review - Michigan

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I've been going to the same dentist for many...

I've been going to the same dentist for many years so the decision was not hard to choose. They had been promoting zoom whitening for some time, but my doctor always told me that whitening strips were a just as effective cheaper alternative. Everytime I tried white strips they would just fall off and they tasted bad, I don't know maybe I'm just being a baby about them. I just thought they were not working either so that might have been why I began to not like them in the first place

Starting from the beginning I came into the office as usual and receptionist greeted me. I probably waited maybe 10 to 15 minutes, this was maybe over a year ago or so. They took me back to the chair and put this "paint" on my teeth she said and then I sat under the zoom light for about 10 minutes or however long the intervals were and then she'd come back and check on me and she'd paint my teeth again and put the light back on my teeth for a few minutes. I believe we did that 3 times and one of the times I remember feels a zing up one of my teeth and she said it was probably because didn't put enough "paint" on that tooth or something. But before I knew it, it was over maybe within 45min-1hour was over. I thought it was really weird that I didn't even see my dentist that day, a hygenist did the entire thing. Also my teeth were pretty sensitive after, but she showed me a scale of how many shades of white and I think I went up like 4 shades or something.

I hope this was a little helpful for someone who is considering getting zoom whitening. Hopefully you can tell by my pictures that there is a significant difference in the bright whiteness of my teeth.
Any questions feel free to message me. :)

Keeping it up

The after care kit my dentist provided me with was great, but didn't last long. So after some research and other failed attempts, I turned to Dr. George's Dental White Gel http://www.drgeorges.com/dental-white-gel.html
After you Zoom your teeth they make you trays, but even if they don't you can just made them yourself. I've heard this isn't very hard and they are very inexpensive.
This stuff is a god sent. I use it probably once every other week sometimes more if I have somewhere to go, or I feel my teeth are looking dull. Now keep in mine this is because I am obsessed with white teeth. I probably don't need to do it that often, I just do it because its my person preference. I absolutely love it, it is pretty gentle for my sensitive gums and teeth. I've seen several youtube reviews on it and from my own person experience I would recommend it highly. I get comments all the time on how white my teeth are.
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