"I've Waited 5 Years for my Tummy Tuck/hernia Repair/diastasis Recti Repair" - Michigan

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I'm still in the "shopping" stage...not for the...

I'm still in the "shopping" stage...not for the best price but for who I feel the most confident with. I'm still researching if it's better to have a general surgeon fix my hernia or if the plastic surgeon (yes board certified) can do it all. So far I paid for one consult, have two more this week.

Final consult today!

Today I'm going to my final of FOUR consultations. I am so excited to make my final decision and get this thing going!

Surgery is scheduled!!

After going to FOUR consultations, two of which I paid $100, I have made my decision on which Dr and it's scheduled for March 13th! (The day before my birthday :) I didn't go with the least expensive by any means, but rather a Dr I feel 100% confident will do good work. I can't wait!

One week to go!

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and was given a script for Percocet for after surgery. I also have my Lovenox ready to go which I'll be injecting myself with every 12 hrs for 4 weeks after surgery (for my mthfr which most people have never heard of.). Anyway it looks like I'm all set and just have this last week of waiting for my big day. I'm soooo excited but if course super nervous too. But I have so much confidence with Dr. Puri's abilities....I'm sure it'll be great.

Two days before surgery and a winter storm is coming!

Ugh this is awful. I'm soooo excited to get my surgery Thursday....I've waited 5 years to get this done and thought the second week in March was a safe time to do it (my husband and I own a landscaping business which includes snowplowing.) needing my husband to not only ho take care if ME but also our 4 children while I recover...there is NO ROOM in this plan for a snow storm as he is always gone plowing at least 12 hours straight. And now we are expecting 5-10" of snow through tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what I will do. Such bad timing.

8 hours to go!

So I know I should be sleeping and resting up but instead I'm making lunches for my girls and sweeping the floor one last time and writing a million sticky notes for my patents who will watch all 4 kids for us tomorrow.....oh yes and don't forget about baking cookies for the school fair which I did at 11:00 tonight. Hmm....maybe I should try and grab a couple hours of sleep. I have to be at the hospital at 7:15 am so leaving home around 6:30 since there is like 2 feet of snow out there. I'm still going to try and take some good before pics and post them.

2 days after TT- crazy pain

I had my tt Thursday morning, stayed in the hospital that night, and left on Friday. Today is Saturday morning and I'm still in unbearable pain. I had 4 c-sections and they were like getting a manicure compared to this. I'm not sure if it's because my diastasis was so severe but this pain is inhumane. I'm on Percocet but it's not helping enough to make me comfortable in the least. Honestly had I known it would be this painful I'm not sure I would have done this. The drains are uncomfortable and I don't have a pain pump...but I wish I did.

Reality photo

I'm not one to show my girlie parts online so I covered what I could with hearts and stars but I felt it was important to share a pic of what the drains are really all about. Before surgery I couldn't understand how they would come out of my body or how they would feel. They are very uncomfortable. I have them hooked on a necklace here for my first shower. It's hard to see my belly button because the area under my ribs is so swollen. My lower back is also REALLY sore from hunching over so much when I walk and from sitting so much. I'm staying at my parents house instead of at home with my hubby and four little ones...I think it would be too hard to see them and not be able to let them climb up on me, plus it would be too hard for my husband to take care of the kids AND me. This way good old mom and dad can help me out.

Itching under the tape!!

Omg I have a new little friend....a nice pink rash under the steri-strips and it's ITCHY AS HELL! I never had this problem with any if my csections so I can't imagine why I am experiencing it now. The itching is practically as bad as the pain itself. I'm still taking pain meds, but now Benedryl also. It's not helping though! I take two tablets at once. I'll call the dr tomorrow for sure. For now it's 4:00 am and the itchiness won't let me sleep. (I understand it doesn't look HORRIBLE in the pic but it feels much itchier than it looks.)

Arnica Montana helping!

After getting incredibly desperate for some pain relief despite taking TWO Percocet at a time every 4 hours....I decided to try a homeopathic approach in addition to the narcotics. My hubby picked up some Arnica Montana tablets from Whole Foods which I've been dissolving under my tongue several times a day. Holy cow is this helping! Who knows if its all in my head or WHAT but I don't care....within literally 12 hours of starting it I began to feel some relief. I also am HOME Now! (I was staying at my parents.) I missed my baby girls soooo much so it feels so nice to be here. Did anyone else find the drains SUPER uncomfortable?? Everything online seems to say they are "painless" and more of just a nuisance but I find then quite painful with a constant stinging. I don't care how much it might hurt to get then out I cannot wait! (Friday they come out.)

Itching continues...

The itching is UNBEARABLE. It's so weird that I'm having this allergic type reaction when I never had anything like this with the steri-strips from my csections. I will see the dr tomorrow though and hopefully come up with a suction. On a positive note the pain is soooooo much better and I have to equally contribute that to the Arnica Montana as well as finally making sure I stay on top of the pain with the Percocet. I did get over-zealous yesterday and tried spacing my dose further apart and then suffered for it when I couldn't catch up to the pain....so I'm every 4 hours no matter what for now. It's great being home with my kids again. When they came home from school I sat quietly in the recliner until my 7-year old noticed me and she ran over to me...teary-eyed but happy...saying "Mommy!!!!" Then she said it was the "best surprise ever." :)

Medrol prescribed for my allegic reaction

So the itchiness has gotten worse every day and I went in today to get it looked at as I absolutely cannot stand the itchiness anymore. It's all red and puffy and almost blistery under the steri strips. The Dr agreed it is a severe allergic reaction to either the steri strips or the glue that goes over them to help them stay on. He took them off (felt good actually because the "ouch" of getting them off was at the same time "scratching the itch" for me. He prescribed a steroid....medrol. We'll see how quickly it works. He also put a medical glue over my incision so it looks pretty nasty now....I'll out a pic up of it. I really thought he'd take my drains out since the output is less than 30 ml on each one but he wanted to wait until Friday. Tonight I'll definitely take an Ambien so the itch doesn't keep me awake again.

Drains come out tomorrow

I swear I am so ready for these drains to come out! I'm wearing them around a necklace....posting a pic of me I think I look like an old lady lol. They are no longer painful like the first few days but with all the muscle soreness and all the crazy itching the drains are just one more nuisance and I can't wait to be rid of them. I find it very difficult to wear underwear with them as it presses on them too much and makes it feel like they are being pulled on. Still it very interesting to see how the color in the drains has changed from bright red in the beginning to an orange-red and now a yellow-orange. Feels like some sort of science experiment!

2 weeks post op

Today is 2 weeks post and the difference from then to
Now is amazing......although I have a long way to go. I still have a lot of swelling and I can still see the marks from the allergic reaction I had from the tape/glue. I'm exited to see the results so far but I do still have a LOT of pain....much more than I had expected. I'm not walking up straight either but I'm not as hunched over as I was in the beginning.

4 week post op visit

So every week has been a HUGE improvement. I'm still not able to stand up straight or pickup my baby but at least I'm not in horrible pain anymore. The end of the day I'm uncomfortable but it's manageable. It's fun putting on clothes and NOT seeing a "pooch" out front!

Feeling good in long skirt but not pants yet

I've been frustrated every day picking out my clothes because nothing fits the way I hoped it would.... at least not yet. I am 4 1/2 weeks postop and I feel like my hips look huge. That being said I have at least discovered that long skirts with an elastic waistband do look quite flattering despite my wide looking hips.

Still can't pick up baby :(

My doctor said I need to wait a full 7 weeks before I'm allowed to pickup my 6 month old baby or do any sort of exercise whatsoever. He said if I have to pick her up just for a moment it's on but I should make every effort not to. I'm sitting here with her now actually while I type this. I seriously need to be fully recovered like NOW! I'm frustrated to still be hunched over at 5 weeks, frustrated not holding my baby, and still so uncomfortable to laugh or sneeze. BUT I will say the results are making me happy and I do love what in seeing.

Drains around necklace worked great

For anyone recovering from a tt....what worked best for me was wearing the drains around a necklace. That way they were totally out of the way and there was never a chance of taking off my pants and pulling on them (ouch!!) I do have two small little scars from them which sucks....but then again they were only taken out 4 weeks ago.

6 weeks post op today!

I'm surprised at how painful my upper abdomen is and how swollen it is at the end of the day BUT I am soooooo happy! I love getting dressed and picking out my clothes....there are shirts in my closet that I haven't been able to wear in YEARS that I can finally use again. I love my new flat tummy!

One year later - 6 pack!

Here I am a year later and soooo happy I did this surgery. I've been workout a lot, which I always did before but it never made much of a difference. Now that I don't have all that skin in my way, you can actually see my abs! Best decision ever!!
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