Vi Peel not as bad as I thought it would be

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The vi peel acid was applied this morning at 11:30...

The vi peel acid was applied this morning at 11:30. I was out by noon and did a little shopping. First the esthetician cleaned my face, she really didn't need to, I had just showered and had not put on any type of moisturizer or makeup. Then she wiped it down with acetone to remove any traces of oil. She applied the peel three times to my face and had enough to do my neck and upper chest. She only did one swipe of my neck because it is so sensitive. The acid burned as it was applied to my skin, but the burn quickly faded. It smelled like chloraseptic, I smelled like chloraseptic all afternoon. I waited four hours as directed before I washed my face and applied the first wipe. It burned a little too. I turned red like a sunburn following the first wipe packet.

Day 2 and peeling

I followed the instructions and washed my face four hours after the peel was applied. I used one of the wipes and applied the moisturizer that came with the peel after waiting 10 minutes. I looked like I had a sunburn all of the first day. That night I washed again, applied the towelette and the cream and went to bed. It burned for a few minutes, but went away quickly. I took two Aleve as well. I was very nervous about doing this peel from all the things I read on this forum. I have type 2 skin. I'm very fair and sensitive. Today, Day 2, I was able to put on foundation and makeup today and go shopping. I used a ton of moisturizer and Aquaphor. I would not have gone to work looking like I did, but shopping didn't matter to me. Tonight I cleaned my face and applied the third towelette as directed. After putting on the Vi cream and a layer of Aquaphor I sat down to watch TV with my husband and the itching and peeling started.

Evening of day 2

Most of the lower half of my face has peeled already.

Nearly done peeling day 3

I slathered on the Aquaphor last night and before I got into the shower this morning. Most all of the dead skin on my face peeled right off in the shower. My skin feels great! It's still a little red. I decided not to wear foundation today to give my new skin a chance to heal and air. So far so good! I have not had one problem along the way. This product worked just like the manufacturer said. I'm very pleased. Before doing the peel I read too many bad experiences on RS and was really scared that I wouldn't be able to go back to work by day 5. I'm so glad it came out differently. I took an extra day off that I really didn't need to. Better safe than sorry. I love the way my skin feels and looks, so fresh and new. I'll be repeating this peel in the future!
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