Extra Skin/jowling After Smartlipo on my Neck/chin - Michigan, MI

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I am 45 years old and four weeks ago had smartlipo...

I am 45 years old and four weeks ago had smartlipo done to get rid of fat under my chin and neck. I am very petite and in shape but I inherited my fathers chin. I developed a double chin and was on my way to getting a bit of a turkey neck and thought it would be better to have this done now instead of later.

Four weeks after the procedure, I do see an improvement in my mid-neck area but I have jowling which I didn't have before - (more on one side than the other) and some extra skin under my chin. The skin looks really old as there is no fat there and is unsupported if you know what I mean. I spoke with the Dr.'s office and they said we have to wait 3 months and it can even take up to a year to see results. But if a "touch up" is needed they can do that after the 3 months. This is a bit disappointing as this was not shared with me before the procedure and I don't think a touch up will take care of the extra skin.

I am very concerned and wondering if this gets better and if the skin will reattach or not. I researched this procedure for a year and a half, saw two plastic surgeons along with the other Dr. who performed my smartlipo treatment. One surgeon recommended regular lipo and a chin implant, the other didn't think I had enough for a full lift but would have done it anyway and the smartlipo Dr. said that with the skin tightening of SL I was a great candidate for it and they wouldn't perform it if they didn't think so.

I was very clear with my smartlipo Dr. about my concern with having extra or sagging skin and he stated that "I was young and my skin elasticity was very good for my age".

I continue to wear a compression garment when I can during the day and do so religiously every night when I go to bed.

I can't help but be scared as the extra skin makes my chin and face look older than it did before. Can anyone give me some perspective or advice? I prefer not to post pictures on the web but would be willing to email a couple to the right professional. Thank you!!

Going to see the Dr. in a couple of weeks for a...

Going to see the Dr. in a couple of weeks for a check up. I still have jowling and there is extra skin. Some improvement since October but the results are not what we discussed. Saw a plastic surgeon who stated that I don't have enough extra skin to warrant a full out face lift and a chin implant could help but wouldn't take care of the extra skin. He also suggested laser treatments as those may help. I am upset that my profile is not younger but older now and I feel I should have not had the procedure. Would love feedback from anyone who has had this issue and what they have done and suggestions for any Dr.'s out there. I will try and post some photos later this week.

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for the moment I have to with hold judgment until I can get more feedback and see what the final outcome is.

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