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Hey everyone after many months of contemplation I...

Hey everyone after many months of contemplation I decided to go ahead with picosure to remove my heavy colored half sleeve . Big mistake . I'm one day post my first treatment the blisters are insane it's blotchy and hurts like hell oh not to mention my arm is about two times the normal size for swelling . I will not be going back to get any more picosure treatments . I will wait for this to heal then go to a tattoo parlor to have to just fill in the colors that it faded a bit . I'm at the point right now if tears , and am willing and ready to just accept my half sleeve and carry on with my life. To those thinking about tattoo removal , for large pieces think twice . It is not worth it to have hem removed .

Day five post 1 treatment

My skin is absolutely digesting looking . It's something for real out of a horror movie . The giant blisters have popped and haven't came back like they kept doing the first couple days . But now my skin is like .... I don't even know how to explain it - it moves - like it's wet underneath . Slippery sagging dead skin that is wet . I've never seen anything like this . All these other reviews are so optimistic , and beautiful healing . What's joke on me . I feel ruined . I can't wait for this to be over to see what the damage is under neath this all . I wish to god I would have never started this tattoo removal journey . I wish I could have just accepted it . But noooooo , of course not and now it's ten times worse than what it even was to begin with. So depressed .

Day 6 post 1tx

Here I am again . Each day thst passes during this healing process creeps too slowly . I'm letting my arm dry out a little bit tonight , the blisters that popped have made my whole arm a wet slippery brown dead skin of a mess . So I'm letting it dry just for tonight . I'll reapply ointment in the am . I would post pictures I'm just so ashamed of the way it looks I can't even bare looking at it myself . I didn't take pictures th first couple days it was blistered I should have , I was just too scared . This is draining me . It's all my mind thinks about , my boyfriend is getting agitated with me cause all I do is complain about how much it hurts and how it looks so awful . He's understanding but I mean come on - ie be a little agitated to to be quite honest . I feel so unsexy for him . This is miserable . I'm going to sleep . Think twice before getting picosure on a large piece . It's not worth it . Embrace what you chose to put on your body . I decided to go ahead of post a couple pictures of 5days after 1 tx.

Pictures 5 days post 1tx

Day 7

One grueling week has passed . I had a week follow up appointment today - they seemed to feel optimistic on my healing progression- it felt better for me to have a professional actually tell me it looks normal to be honest . I'm kind of a hypochondriac I won't lie . But this doesn't change my mind on not getting it done anymore . I'm still going to learn to love it . I can't deal with the mental breakdowns this process as given me . You go into this knowing it's going to hurt , you look at a million other people's reviews some good some bad like mine - but when you actually have it on your person and have to deal with the constant discomfort of it - looking at it every second of everyday - it's draining it really truly is . I've sat her and just cried at the thought of what it's going to look like once it is healed . I just need to learn to take it day by day . It is what it is and it will be salvageable I do believe . I do like how much it has lightened on the super dark area around the ball of my shoulder that ink was WAY TOO dark and now it is actually a pretty blue under neath all the brown dead skin. It's starting to itch more and harden a little bit compared to the wet sloppy mess it was yesterday so I know For sure it is indeed healing . The swelling in my forearm has gone down and hasn't came back so that in itself is a blessing . Anyway . I'm gonna keep applying Aquaphor and silver to it everyday numerous times a day . I'm going out on the boat with my boyfriend this weekend so I'm hoping my rash gaurd 50spf shirt gets delivered tomorrow . Can't have it exposed to any sun lord we all know that We'd really have a problem then and I know for damn sure I don't need any more problems with this experience . Anyway I'm blabbering . Goodnight

Day 11

Wow . Still so much scabbing and pain . I have three small areas that look and feel infected . Lucky me . I'm going back to the office sometime this week . I can hardly move my arm without so much pain . Something is wrong :/ this is NOT normal I know it isent . I was not expecting this to be like this honestly . I have ruined the rest of my summer . I'm seriously feeling so down in the dumps . You can expose it to sun , well it's damn near my whole arm it's so hard to keep it all covered and then I worry I'm not covering it well enough , I can't enjoy swimming in the lake or going out on the boat with my boyfriend , I tried going to the fair with my mom and had a panic attack that I was hurting it in some way . This is ridiculous ..... I'm so angry at myself . God I'm hoping and praying it is salvageable . And someone can help me fix it . :*( I feel like crying every second of everyday .

Day 13

I can't even bare looking at it . Such a mess . It's dis colored my regular skin that it wasn't supposed to mess with . Brown white spotty mess . Three areas still infected . Putting coconut oil on it like a crazy person . What an absolute terrible idea . One day I'll fix this . I pray I hope .

Today is day 13 . Oops

Day 13 still very tender and those three scabs are super thick around my armpit area . It doesn't help I work in a hot ass factory and I sweat all day . So I'm just dealing with the punches of thst pain still . The rest of my arm has healed well besides the discolor . I'm not sure why it did they but its messed up . I'm hoping my skin color will return to normal in those areas . I'm kinda pissed off at the place I got it done because I feel as though they should not have done this whole thing while I had a tan . I didn't know that having a tan could mess your skin pigment up until like yesterday . You think they would have known that . Your skin should be your natural skin color , and it is summer I have been outside so I do have quite a bit of tan . My color was so nice and now my arm is speckled brown and white . Cute real cute . I'm telling ya this has been the worst most draining experience I have been through in my entire life . I was not expecting it to be like this . Before getting this treatment you most certainly need to keep in mind that you need to right frame of mind . Stability . Strength . Apparently as much as I thought I had that, I don't. Look at me . A hot mess . I just feel ruined . I already felt ruined enough with my tattoo before any treatment and now I feel even worse . Ah well. I'm blabbering .

Day 14

Good morning .... I'vestill being having minor panic attscks because of this . It's been two weeks I still have really bad scabbing around my armpit area . It hurts terribly , still. I have a follow up appointment today so I'm looking forward to getting some answers on the white discoloration and brown spotty areas . The whole ball of my shoulder you can see the lines from the laser hitting it white in color . So I'm praying to God that is not scarring of any kind . People that I have shown tell me that it doesn't look bad at all . But then when I look down at it I just immediately have anxiety . It does look bad . I don't know if they're shooting smoke up my butt or not. But they tell it not to worry nonetheless . I can't help myself though , I honestly can not . I'm freaking out every minute of everyday . I look down and see my tan all broken white spots and brown speckles , those white lines from the laser , the pain in the scabbing , and the scabbing itself is pretty gnarly . All in all - I am still very disappointment in myself . Quite heartbroken too . It's so silly . Ill update after the appointment today . Cheers


It's been a few days past two weeks since my first treatment - most of the scabbing has gone awa besides those few places near my armpit still . I'm having serious nerve pain along thst area now - it feels like stabbing /burning/stinging/tightness I'm not sure if it's from those scabs cause they are kinda bad still . I'm praying once those scabs heal so will this pain and it's not some underlying new issue . I swear ...: always something . Other than that im feeling pretty good the past few days . I'm not trying to dread on this situation as much , but this intense pain has me on edge today . I was feeling good up until today . I was almost in the verge of tears it hurt so bad - and it still hurts the very same right now . Please heal ..... Please :(


So it's been a few days . I've been quite busy . I still have a few scabs around my armpit area that are still ! Super painful . My arm feels tight still as well . I'm not having as many panic attscks as I was I've kinda accepted what I have done at this point . I'm waiting quite a few more weeks before I take my ass up to a parlor to have them discuss it with me . Once my arm officially heals . I can't believe it still hurts going on three weeks . Unbelievable . The "nerve pain" I was describing has stopped for the most part, I'm kinda thinking it's just these scabs that haven't healed . The rest of my arm has healed nicely , still itches from time to time and I keep it lotioned cause it's quite dry . But just wanted to get back on here and update a little bit . Still pissed off at myself . That hasn't changed . Anyway good day


Ugh . God . I'm miserable . This scab on my arm is so deep . It radiates pain around my whole bicep . I do not know what I did wrong to make this scab up like this . I follow aftercare instructions well . The pain today is pretty intense . I'm miserable .


I had to leave work yesterday due to a panic attack . My arm was in so much pain , I could hardly contain the tears flowing from my eyes . Who would have thought this was going to impact me so greatly . I can't stand looking at it . It's not faded nicely like all these other reviews on here . It's blotchy , you can see lines throughout my whole shoulder from where the laser hit ., it's strange and ugly . I need to calm down . And take it for what it is .

One month ish

It's been a month and some odd days . The two scabs have still not healed completely , I'm not in as much pain but definite discomfort . My arm is itching so bad and those two scabs make lifting my arm feel tight . Also there is like deep tingling weirdness when I get goose bumps i dont like it - it worries me thst something is wrong deeper in my skin . All in all this has made my situation worse .
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