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Scheduled pre op appt for August 5th. Surgery...

Scheduled pre op appt for August 5th. Surgery schedules for August 26. Full tummy tuck and some lipo; losing 90 pounds wasnt enough to smooth alllll of this out ;)
Worried about taking care if my family post op and keeping my surgery secret. So many in my family would be very negative, I don't need it! I'm grown, it's my body :)

Before pics added

Just added my before pics :)
It's nice to be able to find a tummy that looks like yours :)

Pre op

Going to pre op today! Excited I think. I am wondering how much lipo he will do. I have love handles and I would like to see them gone but at the same time I don't wanna go overboard. I still wanna be soft :)
And I get to pay surgeon, anesthesiologist and surgery center today 0.0
How painful is the lipo part of recovery? I know muscle pain is the biggest issue but seems the trauma of lipo wouldn't be fun to heal from either :)
Love your ladies insight and experiences!

Done deal!!!

So I'm home. Surgery was a success. I am heavily medicated but doing well at the moment. Drain is annoying and lots of oozing from entry point.
Abs...... Well that's where all then pain is. Even with pain pump, still have fentanyl on board from surfer probably, 4 Percocet in the last 7 hours I can still feel a lot of ab pain. I did Black out Getting out of the van to come Into the house. I started sweating an my vision went black am blurry and I sunk down to the floor. My friend was holding me so I didn't actually hit the floor but it was scary. Took some zodran after that and feeling much better and less queasy.
So thankful for how prepared I am due to following you ladies on this forum! So a big heartfelt thank you!!

More day of pics

Oh. Holy buckets.

First of all I love my surgeon and all the nurses and the fabulous people I have around me and am blessed to have! Now here are my experiences from the last 18 ish hours.
1. I hate this binder. Like a lot. It's like a friend who makes me feel secure and somewhat held together but at the sametime it is so uncomfortable and I swear I can not put it in correctly either :/
I will not miss it.
2. Really the main pain is the abs for sure. Mostly the upper abs. I only feel my incision if the pain pump accidentally bangs against it. My flanks are pretty sore from the lipo also. I am spacing out the Percocet as far as I can because narcotics make me totally unable to go to the bathroom. I'm beginning to panic about that. I've been taking miralax and vegetable laxative pills and nothing yet. The drain makes it very difficult to sit on the toilet.
Overall getting off my bed is the only thing I really can't do myself without extreme pain. I should have made my mattress firmer. I may have my husband take off the foam topper. That would make it much easier to get up.
Looking forward to Thursday and seeing PS and maybe the incision! It was extended farther back then we originally planned. I had really loose skin in my flanks too from weight loss.

Day 3

Not too bad so far. I mean, I have my moments where I feel defeated if I can't adjust myself in bed and get comfortable and that makes me cry a little. Lol
My drainage seems minimal. About 50-75 ml per 24 hours.
I pulled the pain pump out and that was a relief. One less thing tangled around me and my binder. I don't notice the absence of it too much unless I hiccup or cough. Then it's kinda like being knifed in the upper abs.
Other than that I am just really stiff and tight.
I've managed to keep my kids unaware I had surgery. They think mommy is sick. That's fine with me. They are too young for this kind of information. I think it would give them nightmares!
I have taken Percocet pretty regularly. About every 7 hours. Without it....yikes. But i think that's reasonable for day 3.
No bowel movement yet. This is unsettling. My tummy rumbles a lot from daily miralax and sennocot but no potty yet. :/
I sleep pretty much straight upright propped in my bed. It's hard on my tailbone but I cannot lay any flatter.
I am surprised at how upright I can stand when I am medicated and relatively loosened up.
Not much appetite. Up six pounds from swelling though. This doesn't concern me though.
It was glorious taking off the compression stockings this morning! So nice to be out of those!

Pain pump

I'm surprised I'm not noticing a significant spike in pain after taking out the pump this morning :)
That's a pleasant surprise

Bandages off

Saw doc today for first follow up appointment. Looks good. Drainage hasn't been much, I was never told about stripping the tube so that would possibly explain the low drainage and puffy lower belly. But he is happy with the result so far as am I :)

Feeling good!

I am surprised at how decent I feel. I have pain meds on board but still feel like I am in better shape then I expected. Did a little laundry and some dishes. Walked around grocery store for about 20 minutes. Tired me out but it was manageable! He said I could shower but I'm apprehensive. I am fearful of infection. I had two infections post op after my breast lift. It was from sutures but still I worry it could happen again.

Umm. Med switch

Stopped Percocet today and switched to Tylenol 3. Lets just say my pain level increased markedly :(
Time to toughen up!

Day 5

Oy. This is tight. Working hard at standing straighter and trying to slowly stretch this belly out! Started oozing a little from incision today which was discouraging. Nurse said no worries and to be sure my drain was doing well which it is.
My flanks from the lipo are maybe the most sore places I have. Feels like I got bucked off a bull. Lol. I have a burning sensation on the incision. Especially on the far ends around my sides. It feels like its on fire sometimes. I am sure these things are normal.
There is a sharp line/crease in the center of my upper abs. Looks kinda strange. Wondering if there are sutures holding it like that? Guess I'm just not used to seeing any defining lines on my belly :)

Feeling defeated

Feeling a little emotional today. I'm frustrated that I cannot straighten up. It just feels impossible. Also I feel like I make progress and then I take a rest and when I next get up I am back to square one as far as standing straight. Like I lose ground. Trying to keep my chin up.

Not hungry

No appetite me very little room for food. Not complaining :)

Feeling panic

I am starting to feel that panicky feeling. I feel like I am trapped in this messed up body. Nothing is particularly wrong, just a combination of things have me feeling depressed I guess. Day 6 and I wish I was standing straighter. For some reason I really worry about this. Can I heal too tight if I don't push myself harder to stand straighter? And of course the back pain from stooping is horrific. I'm just thing ibuprofen and some Tylenol 3 at this point.
When will I feel human again?

Day 6

Still working at stretching and standing straight. Eating more today finally :)

Day 6

Anyone? This worries me. Numb

My flanks are so tingly and hot and numb feeling. Also my tummy feels sooooo tight. I am feeling nervous. Are the pins and needles normal?

Getting there slowly

Feeling a little different/better everyday. Swelling is bad below the belt. Over and under incision and pubic area bulges a lot. I think the most painful part for sure has been the areas on my sides/back where he did a little bit of lipo. It wasn't much but man is it tender and sore.

Oh. My.

Well I think I over did it. Was more active today. Lots of chores and even ran to town. Well mistake. I am more swollen in my hips and tummy then I have been since surgery. I feel like the tape in my incision is actually cutting off circulation because I am so swollen over and under it. I feel like I am going to burst. I never thought swelling was that big a deal but right now I would pay cash to take this away. What did I learn? Chill out. Stop pushing myself.

Day 8

Turning a corner

I think :)
Less pain today. I'm more mobile. Still pretty bad posture but I am already trying and pull against the tightness all the time.
My tummy feels really numb today. More then ever before. Not sure why. Maybe because the pain is less i am noticing other feelings?
Drain is in still at day 9. Hopefully it will come out tomorrow at my 2nd post op appointment. I don't mind dealing with the drain because I know without it I would have more swelling which would stink!
I feel really puffy and swollen in my belly and hips and thighs. I look fat and that's annoying but I know it's temporary so I try not to dwell :)
I am up several pounds since before surgery but I'm not over eating at all. I know it's fluid. Getting a fresh binder tomorrow because mine is white and has blood stained. My surgeons nurse said I can just get a new one tomorrow at my appointment. She said she didn't want me to worry about washing mine because they didn't want me without it for several hours while it air dries. So now I will have two which is awesome because it can be fresh and clean :) It's the little things

Day 9

Day 10. Yes!!!!

Drain out! It feels wonderful but I can't help but worry a little that I will accumulate too much fluid. The end of the tube was pretty clogged up so it wasn't doing much anyway.
Take off incision. It looks pretty good. I don't like having it exposed but he said just keep clean and out some regular good quality lotion on it. I always wear a thin clean tank top under my binder which acts as a light dressing anyway.
Nurse gave me a smaller narrower binder which is amazing!!! It doesn't cut into the bottoms of my boobs! I have a short torso and the other one was digging into me badly. This is soooo much better!


Nevermind the strange auto correct words in my posts! I really need to proof read!

Day 11

Feeling decent. Nauseous today which scares me. Vomiting with a tummy like this would be awful. Laid low and napped a lot. Getting tired of HGTv :)

Pic day 11

Grocery shopping hell

I went grocery shopping for the first time in about ten days. It took like two hours and I about died! Exhausted! And I used a motorized cart after my friend insisted. It's crazy how much more demanding tasks are on a healing body. On the plus side, I now have tuna fish :)

Pic day 15

I liked seeing lots of pics during the healing process on this site I feel like it encouraged me to worry less during the not so cute times :)
I hope other people like em too :)

Day 16

Still burning and stinging. The swelling is getting less every day but I think I have a ways to go. I can see the shape emerging slowly :)
Trying to be patient. My boobs ache like nothing else! I think it's from my binder which constantly rides up and pushes into the bottom of them. I need to buy some spanks for when I get the okay. Should I get the top cami style or a high waist brief? I would prefer to wear just a really snug top piece if I can. I hate having my thighs squeezed in bottoms. I didn't have any lipo on my thighs so I only need compression to the bottom of my tummy.

Turned a few corners

Day 19 I think and finally doing pretty good. My stomach still burns and stings like a snake bite. I'm told this is inflammation probably from being too active and not being careful enough.
Almost walking perfect, until I get tired late in the day then I start hunching. Wearing a very tight shaper cami mostly, binder only if I start to get sore. I still can't sleep flat or on my side. Sleeping sucks. Still swollen in lower tummy and vaginal area. Worse at the end of the day. Wearing leggings without looking pregnant finally! Lol's getting better every day. Praise God!

Front pic

3 weeks

Getting there! New pic


I doubt I will ever wear it in public but today I put on the first bikini I have ever worn in my entire life! I figure I can at least wear it at home with shorts :) No need to scare people with this extended scar :)


Bikini clearance!!

Oh my. So jc penny had lots of bikinis for 2 bucks! I went nuts!


Side view

Day 24

Swelling below incision and lady parts. Better in the morning. Feeling good! 2 weeks ago I couldn't imagine feeling this good!

Will my Hoo hoo ever be normal!?

Man 24 days and my lady bits are still so puffy! Ladies when will this end! Also below my incision is still like a 6 months pregnancy which I know is normal.

Day 24 side view

Front day 24


Almost a month

Pics update. Feeling pretty darn good. Laying flat standing tall and coughing without screaming. Lol. Belly is tender and swollen still but overall I am great! Also the lipo areas on my flanks get flatter and less swollen all the time

This appetite thing is awesome

Honestly I am so excited about how much the surgery has reduced my appetite. I'm assuming it's just the tightened muscles I'm just not that hungry anymore. I would've paid $8000 just for that alone :-)

A dress!

I bought this. I've worn like two dresses my whole life.:-) :-)

Incision 4 weeks

Pic of incision under BB about 4 weeks post op

One month!

Feeling so good. Pot belly but I can hide it :)
Laying flat and standing tall! Obviously lots of activity and walking makes swelling worse. I'm just wearing a maiden form tank style shaper. I wear it under my shirt every day. It's long down to my hip bones and feels really good. I put on the post op binder at night if I'm feeling particularly pregnant looking :)
Not back in the gym but I have my one month tomorrow and hoping doc will let me so light exercise. Starting a few lunges and squats. I so bicep curls when I am carting heavy grocery bags with handles. Lol. I must look nuts walking out to my car curling my milk! Haha. Oh well. It's fine with me! I've lost so much strength and tone I'll be glad to start regaining it.
I am down about 4 pounds since surgery day. I was 138 surgery day. Blew up to 146 from swelling and now I'm sitting at 134. My appetite is much less after the MR which makes me soooo happy because I like to eat! I haven't been counting weight watchers points and I am not gaining! Usually I start gaining immediately if I get lazy about points. It's nice not to count obsessively everything I eat and still maintain my weight. I'm 5'3 so I could stand to lose a couple but after starting at about 220 I am totally thrilled at my size. I used to dream of being in the 170s then 160s then 150s, you get the idea. I never would have believed I could be in the lower end of 130s. It's like a dream. I just counted weight watchers points for all my weight loss. Never attended meeting or anything. It's was the right thing for me because I could eat yummy things in moderation. I don't so well with off limits food. So ladies I highly recommend ww point counting if you want to shrink a bit
I don't even bother trying to fit into jeans. It's just not comfy. Just living in leggings and yoga pants. I love those during fall anyway :)
It's fun to start shopping for some new clothes! Even a dress! I have worn like 5 dresses in my life ( apart from whatever my mom put on me as a child ) and I am 34 years old! It is amazing to put on a cute and somewhat fitted dress and feel beautiful. It's empowering not to hide!
Thanks for the support and sharing your stories ladies!

Forgive typos. Thanks auto correct :)

One month vs pre op


Pics and pops

Feeling good. Had some weird popping sounds and feelings in upper abs twice. It looks fine so guess I won't was when my belly was pulled and arched tight during a hug and pop. Weird

Fun with collage app: progress

This was a fun little app I found and made a couple little progress collages :)
4 weeks and counting.
My belly is stinging today. Boo

34 days

Lost a couple pounds! Even through my monthly "eat every single thing that fits in my mouth week ". Aka pms :)
138 lbs pre op 132 lbs today :)
Taking a bath but still it feels scary and dirty even though I scrubbed it like a crazed person. Feels very good though. I'm not sleeping well. Cannot get comfy on my side anymore. Almost resorted to NyQuil. Lol.

42 days

Feeling decent overall. Still very tender in flanks where lipo was performed. That's the only pain really. Belly still kinda swollen and tingly but no issue really. What has me down is that my boobs are still sore after my breast lift that was 8 months ago. I keep pretending its normal but I know it's not. Time to talk to ps about it. I am trying to be patient but this far post op they should not be sore and tender at all times :/
Also I am not at all crazy about being able to see and feel the wrinkles in the edges of the saline implants through my skin from certain angles. They look good overall but when I feel those ridges or see them in the mirror when I'm bending over while dressing it bothers me. I think silicone wouldn't have had these issues but I just couldn't get comfortable with the idea of silicone in me. And with my lift i would have had no boobs left. I feel too young at 34 to give up on having boobs. But there are moments when I would take them out if I could. :/

Scars and incisions

The big lip on my incision still grosses me out but I can see its beginning to flatten and I scar really well so I need to chill out. Lol.
I'll post pics of my 8 month old breast lift scars


I'm about seven weeks out and I'm just now starting to get some relief from pain in my lipo areas. I can't believe how sensitive that was, and how long it lasted. It felt like bruises up until just recently. He only did a small amount on my flanks and hip area. I don't know how typical it is for it to last that long I just wanted to throw a warning out there ladies.

He went to the naval academy!

So my ps is awesome but kinda quiet. When we discussed results he told me he pays special attention to belly buttons.
Then he told me straight faced that he studied at the Naval Academy! Lol! It took me a sec to catch his joke. What a ham. And I'm pretty happy with the bb :)


Pics loading funny

8 weeks

Feeling decent. The lipo pain is finally relenting. That was sooo sore for so long. Incision is flattening out Nicely. Still swelling above and below incision and lady parts. Worse with activity.
Finally went to the gym. It felt scary. I'm terrified to use my abs. I stuck with cardio and light free weights. I'll throw myself into it a little harder next week.
No longer wearing any kind of Cg. Feels okay.
Glad I did this. No matter the pain and difficulty :)

Got photos from my doctor

So I had a breast lift 9 months ago and a tummy tuck 2 months ago. Pre breast lift I was about 145
Pounds. Pre tummy tuck I was about 138. All this after about a 90 pound weight loss total over the last few years.
So here are before and afters. I just gotta say I was shocked when I got my before boob pics in the mail. I had forgotten exactly how they looked. And let me tell you, I don't feel one tiny bit guilty about all the money I spent on these surgeries after looking at these pics. Now that I don't feel like I have to hide it is amazing how free I feel. I realize now how much time and effort I spent hiding and masking my body. I avoided people and situations because I felt bad about myself. Cosmetic surgery isn't merely a physical transformation. It has transformed my life. The self confidence I have gained cannot be labeled with a price tag. Thank you so so so much To my doc and his nurses. It's been a long road but I'm so happy with my results.


When I click on my pics they turn up enlarged and cut off. Can anyone tell me if that happens when you click on them?

9 weeks pics

9 weeks post
Op full tummy tuck with muscle repair and flank lipo

74 days :)

All is well. Have been in the gym a few times now. I can do pretty much whatever but I am terrified to use my abs. Haha. Still numb all
Over my belly and sore. Not too bad. Incision has a couple sutures poking me but nothing major.
Overall doing well. I still
Need to be careful to not over do it which I have a tendency to do. I swell pretty bad still if I don't control myself.


Feeling pretty good. I have one small trouble spot in my abs that feels like a snake bite if it recruits when I work out or just doing house work. I don't do any actual ab exercise yet. I'm afraid too! Lol
Swelling persists. Mons area and above incision mostly. More activity equals more swelling for sure.
I find when my belly swells it hurts and almost makes me hunch over like after surgery.
Overall healing well. A few stiff hard spots in my incision that are tender if rubbed or pressed on.
All in all though I'm really happy with my results :)


Well my belly still gets pretty tight and stingy when I move too much during work outs and stuff. Not bad though. Mons still swells a lot as does low tummy. Liking my body though :)

My ps is rad

I don't exercise my
Abs at all yet so I'm surprised they look like this! Swelling doesn't show in this pic but it persists above incision still. I'm okay with it.


I about died when I measured my actual waist line today and 25"!!!! It's been like over 40"
For so long. It's like a different body!
Sometimes it feels like I'm dreaming. I really never thought I would lose all that weight. And thanks to my doctor for uncovering that natural waistline! And I'm learning to try to judge my body but looks and clothing fit and not pounds. It's hard because I am about 140 (which I would have killed for a couple years ago) and I still feel too heavy. I work out so I know I have heavy muscle in my legs and I am thick in the hips. I am pretty short and curvy. (Which isn't bad). I am irritated with myself for being critical of my weight and little imperfections. My old self would have kicked my new selfs ass! Just enjoy it! (I'm talking to myself here). Lol.

13+ weeks

I can work my stomach a little At the gym finally! It finally stopped hurting to let them contract.
Still swollen down below. Not sweating it. Swelling is considerable with lots of physical activity.

Whoa. Loose jeans!

4 months

Getting flatter. I've been in the gym 3 or 4 days a week. I still don't work my abs out at all. Swollen above incision and mons still. Not terrible though.


Just sharing a pic of my scar at four months

I am over this swelling

Still every day my abdomen below my belly button swells and gets numb. I am about 4.5 months out. Anyone? Please tell me I'm normal.

5.5 months swelling still

Thought I would update. Overall very happy still. I am surprised this far out how much my lower tummy and mons swells. Also gets quite numb when it's swollen. If I go heavy when I lift at the gym I usually swell a lot worse. Even get some ab pain sometimes still. Like a sharp little stab in one particular spot. Nothing to hold me back though. I work out 3-5 days a week. Specific routines for pushing muscles, pulling muscles, and legs have their own day. Lol. And butt. Haha. I'm up about 4 pounds since surgery day but I am in the same clothes. Pants fit the same. Maybe even better so I'm chalking it up to the strenuous muscle work I do. Fitting fine Into pre op size 4-6 pants. I didn't really go down any pants sizes because I only really had the skin to lose. No real poundage. Lol. I have a goal to take off ten pounds though. Love handles look much worse next to the flat stomach. :/

6 months

Scar is looking nice. Just wanted to add a pic of it to the review. So happy with my results.

Incision 7 months

Here's a pic of my scar at 7 months. Also got a tiny little dog ear repair. Looking great!

One and a half years post. Perfect result!

Here is the latest pic of my tummy. It's amazing. My surgeon is an artist. Pure and simple :)
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