Permalip Implants and White Spots (Fordyce Spots)

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Ive always been self conscious of my thin lips...

Ive always been self conscious of my thin lips especially my upper lip. So i had a consultation with a doctor a few days ago. He suggested 3mm in my top lip but when he felt my lips he said he believed i could accommodate 4mm in top and bottom. I'm a little worried about the fit as i dont want to look like a duck but also that if i get the 3mm you won't be able to tell a difference. I dont usually make decisions easily and am NOT a risk taker, so this is out of character for me BUT i researched this procedure a lot and since you can have them removed i figured its worth a try and if i hate them ill just have them taken out.

So before taking the leap and scheduling the surgery, I decided to google a bit more last night just to make sure i hadn't missed anything (that might make me regret ever getting the surgery) and i read a few forums where women were complaining of white spots on their lips after getting the implant.. ** I need to point out that the doctor i saw for my consultation was younger but was a facial plastic surgeon so I'm sure he knows his stuff, he never mentioned this when i ask him about the risks. All he said was that theres a chance of infection and the chance of it slipping which i was already aware of both. So anyhow i continued reading and there were several woman saying they had the same issue, they have "white spots" also known as "fordyce spots" on their lips now and that they regret the procedure & would NOT recommend the implant to anyone and they seemed quite upset that no doctor had ever warned them of this risk before.

So i decided to read more about Fordyce spots and dont quote me as i could be wrong but it seems quite common to have them. They are not an std or anything like that nor do they cause a health concern ,they are just not visually pleasing to look at oh and that since doctors dont really understand why they surface they dont know how to get rid of them! So the implants are reversible BUT the white spots/fordyce spots ARE permanent! Which is whats scaring me out of the decision to go through with this surgery.

In addition, I was looking at pictures of "fordyce spots on the lips" on google and then decided to have a closer look at my own lips, at first glance they are just normal tan lips but as i stretch my mouth really wide in an "O" shape and then take my fingers to spread the skin thin, sure enough i see the spots in certain areas, like the corners on either side of my bottom lip, and then a bit through my upper lip. But again thats ONLY when tugging and spreading the skin thin on my lip ( which i imagine an implant would do to my lip) So I'm left to wonder..

1- Do i go through with the surgery maybe get smaller implants ? or get 4mm and hope that the fordyce spots on my lips (at least i think thats what they are) dont start to grow and multiply.

2- I dont have that many when i do stretch my lip so id still be interested in the surgery but only if i knew for certain they wouldn't be extremely pronounced.. ( i read that regular people without plastic surgery that have fordyce spots on there lips notice that some notice over time it can start to multiply & even when they find a product that gets rid of it, it comes right back sometimes worse than before.

3- If i dont get the surgery am i still at risk of creating visible fordyce spots if i choose to get fillers?

I have to weigh how ill feel with tiny lips my whole life next to how ill feel with (worse case scenario) lips full of fordyce spots that will never go away! If theres anyone out there with insight or is going through/gone through any of this id love to hear from you!

*I tried to show the spots but they are so small they dont really show up in the picture. so i just added one with my lips at rest ( the spots you DO see on my lips in photo are freckles lol )
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