Explant - Saline smooth mentor high profile 380cc

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Ok here we go I'm writing this because I need the...

Ok here we go I'm writing this because I need the support and thoughts of others with the same expiriance as I am going to through. I got breast inplants a year and a couple of months ago. Since then I have never felt the same about myself. Yea there are times the looked good for me bit I have always struggle with the fact that my right nipple hurts and alot of times my whole breast hurts since day one . I don't like it touched because of pain it interferes with sexual relations with my soon to be husband .
I have been having nightmares bad ones since they was put in. Also as soon as I wake up I'm thinking about them and the health of me .my hair is already falling out like crazy don't know if it's the inplants or stress . Thinking I want to be healthy for my 2 year old daughter. My appt is on Sept 8th. I also don't want my relationship to suffer. He said he don't care about my breast that's not why he loves me. Also I worry about what kind of bra I will wear don't want to look small .people I know will notice and I don't want them to. This is very hard for me but I know I must do this and be strong. I really was pushed into it at the end from my ps cause they wouldn't give me back my money after I told them I didn't want to go through with it. So I did it cause of money lose. But now I'm thinking I should of just took the lose. What a waste .I hope I will look ok after that scares me. I'm glad this sight is here cause I need it. I just want my life back and put this nightmare behind me forever .


Starting to get very nervous about the procedure of explant I just hope it doesn't wreck my life that's what I fear the most I just wish I never had to get this done from the beginning and just had enough to make me happy


Why did I do this to myself I was happy before I had it done looking back at videos I seem happier. If I could take this all back I would. Don't believe you will feel better about ur self cause u wont. It's just a false positive on ur self . It has made me unhappy mentally and physically. Been to two different ps. They both said I had some bottoming out on my inplants. One said it will get worse the other said it could stay that way or get worse. I've only had them a year and already problems. They are to heavy for my small frame.I just want my life back. Every time I talk to my soon to be husband about this he
says I'm bugging him. He is supportive and tells me to take them out so that I'm happy. But what about how he feels? He just says as long as um happy. And he will love me the same. I'm just scared want it over . Someone fast forward this bad dream


Just would like some insight on others on these questions ??
1. is your periods irraguler after breast inplants?
2. Do you have less orgasims after BA?
3. Do you feel queezy on somedays?
4. Is your hair falling out?
5. Do you feel weak ?
6. Do you have pain in your nipples or breast? Want to to hear from you

37 Days until explant

Seems so far away I wish I could move my appt up. I want to feel better I want this stress behind me.
I really hate thinking about this all the time. :(


I forgot to mention that I have Mentor Smooth round high Profile saline inplants. Waiting for explant.
To help the time and to try not to think of this I've started to paint. Took it off my mind for a little while lol.. still very nervous I'm sure it will get worse at my explant date gets near. So glad I'm not alone


After a great weekend with no thought about my inplants . Now back to reality Monday.. thinking now that I will feel less if I get this done but I know I'm going through with it . I just don't want to feel like if I go to a beach and there are people well bigger then I . I don't want to feel insecure or feel like I have to hid from the world cause there are hardly anyone as small as I am after I get it done. I just don't want to compare myself or feel terrible about myself. My fiance told me he doesn't even want me to wear gel bras after I have them removed but I don't think I could walk around like that. I hate the Internet and tv cause u know what they do. I just need confidence I'm sure I will I hope I will afterward and not regret any decisions I just want to go on with my life I wish I just never had to get this done in the first place


Lastnight I had a rough night .
Started argument with my fiance.
This stress I'm under is really getting to me I wish I wasn't on edge about this. Everything is better now today. I understand I'm going through a emotional roller coaster right now. And I need to Stop.I have the support from him and I have the support from all of you. I'm so thankful for that. Just want it over I'm getting very inpatient. I need to keep myself busy or something so I don't sit around thinking of this surgery. It's a Big step in my life but I know it truly is the right one.

Month to go starting today

Only got 4 weeks to go Yayy..
Let the count down begin.

There out !!!

Got my explant yesterday was so scared and nervous waiting had general . I am home relaxing feel pain of course icing on and off all day got drains in also. I am in just a spots bra that they put me in . I did call my doc to ask why no compression? She said she always does that like that. Just was worried about fluid and skin. I have drains so I guess it's all good. I feel amazing besides the pain . I took a peek to see what they looked like and they ate as they was before BA.
No sagging either what I can see. I only had them in for a year and 3 months so I'm sure that helps . Now the healing begins . Hurts when I breath move around. Also the doc said my muscle contracted when she went in to remove my implants so she said she had to sew around the muscle had very thin capsules she said she only took half of it out because she did not want to take any breast tissue away. Thankful for that. I feel free want to start being more healthy and take care of myself better. Im only taking pain meds when i go to sleep that dont even sewm to work. I just cant wait for all this healing to be over. Happy healing :)

drains.. 3 days since explant

Woke up in the middle of the night with my side wet from where the drain is . Don't know if this is normal but I'm calling the doc today. I feel alot better tho today.
Took a full shower last night hooked my drains up to a string around my neck lol so hard to take a shower right now. My fiance has been so helpful with everything. But now he us at work and I have to take care of our 2 yr old. Just won't life her and will be careful not to over do it today . My breast feel like I have way more feeling in them now that them implants are gone :)

just looked

Looked at myself in the mirror and look so little . I hope I can live like this. Wear the nice clothes that made me feel sexy in and still look good to my fiance. I know it's just been since Friday that I had them removed. Just want to feel beautiful in what I wear. Don't want to look flat I can't go around like that. Don't want people to notice. I'm glad there out don't get me wrong but. Don't want to look bad either. My emotions are taking over

5 Days explant

Feeling better today . Might get my drains out today . Boy do they really bother me they tug and feel kinda sore . Took a peek today looks like my swelling has gone down. Not taking any pain meds either. Lol I only took like 3 the whole time only at bed time. I mostly iced to feel better. :)

Flowers from my PS and staff

Got Flowers delivered to my door today :)) Such a great PS she is so understanding and is 100 times better then the first ps.she even came out to talk to my fiance about my care and what she did to me to him :)

First doc appt after removal

When to see my ps 6 days after my explant yesterday . When I got in the room the nurse that was there looked at me in my face for a real long time and said wow you look like your glowing you look really good. I knew when she said tht it was because I had them toxic bags removed . Maybe what she seen is that my body was thanking me. Also when she looked at my breast she was amazed at how they looked not droopy or wrinkled at all . When the doc came in she was suprized also she said wow ur breast tissue is already coming back and it has only been 6 days. I am so happy so happy not to be tied down to implants worry . Feels soo good :)

surgical bra

Hello was wondering if I need a more tight fitting bra . My ps only gave me a sugical bra after explant
Didn't even have any sort of compression it seems like the frog just lays on me only tight around words bit not in the breast area does anybody else have a Ps surgeon that did that should I be wearing a tighter bra?

Tired easy

Was wondering if anyone else tires easy after explant? Seems if I do to much I feel soo tired like not moving
Is this normal? I had my explant Sept 18th


Was wondering how I can detox .
If anyone can help with this I would appreciate it . Just want to be as healthy as I can be .


Ok looking at my breast more and seems one is bigger then the other slightly to me and the bigger one had kinda a dent and the nipple is pointing down. Is this going to get better? Is it because when she did my surgery she said she had to mesh the layers together and sow around my muscle because it contracted when she removed my implants .. Should I be massaging I no one told me yet to do that. It's only been two weeks couple of days since explant .


Called my PS yesterday and asked if I could start massages on my breast to help improve them. Had a few ?s
If anyone could help.
1. How do you do the massage ?
2. How long and how many times a day? I don't see my ps for another 2 weeks. Also what kind of sport bra do you have that won't keep riding up?

Feeling a little idk what

Feeling a little upset cause my left breast hasn't fluffed under the areola still looks like thrs no tissue under it like a dimpling effect . My nipple also points down because of it also thr other breast looks slightly smaller . Help will this get better or fluff out ??? I don't even like to look at them much . My doc appt ain't until Oct 22. Haven't seen her in a month now

fixing the dent under my areola/nipple

Hello just wanted to update on my appt today. Well she looked at it and said that it's just the tissue that it sometimes splits when you get inplants put in it does that when they are removed. Stretched skin also. At first the nurse thought it was my muscle retracting . But doc looked and said no its just tissue and I need to massage it more like a pulling down motion in tht area. The nurse also did a ultrasound massage with heat on that breast. She wants me to come in twice a week but I don't think I can do that . To long of a drive . :) in healing all is well other then that and I know on time it will fill out only been 5 weeks

Fat transfer

Been thinking about fat transfer if things don't improve but I know I'm still early out of my explant. Was wondering if anyone has had this done and how it turned out for them.

Living with small breast

It's been a year now since my breasts implant removal I have mixed emotions all the time it's hard for me to live with small breasts but I know I don't want any implants anymore just finding it difficult to wear certain things and feel good about myself

Hair falling out alopecia areata

Not sure if I have the alopecia but I know that my hair started falling out when I have the implant and that's one of the reasons why is planted only one of the reasons because I knew my health was getting bad but now that I have removed them the hair has continuously fell out it's only been a year maybe by body still trying to heal I don't know I know after I had the implant is when I seen one bald spot it has grown back now I see there's a small one again with handfuls of hair coming out each day they did leave the capsules in because she said they were thin so I'm sure there's still some sort of a toxins in there please help with some advice on what to do


I had a question it's been a year now since my ex plant they didn't take the capsule out of my breast when they remove the implant so I was wondering how I can detox what can I take or do for that


Any of you had their capsules left in and if so did you fully recover from any symptoms
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