48 Yrs old 2 kids 5'7 150 pds at most always was a B

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1 day post up and they are very high, firm , and...

1 day post up and they are very high, firm , and kinda droopy on the bottom . My dr said I did not need a lift that the size of the implant will lift them enough. I'm really hoping they drop and fill the saggy part up. I need to be patient . I felt great after the procedure . Actually after I finally woke up . We stopped and got a coffee for me since I didn't have any . Went home not to bad . Later that night , it got extremely hard to get off the couch it out of bed .

What's with all the noises inside

I noticed yesterday at almost 2 days post op they are making strange girggling squish type noises when I move my arms at times .. I read this is because the dr cleans out the pocket that he made ??

They don't seem very big ?

Day 5 post op , yes of course their bigger than they were but i thought the 550ccs on top of what little I already had they would be bigger ? Maybe I'm being impatient since they haven't fluffed yet ????

5 days later ....

I wonder how much these puppies weigh? I've gained 2.5 pds and I don't like that number on the scale . Incisions are still very sore . I wonder if the steri strips are too tight ?

7 day post op appt

Went well . I go back in 3 weeks . I too have boob greediness going . Husband likes them and I almost am thinking they should be bigger. Patience patience patience ! I took the steri strips off and probably shouldn't have but they were driving me crazy .

12 days post op ordered a bikini . Sz LRG 2 small?

I ordered this because I'm going to the Caribbean end of September . I think it's to small . Too much side boob. Boobs have been achy today :(

Nipple sensitivity and also mondors 3 weeks po

Woke up and took a look and there were the mondors . I think the nipple sensitivity is the worst .
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