29 years old, 5'1 125 lbs Mom of 1- 600cc style 45 uhp!

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So here is the start of my BA journey. I'm...

So here is the start of my BA journey. I'm actually going for my first consultation this Saturday 1/24/15 with Dr. Michael Grey in MI. I go see Dr Freedland on 1/27/15. I can't wait to see what they have in store for me and what they thinks will be best. I will take some before pics at some point and post them. I'm currently a D cup, I'm very tiny and petite, so I'm a 32D. 5'1" about 120ish lbs on a good day. If you're around my size and have already had yours done, I'd love to hear your story and see some before and afters for inspirations. After having my baby girl 4.5 years ago and pumping for 9 months, my boobs just lost all mass. So I'd love to be more "round" and just up where they should be :-)

Update thus far

Had my 1st consultation on Saturday with Dr Grey and absolutely hated him! Not the Dr for me....personal reasons I guess, since I know that he's definitely done his fair share of boob jobs. He won't be touching mine, that's for sure.
Anyways....I had my 2nd consult with Dr Freedland today, and I'm 98% sure he's my Boob Dr. He was amazing. The office was super nice and relaxing. His assistants were awesome and so informative. He took the time to sit down with my husband and I to tell us all we needed to know. Answered all questions. He actually dumbed everything down for us and spoke to us like we had no idea what he was talking about, which was a good thing, because I'm not a PS! I don't know anything about it, so I feel so much more informed now. And because of that, I actually changed my mind of what I think I want.
So we set up the fitting for next Thursday-soooo excited for that! We will go in and try on all the different sizes and shapes and see what will go best with my size and shape. Yippe!!! We have another consultation set up for Monday Feb 9th, in a city that's about an hour away from where we live, and the only reason we're keeping it is just for a 3rd opinion.....I might even call and cancel that one after the fitting on Thursday. We shall see.
Till Next time!

We have a date set!

So after talking with my husband a ton, and getting his feedback on his impressions with Dr Freedland, we have decided to cancel all the other consultations we had set up with other Dr's. We are definitely going with Dr Freedland and I actually called the office to make sure they had a specific date available, and graciously, without a deposit they put my name down so I could hold it. April 1st is my surgery day!! I have my request for time off with work all set up and it's done! I cannot believe that this is actually going as smoothly as it is. Work is being so cool with me taking time off so soon after we get back from Disney World (my first day back to work after Disney is March 10th). So it's pretty exciting. My husband is being so so supportive in my decision, and he told me whatever I want to do, I can do. Size wise, it's completely my choice. I cannot tell you how many hours I've spent the past few weeks looking at boobs online. I think I have seen my fair share. LOL! So we have 29 days until Disney World, and then after we get back Disney, 3 weeks and 2 days until BA!!! Whoop! Anybody out there reading in the same size bracket as me have any feedback on what size you went with? Looking for any and all recs.....I cannot seem to decide for myself. Somewhere in the 400-450cc range I think is what I'm gonna go with. I'm 5'1, 124 lbs and bra size according to VS is a 32B, but according to Dr Freedland, I'm a B-small C without all the extra skin....

Trying to pick a size is exhausting

I can't tell you how many countless hours my hubby and I have spent looking at boobs online. With my fitting just 2 days away now, I want to go in with some sort of idea of what I want....but it's just so difficult to know even remotely what size would look good on me. It's like I see 1 person with about the same stats as me, with 450cc's that look aweosme....and then I see another person with 400cc's that look HUGE! It's definitely throwing me for a loop.....One of these days I will take some before pictures and post them.

Fitting was today

We chose a size and I'm over the moon! But to be honest, I went in with a completely different idea then what I left with. But I'll say this, my husband is completely on board. I could see the excitement in his eyes the whole time I had the sizers in. So according to the PS, with the size of my check cavity and the distance of my cleavage and the size of each boob, to achieve the nice round perky look I'm going for I will have to go with 600cc. Back track a sec, I originally went in thinking I'd be on the big side going 450cc. Boy was I wrong. Lol!!! So today we figured out the size, paid in full, got all the paperwork signed and even got the rx to full. And i also bought some Arnicagel and some Arnica tablets for after surgery. I cannot believe this is happening and next time I see my PS he will be drawing lines on my check for surgery! Whoop!! I'm posting my before and my sizers pictures here too!

Here's the Pre Op photos

Fitting Appt

As promised, here are the pictures from my fitting.

5.5 weeks till boob day!

So here we are. 6 days before we leave for disney world. We will be gone for a week. And then when we get back it will only be 3 weeks before surgery. I have all my prescriptions...all I need to do is get them filled and my a few bras. Also a pillow for sleeping upright in bed. Other than that, I'm ready to go! I still have the same feelings toward the size and think I might go back to my PS and see if I can do 1 more fitting before hand. Just to make sure of the measurements and that 600cc style 45 is going to get me the round perky boobs I'm looking for.

2.5 weeks before!!

I can't believe that I'm this close now. I remember when we booked the appt I thought it was never going to get here. I'm finally starting to bet a little anxious and nervous. I'm planning on getting my RX filled this weekend and I still need to get some bras. I found the ones I want at walmart. So either this weekend or next weekend for sure! It's do crazy thst I'm for real doing this! I have started to double up on my vitamins and I started taking vitamin c as my PS recommended. Got me some Tylenol extra strength today just in case of any headaches or anything since I can't take anything with Asprin in it until after. I'm following a low sodium diet until after surgery too. Since we got back from vacation I gained a few lbs that I'd like to drop before surgery day. Eating healthy and as much working out as I am able to do....which has only been the treadmill so far. Oh well....I know I'll probably lose what muscle mass I've created. That's ok. I'll get it back in a few months. This spring/summer will be all about getting back in shape. K, I'm done blabbing for now. I'm sure I'll get super excited and come back and write some more nonsense. Lol!

Almost there!

So yesterday I took my scripts to Target to have them filled. They called me today to let me know the cost and make sure I still wanted them. About $100 later obviously I am getting them. Picking them up on Wednesday. They have to order the Oxy from somewhere. No big deal. I can't believe this will be my last week with my natural boobs. It's kind of hard for me to believe that it's almost here already. I'm so ready for it to just be over with. My nerves are on edge so bad. I'm probably going to be working out super hard thus week just to calm myself. That usually seems to help. I've been on top of my vitamins and trying to keep the sodium to a minimum. Seems to be going good. Had my last alcoholic drink friday night so my body van detox and clear out for the next week. Work is going to drag this week, I'm sure. But I just have to keep myself busy. Cleaning and grocery shopping this weekend for lots of food to have easily ready to eat and also yogurt to prevent the UTI from antibiotics and to help the plumbing. I'm also a fan of taking a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar every day. so I'm staying on top of that too. Ok. I'm done for now. I'm sure you will see more of me this week. I'll be nervously writing a bunch of blab just to get it off my chest! ????

1 week from today!

So, to add to the stress of Surgery in 1 week, I wake up this morning with a freakin sore throat!?!?! I'm convinced that it's either A. Allergies, or B. Just stress.....I don't feel sick or anything. I'm trying not to worry too much because I do still have a week to nip this in the butt if I have to. And I'm hoping that if for some reason I still have a sore throat next Wednesday, as long as I don't have a fever, they still do the surgery, right? What are everyone else's thoughts on this? This happen to anyone else?
On a better note, today I pick up all my scripts. So I will have that ready to go! $100 right there. Makes me cringe. But what am I to do?!
So goal for this next 7 days is to just drink a ton of water and take my vitamins and try to get rid of this sore throat as quickly as possible. I know with the change in the weather and everything else, it's probably nothing, but I just really don't want to deal with this while I'm trying to recover from a BA.

Down to the wire now!!

Only 2 more days! Just got the phone call from the Surgery center with my information and time and everything. I had to ask too if I could take a Xanax, and they said it was fine. I could even take one the morning of with just a tiny sip of water if I needed to. But Today and tomorrow for sure! So, surgery is scheduled for 11am! I wish it was a little earlier, just because I know I'm going to be absolutely STARVING after, but oh well....what is a girl to do! I'll just have to stuff my face after....in hopes that I'll have an appetite.
I have all my scripts ready to go. Dr already sent my note back to work over, so I have that ready to go for Monday April 6th to return to work. Work is scheduled off for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Yippee!!!!! The nerves are all that I'm dealing with at this point. I've just been a mess. I took a one of my husbands Xanax on Saturday and just felt like I was a little loopy, but the nerves were GONE. So that was nice to relax for a day....but now that I'm at work I'm not sure I want to take those....maybe I'll take one tonight and one tomorrow night.

the night before surgery is upon us

The Surgery center called today to change my time. It went from 11am to 11:45am. Kinda sucks that it's later, but oh well. I'll sleep in a bit tomorrow and my husband will take our daughter to day care. Then when he gets home we can go shopping for some bras before hand at the Walmart that is by the surgery place. 11:45 will be here before I know it. If I have time I'll update before I go in, if not....the next post will be after surgery.

Day After Surgery

I'm doing great! I'm really sore, but other then that, the pain is pretty minimal. I think I may have over done it today a little bit. We've been out all morning. But now that I'm home on the couch relaxing, I'm starting to feel better. I put some Arnicagel on and took my Arnica tablets and they seem to be doing the job.
So, I'm sure you'd like to know how my surgery went....
I was scheduled for 11:45. We got there about 11:15 and got registered and sat down to wait. And then a nurse came out to tell us the my PS was running way behind.....and that we weren't going to be seen until around 4. I honestly thought it was an April Fools joke, but no. She was seriously. So she told us that we could leave and come back around 2pm to go back and get prepped. So that's what we did. We went and ran some more errands, went home, I cut hubs hair and cleaned the house a bit. Went back at 2pm and they took me back to get my IV started and stuff. My husband left to go get our daughter from day care and brought her back to see me. They came back, gave me a kiss and the nurses took me back to the OR around 3:45. The last thing I remember was changing beds, and the nurse gave me a mask and told me to take a few deep breaths. The next thing I knew I was waking up crying hysterically and shivering. They told me that I did awesome and surgery went great. They brought my husband and daughter back to see me and once I was able to calm down and get up I got dressed and they released me. No big deal. Drove home and just relaxed the rest of the day. Sleeping was ok....I woke up to pee around 2:30 or so and had a hard time falling back asleep. But after that I was in and out until I woke up around 7am needing pain meds. And this thing that I've read about called Morning Boob.....Holy Lord have mercy! It's no joke. I cried when I first got up. Wow it was painful. Anyways, but I'm doing good now....pictures are from right after surgery and some today.

Feeling Great!

Feeling awesome! Going back to work tomorrow. I haven't taken any of my RX pain killers in 2 days. I've been on Tylenol EX Strength and 1 pain pill at bed time. Pain is very minimal and I'm very happy so far with the healing. Incisions aren't bothering me at all either. Just a little worried that my steri strips aren't going to last as long as they should...the corner of the right one is kind of starting to lift a little. Trying to keep them as dry as possible, but that's not really easy to do while taking a shower. I have also been hearing this gurgling/bubbling noise when I move my chest muscles around. Not too worried, I've read that's pretty normal. Here are some pictures from day 2-4

6 Days Post Op

Still feeling pretty good. But today I'm very sore. Yesterday was my first day back to work and my body just wasn't used to it yet....mind you I have a desk job. But just the sitting and typing I think did me in. So today my sides and chest are very very sore. Still only taking ES Tylenol though. So I call that a win. Last night when I got home from work I sat on the couch until my husband got home. He prepared dinner, we ate on the couch because that's what was most comfortable for me.....and literally right after I ate dinner, I layed down and fell asleep until about 8:30 when it was time for our daughter to go to bed. And then once she fell asleep, we both went to bed. I was just exhausted! I woke up with a little morning boob, but feeling a little better. I iced this morning and plan to do much more icing today. I just have this feeling like I want to rip off this bra and just let them hang lose...but I know that I can't. Seriously, once I'm able to go bra-less, I will be the happiest girl ever! But I'm happy with the way they are forming. They are looking really really good. Definitely starting to take shape and I love the way they feel. I can feel that the implants are making their way down more and more everyday. And let me just make it known that my husband has been amazing. He's been doing all the housework, taking care of our daughter, giving her baths every single night. He's been amazing.

2 Weeks Post Op

I haven't updated since 6 days post op, so I wanted to come and give you all an update on how I'm doing.
I stopped taking any and all pain medications last week and I've been doing awesome! Every once in awhile I get a tingle or a pain here and there, but for the most part it's been great. I went to my 1 week post op appt last Thursday and got the ok to sleep braless (which I haven't done yet) and also she gave me the ok to do light work outs....which I tried the treadmill, just very light walking and my boobs didn't like it just yet. I got my heart beating and then my chest just felt tight and it wasn't comfy. So I might give that another few days.....I called the PS office on Monday and asked about taking the tape off since it was really starting to lift, and they gave me the ok to go ahead and take it off. Thank Goodness! I couldn't take that shit anymore. Bugged me that I couldn't shower normally and it was starting to get icky and gooey. So it was time. So Tuesday morning I stood in the shower and just picked at that softly until I got it off. The scars are scary looking right now. So I'll start putting coconut oil on them so they heal up nice and light. My left is a tad bumpy, but the right one I think is going to be perfect. Once healed though, my boobs will have just the perfect amount of droop to hide the scars, so they won't be seen at all. I go back to see my PS on April 28th. I really can't wait to see him so he can tell me his professional opinion on how they are looking and what he thinks they will turn out like. I haven't seen him since before I went to sleep on the operating table. :-) As of right now I think that my right side is still riding pretty high, and I have hopes that they will both turn out to look how my left one is. I'm loving how it's looking so far. I know that it's only 2 weeks and they have so much more dropping and fluffing to do....so only time will tell and I'm not very patient. So this is really really testing me. LOL!

46 days PO

Things are going great! Lefty has pretty much dropped to what I think will be it's final "resting place" as I call it. But the right still has a little ways to drop. It's still sitting kind of high. But it's getting there. I feel more comfortable now going braless in public. Makes things much easier on me now....getting ready is a breeze when I don't have to find a bra that doesn't show under stuff. I love it! I saw my Dr at 1 month PO and he was very very happy with the way things looked. I go back to him in August. I'm loving my look and I wouldn't change a thing.
Dr Michael Freedland

Dr Freedland was an amazing Dr to work with. He's so professional and his work speaks for itself. My boobs are amazing, I feel like he knows what he's doing. He was so nice while I was in his care, and he kept my husband updated as soon as surgery was finished. Just amazing!

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