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I'm a mother of two and wanted liposuction. The...

I'm a mother of two and wanted liposuction. The butt lift was a plus, as it didn't cost much more to inject the fat I figured it would be better than just wasting it. So, I completed vaser liposuction (surgeon advised vaser to help tighten loose skin), with liposuction of hips, waist, inner thighs and 3/4 of the back on 7/13/2015.

I arrived at 7:30am and got prepped. I had general anesthesia. My pain tolerance is VERY LOW, which I expressed to my surgeon before surgery. Although she said some people only needed motrin, I advised this would NOT be me and I would need percocet. Upon awakening, my pain was about 20/10 on my car ride home. After taking Percocet 10mg, it dulled the pain to 10/10 my first night. I was able to drink water and chicken soup broth and then slept. I awakened multiple times throughout the night to urinated. I had gained SEVEN pounds from before the surgery until after. My compression garment is tight, but not too tight. I like that it has a wide opening to urinate. I urinated a lot all night and still a lot today. It hurts my inner thighs to squat so sometimes a urinate standing straight into a large plastic cup then dump the urine in the toilet to avoid stress put on my thighs from squatting.

It was very uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach, as it's difficult to position my arms and they are getting sore from sleeping on them. I usually sleep on my back or sides. I ate some more soup broth & crackers today and drank water and ginger ale. By taking my percocet every 4-5 hours I have managed to keep my pain level down to about 7/10. I was told the pain would be a soreness like after a work out. I am definitely sore, but the pain would be unbearable without narcotics. This is no work out pain for sure, it is MUCH WORSE. My surgeon advised that I cannot take motrin for 3 days, I hope this will help with the intense soreness, but I will probably still need the percocet for the sharp pains.

I walked a little every couple hours today, sat on my boppy pillow and BBL pillow for short periods. I also ordered the Booty Buddy pillow, this was very CHEAP and a waste of money. I returned it and bought a regular boppy pillow for babies. I do recommend the BBL pillow, however, because it is more firm. I like having both, soft boppy & firm BBL pillow.

I will upload before pics tomorrow when I have more energy. Sleeping most of the day today. I do NOT know what my results look like because I have gained 7 lbs and feel fat from all of the swelling and I haven't taken off the compression garment yet. My butt is bigger for sure, she put ~600cc in each side. But, I can't tell any difference in my liposuction sites (stomach, waist, inner thighs, 3/4 back) for now. I will take off compression garment tomorrow to shower and I'm hopeful that I will have a small waist with a thigh gap and lose of back fat.

4 Days Post-Op

Before Surgery: 140 lbs
After Surgery: 147 lbs
2 Days Post-Op: 148 lbs.
3 & 4 Days Post-Op: 146 lbs.

Well, I'm four days out and still in a lot of pain. I also had to go in four IV fluid due to nausea & dehydration today. I have no appetite. I have to force myself to eat & drink. Ice chips & crackers only today. The IV fluid did help because I couldn't keep my pain pills or antibiotics down due to nausea & dehydration. Staff was great they took care of my as soon as I called.

I sleep most of the day. My parents & hubby are talking good care of me. I still feel like I was beaten all over with baseball bats but again my pain tolerance is extremely low.

My butt is getting lots of compliments. Tons of swelling which is to be expected. I was hoping for a smaller waist but I'm confident that will happen once swelling subsides.

Because I'm so sensitive to pain I can't say I'm 100% happy now. Once the swelling & numbness gets better sure it will be well worth it. Also good news is my hubby was motivated to lose weight & lost 8 lbs on 48 hour hollywood juice diet. May want to try if anyone needs weight loss before surgery.

Have a pain plan & supportive doctor;
Drink plenty of fluids or constant ice chips so you don't get dehydrated like I did;
Have a supportive partner to help change bandages and get you in your garment after showering;
Be creative with ways to stay off your butt! It's a total drag not sitting. A boppy & BBL pillow help as does dropping my butt between my sectional sofa. I tried cutting a whole in a lawn chair & that didn't work for me. Have strong arms & core so you can manage shifting weight of your rear end.

No More Back Boob

Looks like Vaser lipo did help with skin tightening. My back boob fat creases are gone.

7 Day Update


Well, I'm still in pain but feel so much better than days 1-5! I'm taking Motrin 800mg and slowly weaning off pain pills. Pain is 5/10 when the meds start to wear off. I'd still say it's much more painful than an ache after working out. Plus, it's awkward protecting your butt, not sitting, so I get back spasms and other aches trying to compensate for not using my butt. My weight is now 143, or three lbs heavier than before surgery. I'm eating more solids, low carb, wearing compression garment 24/7, anxiously awaiting swelling to go down and weighing a little less than I did before surgery.

I went out today for post-op visit. I wore a dress & there's clearly a beautiful difference in my shape.
My co-worker couldn't stop looking at my butt. She was mesmorized because I've NEVER had a butt before & she says she's not "used to (me) having a butt." That made me smile.

I didn't go too large, I did NOT want a celebrity butt or a shelf butt. I just wanted a more feminine shape so I'd look better in clothes. My flat, deflated, sad, saggy cakes are now lifted, fuller & happy cakes. They used to call me "Nassatall" short for "no ass at all" so this is a huge gift for me even though it may not seem huge compared to other butts.

I'm still waiting for stomach & waist to shrink some more. Bruising still present, worse at inner thighs and idk if Arnica cream helps or not even though I'm using it.

I think I have a rib fracture or bruise on the left it's very tender either from the tight garment, surgery, laying on my stomach or a combination of them all. Only on the left though, right ribs are fine.

Day #7 was a good day. I'd be in a lot less pain if I could lay on my butt and stop putting pressure on that sore rib. My booty is on fleek, just waiting for swelling to go down and my mid-section to catch up to the awesomeness of my butt.

Ten Days

So, I had my stitches taken out on day #7. It's amazing how small the incisions are. I also had a lymphedema massage which was nice. I think it helped the swelling a little. Do NOT get a regular massage, get a lymphedema massage to help with the swelling.

I have not sat on my butt at all. I can't sit for a minimum of 3 weeks but I am going to try not to sit for 6 weeks. I don't want to take a chance losing any fat because I don't want my butt to shrink. I use my bbl pillow to sit on my thighs for work and on the toilet. I use a boppy pillow under my knees when I kneel on the floor.

I went to the movies. I brought a pillow with me and put it on my husband's lap and laid on my stomach on the seats next to him & put my head on his lap. I was able to see over the chairs in front of me and watch the movie. It was a bit uncomfortable, and I stood up for about 15 minutes. It was still nice to be out of the house and on date night even though I couldn't sit. I'm still having people drive me to work while I lay on my stomach in the back sit. I am going to try to drive myself next week by sitting on my thighs with the BBL pillow and another pillow behind my back for support.

It's getting better but still there. I am needing my pain meds less frequently and plan to slowly wean off of them. Again my pain tolerance is low, so I suspect some people may not still need pain meds by day #10.


So far...

1 Month

I went to my one month visit today. My surgeon doesn't think I will lose much more volume of any.

I'm still sitting in my thighs (not butt) for 2 more weeks (6weeks total). I found a bean bag pillow that I put under my thighs and it's helpful. I do miss sitting and I've gotten a sore foot from standing at work so much more otherwise pain is resolved.

I'm walking at least 30-50 min 3-5 times a week b/c I like walking and I don't want to put on any fat that was removed. I lost all eight lbs put on me during the procedure and one more pound so I weigh one pound less than before the procedure. I'm not doing any other exercise besides light arm weights. I was advised to never do squats or I can lose more butt fat than I'd ever gain with squats.


I love my butt! Shape is perfect. It's not too big where I will have strangers wanting to grope it but big enough to look nice in clothes and feel shapely and more feminine. It's harder to get pants over my butt and I have a gap at my waist something I've never had before. Amazingly, even though I weigh the same as surgery day, my dresses that were too tigh now fit perfectly. So taking fat from unwanted spots and moving it to the butt made my old clothes fit again. I think I lost a little volume around week 2 when swelling went down but I'm measuring the same with measuring tape so maybe not. You can see my projection before & after pic.


I wish my stomach had less fat. I still have swelling but think more fat could have been removed there. I am hopeful that it will be flatter when swelling goes down. This is my biggest concern for now. I get massages at least once a week. They help but swelling returns. I wear compression garment 24/7 except to shower. I have dark spots at sites of stitches. I am using prescription fade cream on them daily. They must get lighter or it will be pbvious I had work done (6 small dark spots along both sides of back). I think they will lighten up with regular use of the cream.

"Sitting" on a Boppy Pillow

My surgeon said do not sit on the boppy with your butt in the hole because the opening is not big enough. I still use my pink boppy pillow but fold it and place it under my thighs to lift my butt off of a hard chair.

"Sitting" on a stool

This small stool with rectangular seat is perfect for sitting I let my butt hang off of the back while weight is on my thighs

"Sitting" on the BBL pillow

I bought the BBL & Booty Buddy pillows. The booty buddy was cheap and too soft my butt sank into the chair. BBL pillow is firm so it keeps butt off the seat but I can't sit too long because it's hard and will start to hurt the thighs.

"Sitting" to Poop

Ok so this one I made up myself. It will take some imagination & creativity to visualize it. To poop I need a throw pillow and garbage bag. I put throw pillow in garbage bag so it won't get soiled while I poop. ????. Then I lift up the toilet seat (like a man is supposed to do when he pees) and put the edge of the pillow along the edge of the bowl. I fold the pillow so on end is molded over the lip of the bowl where I will sit but most of the pillow is folded over the pedestal. I then sit on folded pillow, lean forward & there you go. My butt never touches the seat it's lifted up by the folded over pillow thingy. You can fold or mold pretty much anything to sit on as long as you make sure it's under thighs not butt.

6 Weeks!

So, I started sitting on my butt yesterday! It feels so good to sit like normal. I don't have any plans to gradually work up to sitting for longer periods, I just sit as long as I'm comfortable and use a pillow or take a break as needed.

I still have a lot of swelling and wear compression about 22 hrs a day. I just feel better in the compression garment. I'm traveling next week and plan to not wear it during the day starting then. Massages help tremendously. I'm still going once a week. It feels good and helps. I have creases on my sides which didn't going away until I had vigorous massage.

I feel like it's a little smaller but maybe I'm just getting used to it because I'm still measuring exactly the same around the widest part of my butt. I have no butt pain. I love the shape. I had a pinch & now I have two handfuls. : )
It is now SOFT. It started getting a lot softer this past week. It feels nice, supple & natural. The small circular scars on my back & butt (nine total) are fading with prescription fade cream.

I had my thighs, stomach, 3/4 back done. I do not think enough fat was suctioned from my stomach. This is my only complaint so far. I know it's not loose skin, it is fat. My stomach was flatter when I weighed 10lbs less. I don't want to lose weight now b/c I don't want to lose my butt & can't control if the weight will come off my stomach or somewhere else. So, I'm frustrated about that. My clothes fit better so I'm not as concerned about what I'm weighing on the scale b/c I look better. I am now 1 1/2 lbs lighter than before my surgery though. I am still walking 10,000 steps a minimum of 3 days a week & eating healthy.

The first three weeks were hard. The pain, getting used to not sitting, nausea, I didn't drink enough water and got dehydrated. The last 3 weeks have been much better. I still have swelling & my stomach isn't how I visualized it would be. I like having a butt, looking better in clothes, but not cartoonish. I do love my butt. I would maybe get it a little bigger if I ever gained weight but I wouldn't want to gain weight on purpose just to get it done again. More time will tell. I have a lot more swelling to get rid of and need to make sure it doesn't shrink now that I've started sitting. Hope this helps.


I went for 12 hrs without wearing compression & I regretted it. I still have significant swelling at 7 weeks. I did NOT have any drains with procedure, wishing I did to get rid of some swelling. It's worse at the lower back, surgeon said this site of swelling would last the longest. Compression & massage help, I just want it gone!

I had a difficult time finding a stage 2 garment so I'm still wearing a stage 1 compression garment and modified tights/corset. I returned a faja & stage 2 garment I've prdered. Plan to check out the garments at the hospital & Spanx. Happy healing/preparing to all!

Been sitting for 2 weeks

Well, I've been sitting on my butt with no restrictions and it hasn't gotten any smaller, YEA!

I still have a lot of swelling requiring lymphedema massages.

Almost 3 Months!

So, my back boobs are still gone (yea!) and my clothes still fit better. I maintain a healthy diet and exercise a minimum of 30 minutes four times a week. My weight remains about 1 1/2 lbs less than before surgery. I still have swelling and concerns that maybe my belly was not liposuctioned enough (or is it still just swollen, idk, anxious for final results). But, my PS has been great about answering my questions and concerns so I look forward to talking to her at my 3 month visit next week.

My BUTT...well it is still way better than before, soft. It looks a little bit smaller to me but it is measuring the same with my tape measurer, maybe lost 1/8 in. since I've been sitting on it, not sure. I do think it was perfectly sculpted. It could be a little bigger, but I think I got best results for my pre-surgery weight and body frame.

If anyone is getting discouraged that their butt isn't as big as they thought it would be please read this:
"The butt thing is really concerning, because they want to go big. They’re pushing the envelope of what the buttocks will take. When you put a ton of fat in the buttocks, some of it’s going to dissolve. Some of it’s going to die. You can get into fat necrosis and scarring. The buttocks is really, really hard to fix."

So, I'm glad I don't have fat necrosis, scarring or any of that nasty stuff! I like my butt. :D


So, I had many concerns about my belly liposuction not being adequate which I mentioned before. Was blamed on loose skin & may need a tummy tuck my surgeon said.

I consulted three other plastic surgeons in the past 2 months about this. They all agreed that I needed repeat liposuction on my belly. I weigh 5 lbs less than I did pre-op. Can't blame my belly fat on weight gain.

So, today I had repeat liposuction by a DIFFERENT plastic surgeon. Initially, he was concerned about scar tissue from the prior liposuction. SURPRISE, he told me there was virtually none on my belly, like she didn't liposuction it at all. My back, however, did have some scar tissue. So, my back was lipo'd but my belly which was my MAIN CONCERN was pretty much ignored in my lipo for the BBL. He had also noted in my initial consult that my scars (3 up both sides of my back, 1 on either side of my groin) weren't adequately positioned to get to all of my tummy fat during the BBL.

I'm SOOOO disappointed. I had told her my belly fat was my main concern and using the fat to transfer to my butt for BBL was a nice plus. If she had really lipo'd my belly fat well there would have been more fat to transfer to my butt!

I didn't transfer fat to my butt during repeat lipo today only because he needed it to transfer to a defect in my thigh which was caused by over aggressive liposuction there. Instead of adequate lipo to my belly, I got virtually no belly lipo and she took so much fat from my thigh I was left with a dent that resembled a shark bite. I will post a new review about the surgery I had today later.

LONG STORY SHORT: BBL is great I just went to the wrong surgeon for it who didn't do the liposuction correctly. I'm out of a lot of time and money.
Farmington Plastic Surgeon

I chose my surgeon because it was important for me to have a female who was local and highly recommended. My mistake was I only talked to people she performed breast & face work on. She apparently does great breast & face work. I did not talk to people who had BBL/lipo with her. My liposuctiom was inadequate, she took too little from belly & too much from thigh. She did not repair it correctly when given the opportunity to fix my thigh it still looked deformed because she did not transfer fat to the area of defect. On the day I was scheduled to follow-up for the thigh "revision" I told the staff I had to work and still waited over an hour to be seen. I had to leave without seeing her. At this point I was so disappointed that I did not continue follow-up with her. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. She didn't want to address her mistakes anymore and I no longer trusted her of being capable of doing so. My body deserved better. The shape of my butt is nice, but despite following her instructions & not sitting for 6 weeks I still lost a lot of volume. If she would have taken more belly fat during lipo, I would've had more volume in my butt. I ultimately had to pay someone else to correct her botched lipo job. There was often a 60 min wait to see her from your scheduled appointment time. She barely touches you & uses the TV monitor in place of a physical exam. Staff was way more responsive & timely before my surgery than after. It's like they didn't care anymore after they were paid because of a no refunds policy. The BBL surgery has potential to give you a much more desirable figure; I just would not recommend getting it done here. As far as answering my questions, I thought her answers were adequate before the procedure. After it, not so much. She looked at the monitor on one post-op apt and said I had gained weight in my posterior love handles. She circled it one the monitor instead of asking me if I gained wait and doing a physical exam. I had not gained weight. She didn't even touch me, it was obviously residual swelling that went away with lymphedema massage. When I asked about my subpar abdominal results she said I probably needed a tummy tuck. I asked if I had enough skin or would I need a vertical scar. She didn't know said she'd have to decide in the OR. When other surgeons saw me they all agreed that I could get a tummy tuck if I wanted b/c I have had two pregnancies and NO if done properly I would not need a vertical scar. But they all agreed that I would still need lipo to my belly even if I got a tummy tuck for a good result because she left so much fat there. It was like I never even had belly liposuctiom, 8 months after the BBL losing a little weight too. I had a belly fat not lipo suctioned enough issue not just loose skin that needs a tummy tuck issue like she suggested. I asked if I needed fat regrafted to my thigh for the defect she left, she said no that repeat lipo above the defect would be enough to correct the deformity. It was not and all other PS agreed the problem should've been corrected with repeat lipo AND fat grafting since she took out too much fat from my thigh. Was it worth it? Not with this surgeon, no! But if I would have had it with someone more experienced and skilled it would have been one of the best things ever.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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