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Hi everyone I just had a medium chin implant put...

Hi everyone I just had a medium chin implant put in i had no chin at all it was very small and i hated my profile. I also had a rhinoplasty done because i had a little hump on my nose. I am now experiencing numbness in my chin and left side of my lip, my face feels tight, and looks box like to me. Anyone else experience this with their chin implant and if so when does it go away? I am starting to freak out i am 22 years old and all i wanted was a balanced face i didnt think i would have to deal with all of this.

5 days post op

Hi everyone. I am now 5 days post op and i am still experiencing numbness on the left side of my lip and chin. It is a very awful feeling. I really want it to go away. I still have some swelling and i just seen today i have some bruising on my right side. I am so concerned about the numbness in my lip and chin i called my doctor and he said its normal and it will return he said he never had anyone who had permeant damage. Its so early that I have to let me body recover. I understand all of that but the feeling of it being numb is driving me crazy. I have been praying that it comes back soon. I have to leave it in gods hands.

2 weeks post op

Thought I would post an update about how I'm doing. I am a lot better I had so much anxiety about this numbness but its already improving so much. I am not numb in my lip anymore it gets better everyday and in my chin it is starting to improve. It doesn't bother me that much anymore and i can now go throughout my day without thinking about it all the time. My nose is doing great. I am swelling on one side more than the other but that is to be expected. The bruising is gone and the swelling in my face is also gone. I feel like some days i am a little swollen on one side of my face more but thats also to be expected seeing how i am only 2 weeks post op. My smile is almost back to normal I can almost show my bottom teeth but it doesn't bother me much because i dont smile with my bottom teeth showing. Overall I am getting more happy with the results and i do not regret getting this surgery. I think once the numbness and swelling is completely gone i will be so much happier and satisfied with my results. Also my doctor has really helped me. He talked to me and helped me understand that a lot of people experience numbness and these feelings. He is such a great doc and i am happy i went with him.

One month post op

Hi everyone its time for an update. I am now one month post op and I am feeling great. The numbness is about 95% better and the swelling is pretty much all gone. I am still holding onto some swelling in my nose but it is only noticeable to me. My smile is about 95% its still a little hard to show all of my bottom teeth but like i said before it doesnt bother me much. I am getting complements all the time people dont know what is different about me which i am happy about. They all think its my hair. Overall I am 100% happy that i went through with the surgery and i'm so happy with the PS I picked.

Time for another update

Hey everyone. I thought I would give an update on how I am doing. The numbness I was experiencing is now 100% gone. I am so happy with my results I am no longer concerned about my profile. I am still holding onto some swelling in my nose but like I said before me and my doc are the only ones who can tell. I love the way my nose looks now with my chin. I will post pictures when I am 2 months post op :)


HEy everyone its been 3 months since my surgery. I am loving my results. I still have some swelling in my nose but its not to bad not so noticeable. My doc said it can take up to a year for the final results and all the swelling to be gone. I am happy i went with the medium because I feel like the large would have been to big for my face. No one can really notice a difference they all think i changed my hair or lost weight. My doc is amazing and I am so lucky to have found such a great doc in Michigan. All the numbness is gone like I said before it only lasted about a month. I am much more confident and i no longer have to worry about someone looking at my profile. I am so happy that i went through with the surgery.

My doctor is amazing! He spent time with me before the surgery and sent me flowers the next day. He was sure to answer any of my questions and concerns. I am so happy I went with my doctor he is the only one i would let preform surgery on me.

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