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I can't believe it is my turn already to share my...

I can't believe it is my turn already to share my journey. I have spent months on the Real Self website and it has been a valuable resource for me. I had never thought of myself as someone who would get breast augmentation. I always had small breasts but I liked them. I have 4 sisters who are all large breasted and I have seen them struggle. Shirts didn't fit right, backaches, not able to jog or sleep on their stomachs. Two of them have had reductions. Not to mention my breasts always looked better because even though they were small, they were perky! However, age and gravity have set in and my breasts are no longer perky. I originally was hoping that an implant would give me the lift and upper pole fullness I wanted...but after 3 consultations a lift with aug is in my future. My husband is supportive of my decision but really did not want me needing the lift. The scars really worry him, and I have to say that is my biggest fear too. At my consult the PS anticipates that I will have 300 cc in the left and 350 cc in the right (to fix asymmetry) silicone moderate profile under the muscle. I am 5ft 5 in tall and weigh 132 lbs. I am 40 years old and have 2 children, a daughter who is 17 and a son who is 14. Talk about weird telling them I was doing this!! i breastfed them both, one for 6 weeks and the other for 9 months. I am currently a small C cup. The thought of being a D cup worries me but I trust my PS to choose what he thinks will look good on my body. My fear is being too big! I don't want to end up like my sisters with big boobs that are a pain! I want perky and round. Yet I don't want to b too small either! Plan to discuss more at preop on 10-29. I'm trying to not get too hung up on the cc#!! I can only take 1 week off of work so I hope I will heal quickly. I have posted a pic of my dream boobs :) and some before pics. The guilt of spending this much money on myself almost makes me want to back out. Anyone else feel this way?

Preop done!!

Had preop today and getting very excited!! Nervous excited. Think we have finalized the size. Going with my PS recommendation of 300 cc on the left and 350 cc on the right. This seems a little big when I tried rice sizers at home and sizers in the office today but they assure me that they won't b that big. My husband felt the size looked good on my frame and I trust the PS to listen to my wishes. For all my lady friends who went before me...did u think the sizers felt bigger than the actual implant? Also, was sent home with a cooling device to use after surgery to help with the pain. PS says it will make recovery so much easier. Hope to post some before pics in some clothes later this week.

Getting ready!

3 more days!! Time has gone by so fast. Spending today trying to get the house ready and making ice for the cooler the PS gave me to help with discomfort after. Here are some before pics. Sorry I am not the best at taking selfies!! :)

They r here!

Just a quick note because I am so tired! Doing well, no pain, just pressure. Everyone was fabulous at the surgery center and my husband is the best taking care of me! PS went smaller than he planned. Didn't want to make me look like I was posing for playboy! LOL 300 cc on the right and 275 cc on the left. Will post more tomorrow. Thx ladies for all the support!!

2 days post

Well the first couple days were pretty uneventful! A lot of pressure and just laying around. My husband and sister have been the best!! Today I feel so much better already! So afraid to move my arms. Did anyone else feel that way? Tried to take a shower last nite but when I took the bandages off lefty started to bleed. I don't have steri strips, just glue. So we covered back up and took a sponge bath. Wanted to post a pic but that will have to wait. Plan to call PS today to c if he wants me to do anything different. Seeing the incisions wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I think all of my real self friends prepared me well. :)

Finally a shower!

Post op day 3 and finally took a shower. Starting to feel a little more like myself no more bleeding from incisions and had a BM this morning! Think it's going to b a good day! Slept in recliner first night but have been in my bed since then and it's ok. I sure do miss sleeping on my side. Only taking Motrin for pain and that is working. Hope u all r doing well!!! Here is my first post pic after my shower. Like the size overall. When I look down at them they seem small but from the side they look I'm thinking they r going to average out beautifully! Can't wait until I'm a month out and the incisions r healing!

Post op day 3

Post op day 6

Hi ladies! Hope everyone is doing well! It's post op day 6 for me and things are moving along well. I feel like my boobs are enormous today! I'm hoping it's just swelling because it's a little to big for what I was hoping for. I think it is swelling, because they weren't this big post op day 3. Bruising is awful but I already see it turning yellow so it will get better. Back to work for me tomorrow! I'm nervous but I think I'm ready. I work with a great group of women and they all know so they will help me. I posted a few updated pics. Take care everyone!!

Post op day 6

Post op app

Had my first post op today. Every thing going according to plan. I am so far really pleased. Just can't wait for the glue to wear off the incisions so they don't look so bloody. They never said anything about massaging an there is nothing about it in my post op instructions. Is anyone else out there not massaging? I know all docs have different instructions. Also, I have to fly for work on Sunday. That will b 11 days post op. Makes me nervous. Anyone else fly after surgery?

17 days post op

Hi everyone!!! Things r going well in booby land. Pretty boring actually, just biding my time. Still not able to do any real exercise yet but can do elliptical and walking on treadmill. Although I haven't done it yet. I should, but I'm kind of an all or nothing kind of girl!! Healing is good. Weird nipple sensations at times but nothing too uncomfortable. Can stop wearing surgical bra at night so that has been wonderful! In the photos u can see that they are starting to drop a little and they don't swell after a busy day at work like they used to. Glue is still stubborn and not looking like it's going to come off anytime soon!! Left nipple at the top has come off and that looks really good so I'm excited about that. Other than that they look pretty much the same. I am loving the size. From the front they look like I used to when I wore a padded bra (which was all the time!!). From the side they have a lot of upper pole fullness which is what I wanted. Don't c PS again until 6 weeks unless I'm having an issue. Hope everyone is doing well!! :)

When does the glue come off?

The glue is driving me crazy!!! I know they will look so much better when it comes off. I remember the nurse telling me that I will want to pick at the glue but don't do it!!! I thought at the time there is no way I will pull that glue off my incisions. Now, 3 weeks into it I can barely control myself and not pick!! For those of u who have been through this, when does the glue come off???

1 month post op!

Time has been going by quickly with work and the holidays. Healing is well and I have to remind myself not to reach over my head. Doesn't hurt anymore so it's hard to remember. I have woken up two times now in the middle of the night in a full blown, arms above head, stretch!! Then I panic thinking I have ruined my boobs!!! :) I go back to PS next week so I hope to maybe get the go ahead for exercise. I am feeling very soft since I can't lift weights. I posted some pics and copied off of some of the other ladies using the collage format. What a great idea!! Oh, and the glue is almost off!! Left breast has some puckering on the bottom. Does that go away when they drop? Still have done no massage per my PS instructions. I bet I will start that next week. Tried on my old swimsuit and it still fits. Some of my 36 C bras still fit while some are too tight. Thinking I will end up a small D cup which would b perfect. Didn't want much bigger, just lifted and fuller. Hope everyone is well. I will post again after my app. next week. :)

Collage pics

Here r the collage pics. They didn't work right the first time.

Starting scar therapy!

Went for my follow up and I don't have any restrictions! PS did say to make sure and listen to my body and if I work out and it's sore that I should wait. He said I won't ruin anything at this point. That's a great feeling!! Also started using scar guard. Yay!!!

2 months post op

Hard to believe I am almost 2 months after surgery! Girls are settling in nicely. Overall I have no discomfort but every once in a while they get really achy, especially along incision line. I have been working out again. Treadmill has not been an issue at all. Lifting weights has been ok. Some upper body exercises I have had to cut my weight in half compared to what I used to lift. :( I cannot do a pull-up at all. I feel pulling and pressure under my breast if I try. PS said I can't hurt anything at this point, but if it hurts don't do it. It doesn't hurt, just feels weird. Like the implant could come right out. Anyone else have this and if so will I ever do pull-ups again?? I love that exercise!! I've posted some pics to show progress. Definitely softening and rounding out. Very happy with size. On the close up of the rift breast there is a spot where u can't even see a scar! Overall not loving the scars, but on the other hand, they don't bother me as much as I thought they would. They r still pretty will b nice when they start to fade. Happy healing everyone!!

Another pic

This pic shows how nice they r rounding out.
Traverse City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Steven Thomas at the Center for Plastic Surgery. My experience with him has been great. He is considered the "boob man" in our area so I felt I was in great hands. His confidence is what put me at ease. He spent lots of time with me and I never felt rushed or stupid for asking questions. He also has a great sense of humor! My only complaint which is minimal is that sometimes if I called the office and left a message it would take a couple days to return my call. They always apologized when they called back and would say how busy they have been. I guess that's a good thing, right? This was also before my surgery when I had questions. After my surgery when I called they got back with me right away.

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