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Well I woke up yesterday to a ruptured implant. I...

Well I woke up yesterday to a ruptured implant. I have my first consult in 3 days. What to do?? Im 53 and have had my implants for 21 years. Through the years my feelings have changed about them. My left side has always been slightly larger and harder than the right. It's a little refreshing to feel the collapse and the softness of the right side. It isn't completely horrible but I'm afraid of what I will look like with complete removal. I'm going to have to make some decisions. Hopefully after a few consults I will be more clear on what I want. Does anyone regret removing there implants?

Well i woke up with a ruptured implant last week...

Well i woke up with a ruptured implant last week and have been forced to make a decision. Initially I freaked out, but it also felt liberating and free. Thank you to all of the great women who have posted their explant stories and had their implants removed. I look at my photos and see how rediculous my implant looks next to my ruptured one. I literally cant wait to deflate my other breast. The one that remained in tact has always felt uncomfortable and sat higher than the other side. I have a few consults set up and have my first one tomorrow. My implants are 21 years old and i am 53.

Left side drained today. I am a 36 A

At my consult today i had my left implant drained today, what a releif . The pressure i have always felt on the pec muscle feels better. The left side is not as pretty as the right. It appears dented around the nipple but is already looking a little better 6 hours later. Im thinking its because of the aspiration and the negative pressure...time will tell. I loved the PS...who didnt charge me a penny for today. His nurse is another story. She told me how unhappy im going to be and i got implants for a reason. She then tried to convince me that silicone gummies are the way to go, they are perfectly safe and we do it for all our cancer patients. Anyway, at least im evened out and can make the best decision for myself after letting them heal to see if im happy,so far so good at day one. I immediately went to the store and purchased a new bra...36A!!!! cant wait to hit the gym tomorrow and get a good workout without my boobs in the way.

Going to the gym..feeling a little deflated

I put on a sports bra and im heading to the gym. After having implants for 21 years its a little strange. Im giving myself at least a month before I make any decisions. I really plan to be implant free and dont want to replace them. Maybe a little fat grafting, I dont know. I have a few more consults and just want to wait and see.

one moe picture

So far...I'm loving this!!!!!!!

So a few years ago I had major rotator cuff problems....part of it due to my poor posture at work, rolling my shoulders forward and hunching over patients all day. I'm a dental hygienist. Through physical therapy I found that my back muscles were week. I have spent a couple years in the gym strengthening all my muscles and stretching. There was one stretching exercise for my back and shoulders that was always a little hard to do. But today it was a breeze. I think the release of my chest muscles from the pressure of the implants made all the difference. My chest muscles don't feel so tight and I feel like I have more back flexibility and less rolling forward!!! My husband thinks I look thinner too.

Explanation under local

I'm trying to decide on explanting under local with no capsulectomy or having the surgery. I really would like to just do this in the office and be done with it , but I'm afraid of having complications of fluid building up in an open capsule. Has anyone had there saline implants out under local and then have complications with fluid build up.

They are out!

I had my saline implant shells removed under local anesthetic in the office yesterday. No removal of the capsule or drains placed. It was absolutely no big deal. Actually, its such a relief. I am so happy i found and read review s of women who explanted when i had a rupture. My husband loves the new natural me and so do I. They may be a little deflated, but they are soft, natural and comfortable ...even in the healing process. I have disolvable stitches and went to work the next day. Heck, i could of actually worked after the surgery if i hadnt taken a pre op valium. It made me groggy for the rest of the day. If you are contemplating getting out your implants, I say go for it!!!

3 days post explant

here is a picture laying down which shows th placement of my incisions. she did an amazing job and i am so happy
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