So Glad They're OUT - Michigan

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At 43 and a mom. Had 325cc saline implants done,...

At 43 and a mom. Had 325cc saline implants done, under the muscle, along with a lift.

Unlike some other folks, I had no pain (went off pain meds the very next day) and no complications.

HATED the implants immediately after surgery, and that never went away. I was constantly aware of my boobs, and they felt HARD. They are so horribly unnatural.

I started wearing really loose clothing so they wouldn't show.

And worst of all, those foreign things in my chest freaked me out. They had to go.

Was never happy at my post-surgery check ups. After one month, I asked him to take them out. The surgeon, bless his heart, only charged me $700, the cost to use the surgery room at the hospital, and he did the anesthesia himself. I love him.

Getting the lift was awesome, though, which is all I should have done.

Getting implants was THE single biggest, stupidest mistake in my life.

Unless you're like a mastectomy patient, don't do it. Get a lift. That actually adds more volume, too. I'm still an A cup, but they're fuller and perky. And squishy and natural.


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