27 Years Old, 5'4, 125 Lbs, 3 Breastfed Kids, 32/34 AA with Protruding Ribs - Michigan

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Hi everyone, I've been stalking this sight for...

Hi everyone, I've been stalking this sight for about a month and haven't seen anyone quite like me. I will start by telling you a little bit about myself :) I'm 27, 5'4 and 125 lbs. I have never had much in the breast department, but after having 3 kids and breastfeeding all of them for over a year I have NOTHING. I met with 3 different plastic surgeons before finding "the one". I have paid my deposit, and my pre op is scheduled for May 1st, and surgery on May 28th. I couldn't be more excited! I have always had protruding ribs, but never noticed that they were uneven until the PS pointed it out. Since my ribs stick out so far I'm wondering if my implants will end up really high, or pushed up? And with my ribs being uneven will my implants look off? Anyone on here have a similar issue, that has already had breast augmentation surgery and can give me some insite!?! I am choosing between 425-450 silicon round high profile under muscle or 370 (biggest I can go for this type of implant) teardrop oval base under muscle. I am currently a 32/34 AA hoping to get to a 32/34 D. Thanks in advance :)

Counting down the days!!

I have always talked about, and wanted to get my boobs done for as long as I can remember. It was always... after I get married, after I have kids, when I'm done breastfeeding, when we have the money.... And now it's less then 34 days away, it still doesn't seem real!

*wish boobs*

Finalized my implant size!!

I went to my pre-op appointment today, and finalized my implant size and style! I am going with Allergan Natrelle style 20 high profile silicone gel implants 475cc under the muscle. I had gone in to my appointment with a list of questions and concerns, and my PS answered everything, and put me at ease :) I was worried my portraying / uneven ribs would cause my implants to be really high, and uneven. My PS explained and showed me on my ribs where the divots were, and that She thinks they will fit nicely in, and not be affected at all! Better yet, I won't notice my ribs as much after my implants are in!! She also ordered the size below and above what I chose, to make sure they are a proper fit, and look even and pretty! She said she would use two different sizes If need be, but She didn't think it would be an issue. I'm so relived, and excited! I also payed the remaining balance of my surgery while I was in the office today! Now there's no turning back...AHH

Last day with my small boobies ;)

Well after what seems to be forever, today is the LAST day with my small boobies! I can't believe I'm actually doing this. AHHH!!! I was thinking about it and you know right before you have a baby when you have the burst of energy that lets you get everything done? Well I'm pretty sure I got that same burst of energy these last few days. Any one else? I have cleaned my house top to bottom, done (and put away) so much laundry and even re-did a dresser that has been sitting in my garage for months. What will I do with myself tonight lol. Can't wait to update tomorrow from the other side!!

My girls are here :)

Everything went as smoothly as I could have wished for :) I arrived at the surgery center at 7:00am, signed a few papers, and was brought back to my changing room. By 7:30 I was changed, did my pregnancy test, and was laying in my bed with my IV and Meds. By 8:00 I was heading into surgery. I don't remember falling asleep, just waking up in the post op room. I felt a little nauseous, so the nurse gave me something to take, and some toast & diet coke. I ended up throwing up twice right before I left, but then I felt better. I rested in the car on the way home (20 minutes) and took a nap as soon as I walked in the door. My husband woke me up a little bit later, and I've been up ever since. I am able to move around and do everything almost like normal. I have some pain in my chest muscles, but not unbearable by any means. I have had ice packs on and off all day, and have been doing arm stretches all day. The pain is worse now, then it has been all day, but I'm sure all my surgery Meds have completely worn off. I'm going to take my pain pill and muscle relaxer before bed so hopefully I can sleep tonight. I did take my bra off for a minute when I got home to check out my girls, and I think they look great!!! I was originally planning on getting 475 cc implant, but my Dr. Put in 500 cc instead. For some reason the 475 implant is a narrower implant with a tiny bit bigger projection then the 500. Even though the 500 is a bigger implant, it's a bit wider so a little bit smaller projection. If that makes any sense lol. Anyways... I just got a call from my Dr. seeing how I was feeling and if I had any question, super nice and thoughtful :)

The past week in a nutshell :)

Hi everyone! I am offically 1 week post op, and feeling pretty good! Here is a run down of my week.

Day 1 post op: My husband woke me up at 7:30 to tell me he was leaving for work, and I had to get up with the kids... The next thing I knew it was 10:15 (don't worry my brother is living with us so he was watching them) . . I was pretty sore, but was fine with the kids. I laid down with the kids at 1:00 for their nap and the next thing I knew my husband was waking me up after work at 5:30...

Day 2 post op: Took my Meds every 4-6 hours, pretty sore, but was up all day... even went thrift shopping with my daughter :)

Day 3 post op: Woke up feeling pretty good, so I decided to test just using Tylenol for pain, which seemed to be fine. I was a but sore, but was able to move around pretty good.

Day 4 post op: Up at 5:00 to work by 6:30 with 3 kids in tote. Home from work around 5:15. Work was hard, but not unbearable. I am on my feet pretty much all day and lifting 15-25 lb kiddos. Tylenol every 4 hours!!

Days 5 & 6 post op things at work were about the same as day 4.

Day 7 post op: Work almost seemed normal to me. Only a tiny bit sore lifting the kids..

Today is day 8 post op. I went to my week post op check this morning. My Dr. said they look great, my right is a tiny bit higher so she showed me how to massage it to help it drop faster. I also have to wear the dreaded stap for one more week :( she tightened it about 6 inches and moved it up even higher on my chest. I'm going to have to get used to the constant pressure all over again... But it will all be worth it! I go for my 2 week check next Friday and I'm praying she will tell me I can be done with the strap!!!

The past week in a nutshell :) PICS

Holy Cow comparison

Day by day it's really hard to see a change, but for the first week I've been taking tons of pictures to document everything. Last night I put together a comparison photo, and all I can say Holy Cow!!! I can't wait to see what the next week will bring, especially with my extra tight strap!

4 weeks post op

I am officially 4 weeks post op, and things have been going pretty good. I haven't really noticed a change in size, or any drop and fluff at all the last 2-3 weeks. When I look in the mirror they look small to me, and I totally have boob greed. . . But then when I try on a bra or bathing suit they totally change and look big to me, it's crazy. I don't feel like they are that big, but I guess they are? I haven't gotten officially sized yet, but I like to grab a few different size bras and try them on every time I go to the store lol. I am fitting into a 34D even DD which I keep telling myself is what I wanted from the beginning. That makes my boob greed go away lol. My right breast seems completely normal to me now, I don't notice it at all with my normal day to day stuff. My left breast is still numb in a spot, and my nipple is super sensitive. Sometimes I have a dull pain on the numb spot on and off through out the day. Not enough to even take anything, but annoying enough for me to notice. I also have a weird feeling in the left breast when I'm using that muscle... Like vacuuming, or pulling something with my left arm. Almost like I can feel my implant in there. My breasts are still pretty high, so I'm hoping they still drop some! I went over to a friend from works house the other night and was wearing a v neck shirt ( they only see me in a baggy-ish t-shirt at work ) and every one was like wow I never realized your boobs were so big, what kind of bra do you have on to make them pushed up so high?!? So the cats out of the bag lol at least with my friends. . They all had fun feeling them and asking tons of questions ????

Here's to hoping ...

Hey everyone, a lot has happened since my last post! I was super self conscious about it all so I had decided not to post, but now that it's hopefully all behind me, here it goes...

At my one month check up my Dr. had me start really massaging and pushing down my left breast which was a little higher then the right. That seemed to be working great ( besides breaking out like crazy from all the lotion and oil I was using to help massage ). After a week or two I developed what I thought at the time was a red mole or a cherry angioma on the top of my left breast. I googled them like crazy and tried EVERY at home remedy to get it to go away. Nothing seemed to help, but only make it worse. It kept growing over the next couple weeks, and every time I messed with it, it would bleed a lot. After calling every dermatologist office in the area and not being able to get in for a first time visit for 4-6 weeks I found a Med spa that had Cherry Angioma removal! Yahtzee, I got an appointment for the next Friday! I had told my Mom about the upcoming appointment, and she had said "let me know how it goes, because I have a cherry angioma on my chest I want to get removed" .. She showed me, and it was then that I realized that is not what I had :( .. I searched the Internet and googled everything imaginable to try to figure out what I had. . Finally after hours and hours / days of research I came up with a pyogenic granuloma. I went to my appointment that next Friday hoping that their laser treatment for cherry angiomas would help my pyogenic granuloma! Negative... The nurse took a one second look at it, and said she couldn't do anything for me. I left in tears.. I just wanted it gone. Being on the top of my left breast I couldn't wear tank tops, bathing suits, anything low cut At all.. PS there is no home remedy to get rid of a pyogenic granuloma, they supposedly go away on their own. The only problem with that waiting game is that it's a cluster of blood vessels outside of the skin, so anytime you even slightly bump it, it bleeds like crazy.. Which happened daily! I would keep it covered and it would give off a clear ish liquid which would soak through a bandaid / gauze and on to my shirt, or I would leave it uncovered and it would bleed through on to my shirt. This was an everyday, all day struggle! One night I was washing my face and chest before bed (11:45pm) and somehow as I was carefully patting it dry the whole top came off it! I had a hole the size of the tip of my pinky finger gushing blood. Luckily my friend lives across the street and drove me to the hospital. My husband was at home sleeping with the kids! My primary Dr had told me on the phone that if it ever started to bleed uncontrollably I would have to go in and have it cauterized. It took 6 hours in the emergency room to get it to stop bleeding ( mostly because the dr's had no idea what a pyogenic granuloma was, so they wanted to try everything besides cauterizing it to get it to stop. Which noting helped, until they cauterized it and used silver nitrate after 5+ hours. But I had a great friend who say their with me the whole night!! The ER staff had said I would have to have a surgeon remove it, they couldn't do anything for me there. So the next day I called and made an appointment with my plastic surgeon. The receptionist on the phone had said that she thought I would be able to have it removed in the office, I couldn't wait!! I got to the appointment and my PS said she wasn't going to remove it. I cried, a lot. Lol. She couldn't remove it in the office because it would bleed to much, and it would need to be in a sterile room, with anesthesia. She had said they normally go away on their own after a few weeks ( at this point it had been almost 2 months ) And the only thing it was doing was getting bigger! Looking back I'm glad she wouldn't remove it, because since it's technically "cosmetic" insurance wouldn't have covered anything. I went home depleted :( I keep it covered for 2 more weeks per my DR. The only thing that was happening was it kept getting bigger. All I could ever do was research, and read anything on pyogenic granulomas since it first popped up. It's all I could think about. I had read on some blog that ONE person had luck with tying it off with a piece of their hair. As painful as it sounded I decided to try it. Saturday night before bed I wrapped a piece of my hair around it over and over, and went to bed. When I woke up Sunday morning about half of it was black! By Monday morning the whole thing was black, and on Tuesday night it came off, with a little help from myself. There it was 2 months of greaf, lifted off of me. I instantly felt better. It was an indescribable feeling. At that point it was the size of a penny. The crazy part is there was no blood with any part of it coming off. It has been 2 weeks since then, and it's still healing. I had my recheck today from my last appointment with my PS and also my 3-4 month implant check. She was very happy with the progress of the pyogenic granuloma! She even admitted to me today that in all her years she had never seen that before, (people usually get them on their fingers or toes, sometimes face... But never their chest ) and not only that but it was the worst one she had ever seen! So glad that's over! Since I had developed the pyogenic granuloma I wasn't able to massage my left breast basically at all, which caused a capsular contracture. She prescribed me singular to take once a day for 3 months, along with aggressively massaging the breast. Here's to hoping that this works!!! As of right now it doesn't look bad, but I don't want it to get worse!! Fingers crossed ! Has anyone gone through a capsular contracture? Any thing work / didn't work for you? Singular.. Pros and cons? I've read mixed things.

Pyogenic Granuloma

Sorry the pictures are pretty graphic ????????

1 year review!

Happy 1 year to my boobies! I had my one year check up yesterday, and my Dr. Said everything looks good!! She doesn't need to see me back, unless I have any problems down the road. On my last review I had a slight capsular contracture which I was perscribed singular for 3 months. I went back in January (3 months later) and the capsular contracture was gone! I was given micropore tape to put on my scar from my pyogenic granuloma... Which has helped tremendously!!! I went on vacation in February with my husband, some friends and family... This was truly the best trip. In the past I have always been extremely self conscious about my small boobs, which really would get in the way of me being able to relax and have fun on vacation. This was the first time in my life I was able to wear whatever I wanted and not feel self conscious, or worry at all! My boobs haven't really changed much over the last year, but I'm okay with my perky girls :) I currently wear 34DD, 32DDD or 30F (which is my correct size). My boobs seem completely normal and 100% a part of me! I don't regret my size or choice to get them done one bit!!
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