My butt cheeks are different slightly, is this normal?

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So I'm new to this site and I just decided that i...

So I'm new to this site and I just decided that i wanted the bbl at first I was leaning towards Hardaway but now I don't know I do have a consult with her but I'm scared, I seem so not good reviews about her, then I learned of doc Sampson so I also have a consult with him this Tuesday but when I called the lady said they started at 6500 and I only need lipo done on my lower abdomen and flanks I'm 161 pounds 5,6 I already got a little booty but like other women I have two kids with two c- sections and I just can't get rid of the bottom pudge so my goal is a super flat stomach with a nice fat ass lol with projection I'm even considering dr salama because this is a lot of money and I want my bbl done right point blank period so im still shopping around for doctors can someone help me please? I will be uploading before pics soon

Well I mixed my dates up for my consultation with...

Well I mixed my dates up for my consultation with Sampson, I thought it was Tuesday its actually Monday. I'm nervous, I'm scared, and bad things keep going through my mind, is it wrong for me to wanna change things on my body that I'm not happy with? My bf said that its stupid for me to be doing this and accused me of being a follower, a follower of who? Alot of women look at there stomach and be like damn if only I could take all this fat From my stomach and put it in my butt I would be happy well now you really can. I don't know mabe he is just worried about the risk, but I have faith in god so with that being said I'm getting my bbl I already got my money ready I just need to set the date, so I can take the time off work. I wanna go in early June because that's when our semester end, o and I'm feeling some kind of way because I'm on my period and I'm bloated so I look bigger then what I really am lol but I can't wait I really more then anything else want to get rid of this fat on my stomach and a little more projection and lift to my butt will really flatter my figure. Question is the bbl considered ass shots? Just curious we'll I wanna wait till I'm not bloated anymore to upload before pics so they will be coming soon

So yesterday I had my consultation with dr...

So yesterday I had my consultation with dr Sampson, he knew exactly where my problem Areas were by just looking at me I put half of the money down in which I did finance so I wanna put cash with it. I'm excited but also nervous I gotta start getting all my post op things together. i know he will do a good job (he better) because it will not be good if im not happy he is so non chalant about the bbl I asked him how long should I stay off work he said a week but I'm taking longer. I said I dident want a real big butt but I do want it big but natural he said he tries to put in 500 to 600 cc's Is that enough? Because I don't know a lot of women on here have been getting 900 and up

Hi ladies I'm sitting here looking at all your...

Hi ladies I'm sitting here looking at all your results and they look really good, and it just makes me want this sx even more. But due to school unfortunately I have to wait, but before I know it June 6th will be here. So I have decided to start ordering my post op things now, i still have mixed feelings because I see a few people on here had high expectations and ended up disappointed. So I think a chance of that happening scares me more then the pain or the procedure, I live and breath this bbl, and it's gone be like that until its done. I don't know why but it seems as though I am gaining weight but I'm not trying to, dr Sampson did not tell me I needed to I'm 162 pounds for gods sake, and I know that should be more then enough fat to give me the results I want. I feel like since I know I'm getting sx I'm just eating what i want (lots of bread) and I'm not trying to watch what I eat like I usually do. This is not good because I do have to practice good habits, cause ain't no round two fa me i can't afford to keep dishing out thousands of dollars for something I should be able to maintain by simply just being healthy. So with that being said I am definitely going to try and control my eating habits.

Where can I find the butt out fajate?

Where can I find the butt out fajate?

I'm ready to cross over lol

I'm ready to cross over lol

I cannot wait to have my surgery. Although,...

I cannot wait to have my surgery. Although, sometimes I do 2nd guess my decision to have this done but, clearly this is what I want. I have not started ordering any of my supplies, I have been so busy working, so I can have some cushion money while I'm off of work, but I will begin shopping soon. I love this site, but I honestly still feel lost most girls on here are going to the same docs like salama, jimmerson, or yily. Not a lot of people have been to my doc so I'm kind of taking a big gamble with dr. Sampson, I have seen some of his work but I am definitely still scared (praying to my self ) "God please watch over me"!!

Pre-op appt today, SX date June 6th and i still don't have everything I need, Stressed!!!

Pre-op appt today I'm excited


I never thought I would be be crying over my results, and not the pain, right now my ass look like a wide flat ass pancake, very disappointed in my self for doing this, I know it's only day one but I should atleast see results I see nothing

3 days post op

At this point I feel really good as far as healing goes. I'm not in any pain I take my pain pills only at night, only to be comfortable. Other then that I feel great I've been folding clothes, doing light house work and everything so, I must say as far as healing things are going as they should. And as far as my stomach dr Sampson did not give me a garment only a binder, and the garment I ordered at home was to small and I waisted my money trying to cut it in areas so it will fit "Negative" still dident fit threw that one away ordered another garment 2x which I hope will be Here soon because, the one thing that is hurting me is this garment I have marks embedded in my skin from this thing, so I can't wait to receive something diff. Also my stomach seams to have Bit of sarcoma at the bottom but its getting better, my butt however I'm not going to comment on just yet I will just play the waiting game wit that, any how I uploaded pics please give honest opinion.


I have short hair and I get my hair done every week well my has been messed up and today I went to the salon and of course I had to sit, so I don't know I'm trying, when I home I don't sit, but driving, and other things is making me sit tryed the boopy pillow don't work for me. Have any of you other ladies sat, and still ended up with good results?

Butt cheeks different

I like one butt cheek better then the other. My left cheek looks really good but the right does not have as much volume. Been like this since day one I hope the right butt cheek drops more, o and I have lost volume I hope I don't lose anymore liking my results a lot now I'm scared if I lose anymore volume my butt will look like it did pre op, and this waist clincher is driving me crazy but it does help flatten my stomach, I did not purchase a garment after waisting 200 dollars ordering garments that dident fit, so I wear a waist cincher with foams and it works perfect nothing putting pressure on my butt, It works just as good as a full garment, I need to go down to a smaller cincher, but it does get on my nerves just like a garment I'm ready to take this thing off ugh!!!
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