The best decision I have ever made!

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To be able to tie my shoes will be amazing!! ...

To be able to tie my shoes will be amazing!! Getting the gastric sleeve will help me in so many ways. I will be able to enjoy every part of life and being a mother!!! After being overweight for so long I finally had to make the choice to live a better life for my daughter. She deserves all of me!!

Last Xmas overweight

Me that made me depressed

The new me

June is here!

I will be very busy this week, physical therapy for 30 days, nutrition class on June 4, blood work and EKG June 12, daughters birthday June 19, kalahari June 21, then 2 week pre-op liquid diet, I need the lord and Bruno Mars to help me through this. I really looking forward to being off work even if it is for painful surgery, I just need a break. I'm so lucky to have my husband, he has really taken the lead on everything at home, on top of being my person chauffeur. I can't wait to be able to play naughty nurse for him when this weight is gone:)...I'm usually so reserved I really wanna shock him.

Nutritionist appointment went well today very excited

Today with my nutrition class before my surgery. Went well. There were three other women in the class. 2 getting the sleeve and one getting gastric bypass. I am so excited time is flying by. Nutrition class done. next week EKG and bloodwork, and finally surgery! I started working out today. I did arms and squats I really want to keep my butt!

I'm Approved!

It's official, insurance approved my surgery, 7/11 is my lucky day! I'm so excited. It's like its REAL now. They did say I have to start taking some Prilosec 20mg. For some minor irritation. I just told my hubby and my dad, they are taking me to Frankenmuth for a congratulations dinner!

Still excited, counting down,

I ordered my calcium citrate today also looked at bariatric advantage for vitamins. The only thing I am not looking forward to that darn Foley catheter! Hate them!

Me pre surgery

Bye bye big girl !!!

Yup yup .. It officially official

Letter came today, I'm so excited, only 28 days to go!!!

Did good today,

I figured I would try the 1000 calorie thing today, breakfast was a half of a banana and a low fat yogurt, snack was a slim Jim. Lunch was a hot dog and bun,afternoon snack was some watermelon about 2 cups and dinner was grilled chicken 2 wings and 1/2 cup of red potato salad. I feel like I ate too much and I barely reached 1000 calories. Also I drank two 20oz waters, I think I'll try again tomorrow


Time is Flying by

Just got the call for my appointment with the anesthesia department on 7/3. The same day I start my 1000 cal diet! It's happening and I am so excited! My husband has gotten into his excited mood too. He saying a cruise in December sounds good .

Being fat sucks!!!! I'm Motivated more than ever.

Well I'm at Cedar point for my daughter's birthday, she just turned seven years old. She is having a ball riding the rides and I'm sitting on the bench, Holding drinks and hats. I feel so left out. To big and self conscious to ride anything, scared I'm going to be embarrassed and told to get off because I can't fit or even worse, break or get stuck in something. I almost feel like today was a waste if $50 because I could enjoy any of the rides. Well like I said, I am more motivated than ever, Come on July 11th I'm so ready to start my new life!

Day one of 1000 calorie diet!

Ok I have been trying to do a trial diet for the last few days and everything has been going well, I think the next five days will be ok. The 3 days of liquids will be a true test of will. God will give mr he strength.

3 more days until Surgery

The jitters have set in. I'm scared, nervous, happy, is going well, I'm packed and have everything I need post op. I find myself thinking about the procedure every dingle minute now. I pray even more when I think about it. I am so ready for this change. Omg I forgot to tell you about an incident on July 3. My husband and I went to an outdoor concert and the seats that were available were folding chairs that hooked together at the sides. There was no space in between. I was literally mashed between my husband and another lady. I was so uncomfortable I stood most of the the show, my wonderful husband stood right there with me hugging me. I know he picked up on how irritated I was that day. Encounters like that is why I need this. I refuse to miss out on having a good time because I'm too fat! Never again!

Surgery is 19 hours away

It's a beautiful morning today. I woke up around 8:00 am and drank a cup of coffee, then went to Home Depot to get some weed killer. I'm kind of glad today is the last day of all liquids. My daughter is kind of nervous because I haven't been away from her for more than two days and now since I'm going to the hospital she's saying she's lonely already. So tonight we're going to watch a movie and Spend mommy/daughter time and go to bed early. I do miss my baby already she's so affectionate. I promised her that I would buy a bike and we would go bike riding later this year. I have had a bunch of calls wishing me well and I feel like I have done everything I needed to do. The clothes are washed the kitchen is clean my husband is painting the swingset I'm about to kill some weeds and rest for the rest of the day. I plan on posting some pre-op photos and depending on how I feel I may post some after surgery photos provided I don't look like a monster. Thanks for all of the support you guys have given me.

Anyone get sick after taking the antibiotics?

Omg I took the antibiotics for the stomach and the incisions at 1pm. Now I am so nauseous, any one else experience this? Of course I can't eat anything because surgery is tomorrow, I'm trying to drink more water, but it seems to make it worst. I really don't wanna get sick again at 8 pm when I take my second round.

Surgery Day, completed!!!

First night home....

First night home is rough. While I'm awake the spin is always there on my left side. The pain pills aren't working, I need something stronger. Sleeping is not going well. I moved from the bed to the couch and both are equally uncomfortable. I have been able to get a little comfort by placing 6 pillows around me really snug. That's how I'm laying now barely able to move. I have been trying to get my liquids in but the pain is so bad I don't wanna sit up to eat anything, The good thing is that once I find that comfortable spot the pain leaves almost immediately,,, so that's why I say it's bearable. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Day 4 post op done!

I have just learned that Popsicles are my new best friend, I started my protein today. I'm working on getting another 40 grams down, the protein is definitely the hardest part aside from not knowing if I'm hungry. The pain has gotten so much better. I still have that one sharp pain on my left that is kicking my butt. I ready to get this going I wanna start working out, not to mention 3 weeks waiting before I can enjoy my husband!!!

First post op visit

Well I'm headed to see my doctor today for follow up to see how much I have list, but my first question is going to be when is the left side pain ending? Today I found that wearing my waist wrap provides a lot of relief when standing so I have been able to walk a lot today. Still struggling with my protein, I really have to get on a schedule because I'm just not hungry and can't drink anymore

First visit was great!!

First visit was wonderful, Dr. Roberts is the best. I'm down 9lbs, !!! My rings are loose now. And I have some loafers that are basically flip flops now, The pain is getting easier mainly because I am waking and standing more. The doctor says the left pain will definitely get much better as the swelling goes down. Do I am so excited right now. You guys have bee do wonderful also with all of your support. Your the best!!

My face is shrinking

Milk indeed is good

Today I used some 1% milk in my protein drink and blended it with ice. It was so good, my snack I drank just under a cup of plain milk and loved it. I think I have a new love next to my Popsicles, Milk is really filling also. I think I'm going to get that unjury flavor free protein mix and start doing that along with shakes, I'm so excited Friday I get to try some cream of wheat! Is funny now because these small foods bring me so much joy,

Supportive husband is in Dog house !!

Ok while I have been doing wonderful sticking yo my phases, my husband has helped by eating his unhealthy crap in the basement. But today, some how he figured he would eat upstairs. This football head nut went to Wendy's and bought his dinner and sat down to eat, in the past he was very reasonable maybe a potato a drink and a burger, today he pulls out a chicken sandwich, I say ok not bad with the medium fry, he inhales the damn thing, I look over in shock, he begins to shovel the French fries in, I seriously doubt he took a breath while eating, I'm amazed, but he is not done, this guy pulls out 2 cheeseburgers. TWO... I had to say something, before I knew it I had slapped one of them out his hand onto the bed, he is about to throw up because he is laughing so hard, I honestly don't have a craving for any fast food! It's just the fact that he was able to eat three sandwiches and a fry I'm 10 minutes. My husband is one of those people u hate because they are naturally thin and can eat whatever with no consequences. I'm still shock!!

I love my nutri-bullet

My nutritionist called to check on me yesterday and said that I could try some other stuff to purée ... Yes ... Thank you, she suggested I get some crab meat with beans and mayo, or maybe some tuna with a dab of ligature sour cream.
I love seafood so anything I try will certainly be including seafood, it's about 8:30 am here on michigan now, so I guess I'll spend the next hour planning my meals for the week. I bought me some new storage containers so it's time to put them to use, I am felling wonderful today,,, have a magnificent day today!!

Staying on track

One week down and I am still here. This by far has been the most difficult week ok my life. First of all because I don't like being in pain. I am do glad my doctor changed my pain meds over to the liquid firm, although I don't need it during the day, they are amazing at night. Also this Saturday I cooked for my family, I real challenge, I cooked break fast sausage, eggs, pancakes... I ate a premier protein shake! (Yum). They wanted grilled hot for lunch, I ate applesauce.., and for dinner they wanted on of my favorites..home made tacos... And I are cream of celery soup. The crazy part is I didn't even have the urge to eat any of their food. I mean no one can say no to a burnt grilled hotdog? I did it, I didn't give in, I finally stuck to something. I think I finally realized that I am actually going to lose the weight. I'm actually stronger than I have ever been. I can actually balance these two lives. I am so excited to see how the next few weeks go. I go back for a check up on 8/6. I would like to weigh myself then, but I have to do it sooner, my underwear are now flapping in the wind. Lol!!! I have to go shopping for the first time!

Started walking more tired

OMG... I need a nap. My husband and I went to the track two days in a row now trying to get my stamina up. I was so tired. I was able to walk a 1/2 mile in about 20 minutes before the pain came back. So slowly I'm getting stronger. I need a pick me up. Any ideas?

Incisions have healed nicely

I am two weeks post op and my incisions are healing nicely, they were itching like crazy so I used some peroxide and vitamin E. Things are moving along, today I am working on my patience. Everyday I will pick a new thing to focus on.

This is not easy.. Please font listen to anyone who says this is the easy way out

Today was difficult. I woke up very weak. I think I may be a little dehydrated. I didn't get dizzy or anything just been feeling extremely tired all day. We took my daughter to ride her bike and I just felt exhausted walking from the parking lot to the bench. I decided to get some pedialyte to sip on. I am having one of those days where I am wondering why did I go this. I just wanna feel energized and vibrant, I have yo remember I am only 17 days post op. Last night I rolled over and it felt like I pulled a muscle or tore something. Whatever it was it hurt like hell, took my breath away for a moment. Hopefully it was nothing major. If I font feel better tomorrow I'll head to the dr office. This is by no means at all the easy way out!

Gave in and weighed myself today

Today has been wonderful even though it has been raining most of the day. I wanted together with my dogs and walk but got lazy. Today I ate come cream of wheat and was able to get down 2 tablespoons. The one thing I hate is to waste food, I have wasted so much lately, I have no more room in my freezer for left overs, today I weighed 280.7 lbs. from my beginning weight of 305lbs when I was approved for surgery. I think I probably would have lost more if that spirt of dehydration had not occurred. It definitely slows down your weight loss. I can feel my energy level coming back, I have a follow up with my surgeon tomorrow and I think I will ask for a few more weeks off work as I don't feel anywhere near 80% better. Still having diarrhea every few days and having a little pin on my left side still. But over all I feel this has been the best choice of my life, I have been looking through old photos of myself and I am so glad that person I used to be is changing. My hopes are better for the future.

The old me

More pics

2 months post op down 40lbs

Feeling really good, trying to eat different things and I'm still surprised at how little I eat. The hardest thing that I am having trouble with is not drinking and eating at the same time. It's a tough habit to break,

Loving how I'm changing!!

Hi there... I am almost 3 months post op and down 45lbs. I'm on all regular low fat foods now and still can only eat a cup of food, I tried to take a sip of juice and eat, not a good idea, only ate a table spoon of food, lol... Exercise is getting easier too, protein still a challenge. But loving it!!!

3 months out

Still losing happy to be a loser!!!
Dr. Jacob Roberts

So compassionate and understanding he really know how people in my position are feeling

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