Mom Treating Herself to a New Flat Tummy for Her 30th Birthday - Miani, FL

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I've been all over this site for a year originally...

I've been all over this site for a year originally planning on going to DR but decided I'd rather stay close to home. I have decided to use a doctor from Vanity Cosmetics but need to find the one who will give me the best results and the thinnest scar. Vanity has some great specials and my experience with my coordinator Lia has been great.

Surgery booked

Surgery booked for Thursday July 2nd thru Vanity Cosmetics with Dr. omulepu!!!!!!

1 week left til I leave to Miami!!!!!

My nerves are killing me and my surgery is just 9 days away!!! I hope Dr. Omulepu gives me a nice, clean and low incision. I hope I don't get a headache from Vanity once I arrive as well. I need to properly pack my suitcase.....any must haves?

Miami I'm Here!!!!!

I arrived in Miami at flight from NY was delayed 2 hours. So excited to go to Vanity in a few hours for my pre-op appt


The big day is finally here!!! Can't believe that in a few hours this tummy will be gone. I booked my surgery thru Vanity Cosmetics but am having the procedure preformed at Encore Plastic Surgery. This place is wayyy less crowded than Vanity and I'm happy about that. Wish me luck, I have to be there at 10am

Made it to the flat side

Was told to come in at 10am to Encore Plastic Surgery in Hialeah Miami, didn't get called to the back til 2pm but I think it was worth the wait. The nurses were all so sweet especially Aracelis. Front desk staff was much better than the reviews I hear about Vanity and much less crowded. Met with Dr. Omulepu and fell in love with his mannerism and his realistic results for me. My mom came down to help me and the three of us chatted it reminiscing about living in the same area in Manhattan. He assured me my stomach and waist would be snatched.
The evening I returned home wasn't too bad but this morning the pain is worse but much easier than I expected. I can't wait to see Dr. O on Tuesday to get a real view!

2 days post op

Today I had my first massage at Encore and it felt so good. I was petrified of getting it done but now look forward to my next one.

5 days post op!!!

5 days post op from having my tummy tuck with Dr Omulepu in Miami and I couldn't be happier. My tummy is super flat even tho it is swollen. My scar is nice and low and super thin, I can't thank Dr. O enough for my results. Massages days r the highlight of my week!!! I feel so at ease and relaxed after each massage. Also I stopped the pain meds as of day 4!!!


Today I'm two weeks post op and am so happy with my results. Dr Omulepu said everything is healing beautifully and next week I should begin putting ScarGuard on my scar. I'm still pretty swollen and he said it will last for about 2 more months


I'm 6 weeks post op and am so glad I finally just did it! My swelling is going down and I get lots of compliments on my new body. Occasionally my sides still hurt from the lipo or my stomach feels really tight but nothing unbearable.


Massages are so crucial for your healing process and your overall comfort. Having a trusting and good relationship with your massage person is so important as well because they can provide yup with lots of information. I HIGHLY recommend Yona at Narcisse's Spa in Riverdale (718)548-1960
271 W 231st St Bronx, NY 10463
Dr. Omulepu

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