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I first contacted Dr. Salzhauer back in August...

I first contacted Dr. Salzhauer back in August because I became obsessed with his work. All of my "wish pics" we're from his portfolio. He does consistent work and he can be very modest all the way up to aggressive, depending on what you want. I like the fact that every body has different results. He seems to tailor it to the individual as opposed to pumping out "one size fits all" bodies. This is my ideal because I am a conservative person and I do not want to look "done" nor do I want to look like a caricature of myself. Also, I found it somewhat embarrassing going into a doctor's office and asking him to mimic another doctor's work. Lol! I am very particular with doctors, my health is very important to me so when I feel I have too much explaining to do, they're just not the doctor for me. I am adamant about that. Anyway... I have some current issues to sort out so I booked way far in advance which works for me and my family. I will have to stay in Miami for 2 weeks and figure out the logistics but I have time so thats a good thing. Cindy was awesome as a contact person. She answered all of my questions and was very patient with me. I had so many questions and felt like a pest but she answered them all. After going back and forth with them for 2months, I finally CALLED because I needed to confirm that I had been speaking with them via email. Lol!

Weighing my options on a bbl liiiiiiiike...

Hmmm. *thinking* I mean... I am traveling a long way for the infamous Dr. Miami. It feels like such a waste of a trip... AND good fat. Lol! But what I don't want to deal with is a) the added cost, b) additional healing time, c) struggling to buy new clothes and d) my co-workers noticing my new fat ass! Lmao! For now it's a "no" but who knows?! Tune in to the next episode of "juicypear" to find out more. :) AHHHHHHH! Time... It's leaves us with the option to think of some new stuff to add to the mix. :*

Be like Jen!

A little bbl humor...

So someone asked me...

... had I considered not traveling for my procedure and the honest truth is, I wish I didn't have to. :( People think you travel to cut costs or whatever when in reality, the money you spend on travel, recovery houses, food etc., often means you are spending the same amount of money or even greater. Smh! So, the main reason why I stopped looking into local drs is because Boston is still somewhat taboo about plastic surgery so you have plenty of talented Drs who do not promote, market or display their work. We live in a world where technology is at our fingertips. Trust me, I am queen of research. Lol! My issue is these Drs want us to book and pay $100- upwards of $300 for me to come in, look at their work and I'm sorry but WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE YOUR BELLY BUTTON??? Lmao! But seriously! I've stated before I and extremely particular, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my health and finding Drs. And quite frankly, belly buttons is where I draw the line and I'm not paying to look at your little look book cuz it literally takes seconds to analyze a belly button. Lol! So these Drs would be making hundreds of dollars in seconds off of me. No thanks buddy! I work hard for my little bit of money therefore, I want the most qualified individual with tailored results and if I have to travel across the world, I would TRY! Lol! Or just do nothing cuz nothing is better than not loving the results. I know there's no guarantee but still... You have to at least feel confident with your choice. And that's all that matters! :)

Lymphatic Massage Research -SOME INSURANCES WILL PAY!!!

If you know me, you know that I'm great at research, I will research the hell out of whatever subject is at hand. I'm posting this so that I can A) share the wealth (of knowledge) and B) remember the key facts when it's closer to my surgery so that I don't forget. Lol! Anyway! I have Blue Cross Insurance and my particular insurance, (PPO), covers me for acupuncture, massages and chiropractic needs. Recently, I've gone to an acupuncturist and only had to pay my $10 copay. It's real. The clinic also covers massages, (which I've also gotten for just my $10 copay), so I inquired about lymphatic massages and YES, they do cover them!!! Now, I know I'll have to get massages while in Florida for 2 weeks and for those, I plan to pay out of pocket. Also, this particular clinic is in close proximity to my job so once I go back to work, I'll book my appointments for directly after work so it doesn't interfere with my job.

Now for the real! A Spaulding Rehab opened inside my gym so I popped in and YESSSSSS!!! They do lymphatic massages! I am too excited about this because my gym is near my home and this is where I'll be getting my massages while I'm out of work. How convenient?! Anywhooo! The patient coordinator called to tell me that lymphatic massages are only covered if you have an RX for physical therapy. I have a PPO so my insurance covers me wherever without all that "in/out-of-network" crap so I'll be good.

But just to let you all know, a private clinic, (first clinic mentioned), can do lymphatic massages but a clinic that is a part of a larger hospital, (Spaulding), would need a Drs note for physical therapy.

And as always, when in doubt, call your insurance company!!! Why pay a ton of money when you don't have to?

If you want to waste money, send me a private message and I'll give you my paypal info! :)p

Happy Healing!

Consultation W/ Dr. Miami

Hey Dolls, 

I've really been avoiding this app, trying to busy myself with real life and not be overly consumed with surgery in 2016, knowing I'm not getting my procedure done until alllll the way 2017 -_-. Anyway, Dr. Miami no longer does scheduled consultations, his office takes the first 10 healthy girls and does walk in consults only. Knowing this and also knowing that I have a surgery date, I decided to book an appointment for a live consultation. I made an entire vacation of it and even took a day trip to the Bahamas from Miami. :)

I was so star struck when I got to meet with Dr. Salzhauer so I'm glad I made a list of questions cuz lord knows I had a lot. Lol! He walked in, (with Yeni), and asked me to show him my belly so when I dropped my gown, the first thing he said is, "Yep. You're ready for a tummy tuck"! Lmao! I took that to mean that there were no prerequisites to me being eligible for surgery. I just need to not get fatter. Lol! I had lost 8lbs before I left for Miami so I'm gonna be mindful and try to be between 150/155 going in. He doesn't think I have a hernia but is prepared to deal with one just in case. I also will need muscle repair. UGHHHH, I was trying to avoid that, *rolls eyes*. He suggested lipo 360 which basically just means lipo all around my mid section including flanks (which is included with the tummy tuck), and full back, although I think that's just bra roll and lower back. That will also cost me an additional $2k which would've been $2500 but I asked my coordinator, (Monica), to give me the price based on the day I booked my surgery (Oct. 2015). She was happy to oblige. The total is now $9245. -_- He told me that my body was great, (why thank you, sir), and that was pretty much it. I did feel a bit rushed but I also don't feel negatively about being rushed because he did answer all of my questions, (I'm just glad I had a list). One of the things I love about Dr. Salzhauer is he didn't allow me to be dramatic. Lol! I asked him if he could lift my lip so my teeth show more when I speak and he was like, NO! Lol! I also asked him to give me a skin graft on my elbows. Lmao! He told me he would stitch my elbows to my thighs then I could see him in a few weeks to do it like in the olden days. Lmao! He really wasn't here for my drama. HA! Another thing I love is when I mention the fact that my hips went in on the side of my butt, Yeni just dismissed it and told me, "That's how natural butts are". And then when Dr. Salzhauer examined me, he didn't try to sell me a bbl. He just kept the convo on what I was there for. I took full body pics and he showed me how far my scar would go out and it's about an inch beyond the 'v' in my private area.

Let's get physical!

When I tell you I absolutely love my primary care doctor, I really do!!! I had my physical a few weeks ago and I was honest about my plans to travel to Miami for surgery. To date I've had a handful of surgeries and my doctor knows I'm thorough n my research for physicians. She trusts that I'm diligent. I am. :) Anyway... She decided to run a blood panel now so we could see where my hemo is on a normal basis and as suspected, it's low. So I'm going on iron supplements sooner rather than later so I can get that under control.

Current feelings:
Dr. Miami is embarrassing me. Smh! Every one who knows I'm going to him keeps sending me his videos and it makes me want to block him on social media and hide under a rock. Smh! I do still stand by my decision to go to him. I believe he shines in the tummy tuck and belly button department and I am very much interested in that machine he uses that feeds patients back their own blood. It basically cuts the need for blood transfusions which is a plus in my book. I can't say that if I were going for any other procedure that he would still be my choice and I am certainly NOT going for his online shenanigans and persona. -_-

Anyway, since I've actually met him in person, I do like him a lot. I trust that he has my best interest in mind. I will continue to compartmentalize and block out the foolishness.

Until next time.

IG: nip_tuck_pig

Hey guys!!! Please follow my IG! I have more control over who sees my profile and will post pics there. My date is coming up real soon so see you guys over there! Muah! <3


You could be less than 3mos away from the body of your dreams. :) INBOX for details!


Belly Button...

Who has the best belly buttons in the tummy tuck game? I believe you have to choose your doctor based on his skill but with all these mommy makeover packages, how do you decide what the priority is? After all, just because your doctor is good at ethnic rhino does not mean he is great with bbls. His belly buttons could also not be aesthetically pleasing. So ladies, how do you decide what's most important? How do you prioritize?

Timing is everything...

With that being said, I'm pretty sure the timing for this surgery is off for me. Back on October of 2015 when I booked this surgery, I wasn't pressed about the wait because it gave me ample time to save up for surgery. Then back in October 2016, I bought a house. The house was just the perfect distraction I needed to keep my mind off how long I had to wait for surgery... but boy let me tell you! To date, I've had the money to pay for this surgery 4x and each time, I made the decision to update some things in my house. So far, we've updated the entire kitchen, bathroom, and furnished the entire place. I am so pleased, however, I am no longer pressed to get this surgery. Lol! I want to do landscaping outside now. The summer is coming and I want to host and enjoy myself, not be worried about swell hell. Well ladies, the time has come to shut this thing down. I might be back, who knows... good luck to you all.


Extra skin was keeping me from being a bad b*tch!
Sooooooo... I decided I was being way too hard on myself. When I started this journey, I never wanted to go into debt so I planned to pay cash and be done with it. I also didn't plan on buying a house or paying to re-do my kitchen, OR redoing my bathroom twice, all of which I paid for out of pocket. So when I couldn't sell my surgery date, I said to myself, "Self, what's the different in going into debt for home renovations and a body enhancement"? And myself said, NOTHING!!! It's all debt so in that moment, I decided to move forward with my plans. I am currently just about 4weeks post op and every day, I am more and pleased with my decision to move forward. I spent a total of 10 days in Miami, 1 day pre-op and 9 days post op. I stayed with Maria at Elite Nursing for the first 7 days then checked in to a hotel for the remaining 3 days. My first trip to the restroom after surgery, I almost passed out so I was glad to be in the care of a registered nurse. I spent the first 4 days bucket nekkid! Lol! But I was mobile, alert and taking care of myself with little guidance in preparation for my alone time in the hotel. My hotel was the Best Western Windsor Plus in North Miami and it was perfect because they had a cafe right in the lobby and the food was reasonably price and good! The hotel was also across from a shopping plaza so if you could muster up enough energy, you had access to a 24hr Walgreens, FiveBelow and TJMaxx amongst others. I started my post op massages on Day 5 (even tho he doesn't recommend them until Day7. *Use your better judgment*) with Yare from MyBodyContour305. She's wayyyy on the other side of Miami but so worth it. I highly recommend. I got hooked up with Chris from RecoveryLifts, it's like an Uber but for post op. A bit cheaper than Uber and a gentle ride. He was great! I rode with him for 2 days, he actually picked me up from Mary's, took me to my massage appointment and then dropped me to my hotel so it was pretty seamless. I moved to my hotel on Day 7, day 6 post op so the next morning, I took a real Uber to Dr. Miami's office to get my drains out. I love that man so much! I didn't believe this journey would be life changing because I wasn't really looking to change myself, I just wanted to get rid of extra skin. But in so many ways, it has been just that! And I met some awesome people who I will never forget along the way! I'm so thankful to have had such an uneventful journey. Thanks to Yare, I have no fluid build up. I have no fibrosis or seroma and my incisions is very thin and low. And I love my belly button. As you can see from pics, I am still very swollen so with time, my results will be even better!

1Month Post op

Ready to go back to work! Doc says I'm healing just fine. Anticipating scar treatment starting next week, week 5.

Scar Treatment- Kelo-Cote

I started this scar treatment last night. My scar is very thin and healing very well. The Amazon reviews called this "Magic" and a few people said it "erased" their scar. I originally planned to use embrace scar strips, however, for $25, I'm willing to see what the fuss is about. I hope it works magic on me cuz I'd rather not pay for embrace, especially seeing as how my body is healing wonderfully on its own. I'll try to update every two weeks.


#Week8 YAY! I made it to the 2month mark! Every morning when I wake up, my stomach muscles stretch so I googled and it's supposed to do that. In an effort for your muscles to relax, they must stretch and contract in order to get used to their new alignment. My body is still a bit sore and my hips are killing me to the point it feels like the bone is going to come through my skin. I haven't a clue as to why since I didn't have anything surgically done to my hips. Ehhh. What else?! Oh! So 3 weeks ago, I started treating me scar with the Kelo-Cote but I noticed that it works better on an older scar so I decided to just use it on my old scar and my belly button. I am now using the Embrace MINIMIZE for my tummy tuck scar. I already had 2 sheets from a trial run (also on an old scar) so that'll cover me for 20 days. I ended up cutting one strip into 3rds and piecing it together because I really just want to cover the scar and nothing else. This will also cut costs. I plan to buy another box so that'll mean I will have treated for 50 days, as opposed to the recommended 60 days. We'll see how that works. Feel free to ask me questions! ????


The 1st pic highlights the 3 scars due to lipo. 2nd pic highlights all the discoloration and hyper-pigmentation on my back due to the curve in my spine. These are the areas where he had to break up the bands to release the fat. These were actually dents before surgery, also due to the curvature of the spine. The pics looks gross if you ask me. I guess it was never this apparent before OR, I just never really looked at my back. Smh! #SideNote: My shape is so bomb! I love it! Feel free to ask questions. ????

Vids & Pics


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