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Ok, I will be having my tummy tuck with minor Lopo...

Ok, I will be having my tummy tuck with minor Lopo to the upper abdomen and flanks on January 6th 2015. My surgery will be done by Dr. Jackie Yee at Bakers Plastic Surgery. I have seen two of my friends tummy tucks by her and they look amazing! I am 100% happy and confident with my choice of surgeon :-) At the moment my emotions range from feeling ecstatic to feeling terrified with a near nervous breakdown! My nurse gave me a prescription for Valium but I haven't taken one yet. I think just knowing they are there is helping me to keep my anxiety a little under control. I have never been under general and I think this is what is causing the most anxiety. Did any of you ladies suffer terribly with anxiety? Any advice would be so welcomed :-) on a brighter note, I am so glad that I made this decision. I am hoping for washboard abs! Hope that's not asking to much. I have my recliner coming the day before I go in and all of my supplies are ready. My hubby will be taking care of me and my kiddies will be at school they are 11 and 13 so will be able to help out around the house. I will post some pics soon, need to do that for myself too :-) I can't believe its just over a week away!!

Here's the reason for the tummy tuck and Lipo

OMG!! It's so close now!

Well, I have managed to stay calm from the last time I posted( few days ago) I have been on this site everyday though. Not sure if I mentioned it but I am on vacation with my family and to be honest would rather be home nesting and sorting out the final touches. My surgeon has told me it's ok for me to get a mani and pedi which I will do two days before surgery. I know having my hair, hands and feet nice will help me feel better about myself after surgery, or I am hoping it will! Lol. Did you ladies shave or wax a few days before surgery? I really don't want to go in a hairy mess! Lol. I keep looking at all the fabulous after pics of you ladies and that really is keeping me focused on the positive. I can't believe I am going to have a flat tummy and no muffin top! Any ladies going in before me, sending you well wishes and speedy healing. I hope you all love your results!

Hi ladies! keeping calm and new pics!

I hope lol of you ladies a lovely New Years eve :-) it was just me the hubby and my two kiddies, just what I needed being so close to my surgery. My hubby took the kids out today so I have lounged around watching tv. We are still on vacation and it's snowing where we are so all good here! I really can't believe how close the big day is and any negative thoughts that creep in I am not dwelling on them. Let's hope I feel this calm on the day! If not I will take half or a full Valium. I'm still not sure if I should wax the area on Sunday as my surgery is the Tuesday after. What do you ladies think? I look at your photos and most seem to have waxed or shaved. Anyway I will post some pics up now, managed to get better ones whilst the family are out. I hope everyone is having a beautiful day.

Woohoo it's so close now!!

I will start to take Colace and Arnica today. Please let my body heal well. Should I take the recommended dose or less? Any advice would be so appreciated :-) Also I remember having terrible constipation when I had my C section, eeeek, don't want that again!! Should I take a laxative as well as solace to clean my system before surgery? Thanks ladies and happy healing everyone!

Thinking about boobies!

I have been on this site on and off all day! I am now thinking I should have done my boobs at the same time. Just aittle fuller???? Has anyone else had these thoughts a few days before surgery? I wonder if it's even possible at such short notice? My hubby says I can always do it when I am healed from my TT :-) I was thinking if I'm under, I'm under and just do it all! OMG these thoughts and emotions are just all over the place! Lol

Excited!!!!! Woohoo can't wait now :-)

Hi ladies! I have just finished having my lady area waxed! Lol That was torture in its self! Promise to myself... When recovered from tummy tuck get laser hair removal! I am now sat waiting for my mani and pedi. Going for a Essie Hot Coco on the toes and clear for my finger nail :-) We are now home from Vacation. I feel better that I am in familiar surroundings and if I get a bout of anxiety I can always run upstairs to my bed room :-) Really got to keep it together I front if the kids. My kiddies know I am having a procedure. I told them I'm fixing my muscles and no more questions asked. I have not told them it will be this Tuesday though. I am planning to take them to school Tuesday morning as normal. Then home for a shower and grab my over night bag then off we go. Please God, let everything go ok and when my kids finish school my hubby will tell them their mom is fine and coming home the next day :-) Drinking lots of water and have actually lost my appetite so will be having some green smoothies. I look at all of your pics and that is what is exciting me more. I can't wait to not look pregnant and also I am so sick of pulling my shirts over my tummy when I sit down. I hope this makes me feel sexier when I'm healed. I think my hubby is secretly hoping for this :-) Anyway ladies, having my manicure now so have to sign off. Hope you are all healing well and the ladies like myself who are waiting to go in. Happy and positive thoughts only.

Can't sleep????

Ok, it's now 1.07am. WTH!!!!! I am sat doing my eyebrows and my eyes are as wide as saucers! Lol. I am also overthinking tomorrow which is the day before my TT. My thoughts are..... Will I have a panic attack, will I start to cry, will I be snappy etc! Hopefully I will be as calm as a cucumber and feel very excited. (Please God) lol
My recliner is delivered tomorrow so I will set my rest area up. One good thing is we decorated our bedroom not so long ago and I just love the space :-)
My hubby is so supportive and seems pretty calm. That's a good thing, we need one person with stable emotions in the house right now! As I was stepping out of the shower tonight, my hubby grabs my love handles and says " look all of this will be gone soon" you got a love em! Anyway I am going to try and get some sleep. I will take some pics of my rest area and supplies tomorrow. Nighty, night ladies!

''Twas the night before.....

Hi ladies! Well here I am sat on my bedroom floor organizing my post op essentials and my over night bag. I have just finished in the kitchen and made enough food to feed an army! My hubby isn't the best cook so want to make sure the family are eating healthy most days. I have been strangely calm today, it's almost eerie! Maybe my grandmother is watching over me, I like to think that anyway :-) All I can think about now is having a tiny waist and flat tummy, two things I have never really had. My legs are so skinny so I am hoping I will look more in proportion. I am ready for this and I'm so glad it's going to be over with soon. I have taken som pics of my supplies, I will post them soon. I made myself some carrot and butternut squash soup today. I had some for dinner, a very small bowl. I have lost my appetite really. Maybe that's a good thing:-)
Anyway ladies, I will be on the flat side tomorrow and I am sure I will be uncomfortable but also very relieved! Please say a prayer for me and any ladies waiting to go.... Keep focused on the outcome. Keep your bodies healthy with good food and your minds healthy with good thoughts. Night, night and I will check in soon :-)

It's the big day!! Woohoo!! Here's to a nice flat tummy :-)

Had a fantastic sleep last night without the aid of any medication! Woke around 5.30 and surfaced about 6am. Made the family some breakfast and I must say the smell of the turkey bacon was delicious! Boo hoo to me me because I sat and watched everyone else eat and I couldnt have anything. Got the kids off to school(they don't know I'm going in today) without any stress. I am now back home and can't think for the life of me why I feel so calm, it's almost eerie! My hubby said its because I've done all the worrying I can do and it's coming in a few hours so you just learn to accept it! I think he is correct given he knows my personality :-) I can't decide if I should take the Valium like the surgery asked me too. What do you think ladies? Please any quick advice would be so appreciated! i don't want to freak when I get there. Maybe it's best to take one. What do you think? I have my overnight bag ready and will go up and take a shower soon. I have to be at the surgery center at 10.30 so I will busy myself with tidying the house before I go. Take care ladies and please wish me well. I will post pics as soon as I am out of surgery and awake!

Feeling gratitude and simply ecstatic!

Hi all, I went in yesterday at 10.30 and didn't go into surgery until 12 noon. My amazing surgeon came in and marked me up. Any last questions were answered. Then the sleepy man came in(sorry can't spell) and held my hand and chatted to me about what would happen. He was amazing :-) As we walked to the OR he asked me what was my favorite cocktail at this point I was getting on the bed, the next I new I was waking up in my cosy recovery room. Sheer bliss!! I called my hubby and told him I loved him in what he said was a drunken slur lol. Then I fell asleep. Now ladies I am not telling lies when I tell you I have only felt discomfort. The Percocet and Valium have been a god send. I really didn't have an appetite but had some jello and apple sauce to get my pain meds down. Didn't get much sleep but that's to be expected. I have been drinking tons of water and urinating frequently. My hubby collected me today at 10am I even walked up my many stairs to my recliner in my bedroom! I have a mini fridge stocked with goodies. Been on my pain meds today 2nd day, and may mix some Tylenol in there. I may save the Percocet for bedtime. Anyway ladies I'm a little tired now, so off for a nap. This is one of the best things I have done for myself apart from my kids, hubby and riding my Harley! I am very blessed and feel amazing. I am on my iPad right now. I will post pics when my phone is charged. The staff at Bakers Plastic Surgery are amazing. I will be taking them a little gift :-)

Some pics!

I will take some more as time goes on. She said I was pretty swollen in this.

Hi everyone!

I am now on day 3. Had my surgery on Tuesday. I am still feeling great! Of course I am a little achey, that's to be expected. I slept from 11pm until 3.30am last night which was when my alarm clock woke me up to take my meds. I took one Percocet, that was enough to knock me out until 7am this morning. I then took another Percocet. My next meds will be a Tylenol and the Percocet and Valium before I go to bet. Going to the bathroom to urinate was harder this morning just because I am aching from sleeping in the recliner. Still drinking lots of water :-) I have only eaten Apple sauce this morning. It's so funny but you just don't have an appetite! I will try some scrambled eggs for lunch. Omg how gassy am I! No bowel movement yet but I get that. Sat in my recliner right now and my but is so numb! Lol I have to change the dressing in my tummy button later, I wil take pics then. Anyway peace out, I'm so tired. Will take a quick pick of my drains that actually do not bother me at all!

Pic with drains

Not feeling bad at all. Just very tired.

Hi I'm back!

So sorry I have missed a few days. I have been so lath argue and finding it hard to stay awake!i stopped taking the Percocet and Valium on day 4-5. Last night and this morning I had my first bowel movements which was totally easy! I was a little nervous but I have been taking co lace and drinking tons of water pre op. I have only been eating small portions, I get so full quickly then feel uncomfortable. Today was my first venture down stairs. I felt like I was in a new house! Lol then if for my post op visit to have my drains, pain pump and stitches removed from the lipo sites. I really did not feel any pain what so ever, just a strange feeling when the nurse pulled the drains. She cleaned me up and put a more comfortable CG on me an voila I was all done. My hubby saw me back home and made me comfortable again upstairs in my recliner. I made a low carb low fat shepherds pie before I went into surgery and my hubby put that in. It was delicious but I could only eat a small amount as I get full quick. Still feeling great and getting stronger everyday. If I had to do this again I would do it in a heart beat! You just have to rest and sleep as much as possible and be positive! Off for a nap again. Speak to you all soon :-) oh btw some pics my hubby took when the nurse was attending to me.

Hi Ladies!

Well today has been a little uneventful. I woke at 3am which was a complete pain! Then fell asleep around 8.30 to awake a 9.45. I feel mentally great and no pain now. Off all pain meds even tylenol! My first visitor came today, one of my good friends. It was great to chat :-) I feel like a stuffed sausage in this CGI! The nurse also put sponge pads around my Lipo sights. I have yet to clean my new BB. I won't lie I'm a little weirded out by that but it's got to be done! My abs a feeling better each day and I can contract them now which is what the surgeon told me to do! My lady bits were also very swollen yesterday but thank goodness that has eased off. My appetite is totally back to normal. I feel like I can eat lots but know not to because I will pay for it with feeling uncomfortable. I have my next app on the 21 Han, they will take the stitches out from the TT incision and hopefully I can buy some Spanx then. I hope all of you ladies are healing nicely! Now off to open this binder and clean my tummy button????????

Hi all! Time goes by so quick!

Hi Ladies! I can't believe I am 11 days post op! Everything seems to be heing well and I'm totally off any pain med including Tylenol. Have been for the past 5 days :-) I am still sleeping in my recliner and to be honest, it makes me feel safe so I will be renting it for one extra week, 3 weeks total. I can now take deep breaths. Dry easily but my muscles are still tight due to the repair. I love my belly button! My Dr stitches from the inside so it looks amazing already. It is on the small side but she said as the swelling goes down it will go a little bigger. It trust her judgement entirely, but if not I shall be using some marble therapy! Lol I have to keep the foam pads on my flanks from Lipo, anyone else have these on? When I look in the mirror with my binder on I look as wide as a tree trunk and when I showered yesterday and removed everything I looked pretty swollen. I just dried myself off and put fresh dressing and CG on and didn'took again. I know this is all part of our journey and we should never compare our results but I do seem to be quite swollen. I took my first trip down stairs yesterday. My friend came to visit for a few hours. After that I was shattered and had to get back in my recliner. This really does luck your butt! I still would do all of this again in a heart beat! My mood has been good everyday. I've had a few moment of feeling sorry for myself, that was more the first week. My next check up is Wednesday. They still want me to walk bent over until then. Hope I can make it that long! My back is killing me. Still eating very healthy and have only drank camomile tea and water for the past 3 weeks. I find if I eat certain carbs like grains or potato I feel very uncomfortable so I have stuck to white protein veggies or salad oh, and scrambled egg.
I will post some pics today after my shower. My incision is low and I love my belly button. Let's hope I don't need any revisions! Don't think so because I know she is a first class surgeon. Anyway ladies...... For all that have had you TT's happy healing and for you ladies waiting to go in it really is worth going through all of the anxiety and discomfort!

None of us get away with it!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and healing :-) Like the title says, none of us get away with it! I have been doing so well, fantastic even. But these past two days have been a little challenging to say the least. I am starting to get a little short tempered and being a bit of a misery guts really. I looked at myself in the mirror today and was complete horrified at how much weight I have lost in my fave. Not being able to eat bigger quantities and sticking to protein and veggies has taken its toll. Now it's most probably going to cost me some dollars to plump my face up too! Lol On a serious note, it hasn't been the discomfort or even the anxiety that had made me feel low it's the being bent over and not being able bodied. At the same time as having my TT I decided to stop my birth control pill completely, well my hair is paying for that and I seem to have quite a shed! I go for my 2nd app on Wed and hopefully they will take my stitches out of the incision and low me to walk aittle straighter, if not not fully upright. I can then start back on some vitamins which I know will help combat the birth control side affects. I sent out for lunch today with the hubby, it was lovely to be out in the fresh air :-) I am now back in my bedroom relaxing in my recliner where I feel safe. Oh, I so managed to eat all of my food today without feeling to full so that's a good sign :-) Can anyone give me aittle advice here, I have aittle dried blood in my tummy button that is not coming away using a cotton swab and triple antibiotic cream like the nurse told me to use. Should I use some luke warm water in there on the swab first, then use the triple cream? Have a nice evening ladies and relax :-)

Is this normal?

Hi again, I have just been out for dinner with my hubby and son. After posting today about my face looking like a skeleton I decided I would eat some rice with my shrimp and salad. Ok, i finished the shrimp and salad and had a few mouthfuls of rice and now I am back on my recliner with my knees bent so I can breath! My tummy is so, so full and tight! Is this pretty normal in the first few weeks? I really don't want to waste away! Lol

Swell Hell with a vengeance!! :-(

I am officially in Swell Hell :-( I was cleaning my tummy button a suture area today and managed to take a few pics. I will post them. I look like a balloon! My tummy feels semi hard and it doesn't have the water bed affect so I hope I don't have a Seroma, but if I do nothing I can do about that. I will be seeing my fabulous lady surgeon on Wed which I am happy about so I shall know then. Also, I managed to get a little gunk from my tummy button today there us no redness or odor so I'm pleased about that too! It feels weird to try and clean it properly because I can't feel it! Any off you ladies think that too? I went to a convention today but stepped directly from the car straight to a wheel chair so that was good. I didn't exert myself. Some ladies on here ae doing laundry and cleaning!! My tummy muscles feel great and I do not have any pain :-) J just want this swelling to go away! Please tell me this is normal. Anyway I am going back onto my salads and protein for a while it makes me feel more comfortable. I shall tackle my fatless face another day. Oh no, I have just tried to upload my pics and I can't find them! I shall take some more tomorrow if I can bear to look :-(

Third post op check up today!!

Hi ladies! I had my third post op visit today. All went well :-) I am healing great if not pretty swollen. The great thing is, the nurse and Dr said I will continue to shrink! That was music to my ears! I had my stitches from the incision and bb removed and the nurse, who is also fantastic cleaned me up. She said I was good to go without steri strips but I asked her would she put some on just for peace if mind for me. I managed to snap some pics after my shower today so I will post them. I am still swollen and will be having a treatment next week back at the surgery center to take down some swelling. Well, I am beat now after walking to Starbucks and making dinner so will now take myself to my bedroom and relax in the recliner. My rented recliner will go back on Monday, I would say that has been a must for me. Anyway ladies keep well and happy healing to all :-)

Swelling seems to be decreasing :-)

Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and healing just fine. I am doing better as each day passes. I am about 85% straight at the moment. Yesterday was the turning point for that and I thought today maybe I would be more straight but I am not. Pretty much the same as yesterday! For me, the not standing straight has been the most frustrating. I just want to walk tall again grrrr! When was the magic week that you guys could stand straight? My doc has okayed me to resume my normal activities. I cannot exercise though. I did have to remind my hubby that just because she said that yesterday it won't be instant. He did actually think I would be back to all normality after those magic words lol. I will be having the ultrasound massage at the docs office next week, has anyone had that? I am looking forward to shifting some of the swelling from the lipo sites. I will be honest though, even with the swelling now, it looks much better than pre-op! I'm not complying! I don't have any pics today, I will take some tomorrow after my shower. I am trying very hard to keep my abs engaged. My doc mentioned that sometimes the muscles can heal slack if you have had lazy abs prior. No way I want to go back there again so I am engaging my abs all the time. My muscles don't feel so tight anymore it's just the skin. I feel if I stand straight I will tear in two! I have a problem with one foot, which swells sometimes due to blood poisoning in the vein many, many years ago. The swelling flares up after a flight and of course after this surgery. I was cleared yesterday by my nurse to take a diuretic and it has taken care of that. I feel much better. Anyway, like I said today was pretty much like yesterday so I will sign off now. Have a good night ladies and I'll post pics tomorrow :-)

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