36 Mom of two...Preparing for TT & Lipo - Miami, FL

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So...I'm in the process of preparing for my...

So...I'm in the process of preparing for my procedures. I have 15 & 16 year old and I am tired of looking at this stomach with rolls that refuses to go anywhere. I am looking to have the surgery towards the end of February. I am going to Seductions in the Miami area. Dr. Michael Rodriguez is the doctor performing the procedure. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I do plan on staying at a recovery house while there...Beautifil Body Inc. I want to be as prepared as possible so I would like to get some help with preparing for this surgery. Like wht do I need to bring as far as soaps, clothes. Wht will make this process as smooth as possible. I was planning on staying at the recovery house for 10 days. Is that necessary? Where did you get your garments from? Did you buy from the facility that did your procedure or did you purchase from elsewhere?

TT & Lipo date approaching

My surgery date is locked in for February 22nd. I'm excited and just a tad bit nervous. I know I need to get my but in the gym to work out before surgery, but I'm being a lazy person right now.

I can't wait to get rid of all this pooch!

44 days until my sx..,

Surgery in 2 more weeks

I'm just trying to mentally prepare for this surgery. Lord knows I need to be physically preparing but I can't seem to find the energy to get my butt in the gym. I'm worried about pain...wht are some pain meds you all took after tt/lipo???

Had my surgery on February 22nd 2017

Everything went well. Not as bad as I expected it. The pain was not too bad. Day two was the worse day. I stopped taking my pain meds consistently by the 3rd day. I stayed 9 days in RH.

Day after surgery

I was more nervous about being in pain than actually being in pain

7 days Post op

Dreadful drain

3 weeks post op

I have to wear compression. Once I take it off the pressure is horrible. It feels like my stomach is about to burst open. I can't wait until I can be garment free. Still looking for the perfect garment.

5 weeks post op

Still swelling. Need better compression garments. I bought a post op panty with a silicone panel inside. The thing was not right enough in the stomach area. I'll be sending it back to Amazon tomorrow. Back to the drawing board. The compression garment I bought when I was in Miami is very uncomfortable. I had to cut out the butt and crotch area bc it was too tight. Whenever I have to go to the bathroom wearing the thing I have to get undressed. So nerve wrecking especially when I'm at work.
Plantation Facial Plastic Surgeon

I haven't gotten it done yet.

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