35 Y,5 Kids** Fisherdoll **1/17/2017

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I'm so confused here,first I'm thankful have...

I'm so confused here,first I'm thankful have Realself to help us and understanding all procedures and connected all ladies here,this is so hard talk about plastic surgery with another person don't think like we think or plan for us,our body,our Husband's and our life.
My confused is what the best doctor? Best place to do a BBL? Cost? Risks for life?
I was do first consultation with Dr. Schulman, he is so calm,all staff,office everything is perfect I definitely choose him!!! But the price!!!! $14k oh my!!!!!! Another side is Dr.Fisher,wow,I saw a lot girls doing with him,a perfect butt!!! The price is much better!! With Dr. Fisher I can do a BBL and later Breast Lift and is not going to $14k!!!!!!
need help,information!!! I reading about Vanity some bad reviews, one lady die with Dr.Hasan in Google,but I don't find nothing complaints with Dr.Fisher. Help me Girls!!!

This is me!!! Sorry for body but God (I'm very thankful for God everyday)give me 5 wonderful kids and then i need better shape f

First time I post My pictures uggh!!
After 5 Kids is not easy feel beautiful and attractive for my husband! But when I'm not in my "period" I'm proud for me... My last kids have 2 years old and I maintain my weight more than a year. So I'm very active. I make a progress in my belly,I lost some fat I can feel in my pants... I still have ugly fat!! I know I need a Tummy tuck and Breast lift but I want do Bbl first,sometimes I need a Mommy makeover first and then I look my butt I change my mind....kkkkkkk so this is me,sorry girls but this is the real. I post more wish picture so I try find a magic surgeon make my body better. ;)

Wish pictures

Wish :)


I already starting the process with contact by email,Instagram with Vanity.
I send my pics today and I'm excited!!!


Omg I'm overthinking about BBL! I'm ashamed. I hope tomorrow is a better day:(. The RealSelf is so helpful but this is addiction.


Any ideas about recovery house or hotels? Near Vanity?

Losing some weight;))

Some awesome results Dr.Fisher

I loved her butt it's round, buble and waist is snatched, I try find out some girls like me when is already have curves but because the pregnancies we lost some our shape.

Make a deposit and booked my surgery!!

Yes, I already make a deposit $1000 and booked my surgery.I deposit July 29, to hold my price and especial package. I'm very thankful to God all the process with Vanity to be fine;)
I'm with another wonderful coordinator when she fast give my answers back right away.
Yeahhhh it's my time! :)

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