Mommy Makeover with Dr. Ortega @ Imagenes Cosmetic - Miami, FL

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I have been trying to do this procedure for over 5...

I have been trying to do this procedure for over 5 years now and its crazy to think I am finally getting it done. I am getting everything done with Dr. Ortega at Imagenes Cosmetic Surgery. I have read so many reviews a lot bad on both the clinic and the Dr. I must say that so far I have been very lucky. My coordinator Maria Karla is seriously the best ???????? she has always stayed in contact with me. As for the Dr, they sent my to do my consultation with him at Spectrum since thats were he normally works at. He was amazing. I read in a lot of reviews that he is rude and rushes through but that was not the case with me. Hopefully my results are great as well ????

Mommy Makeover

So far awesome! Cleared for surgery!!!

Surgery is at Imagenes not Spectrum! Coordinator is Maria Karla Will post pictures after procedure I am getting a breast lift with tummy truck My consult with Dr. Ortega was great. He was very imformative towards the procedures and made me feel very comfortable.

3days POST-OP Dr. Mel Ortega

3 days post op! Lots of swelling! Everything seems to be healing well.


I'm finally 2 weeks post-op! I still have my drains, they should be off tomorrow if not im pulling these suckers out lol! They are seriously irritating me. For some reason Dr. O puts the drains coming out near the ending of your incision and it SUCKS! I know everyone heals differently but for me this has been dragging! I been able to get out of bed on my own for about 5 days now. I still can't wipe my own ass tho lol. Yesterday and today i have been able to get out of the house and go out which is awesome.

One thing that really sucked in having my surgery at Imagenes is that Dr. O doesn't work there through the week. My first post-op visit was with a nurse at Imagine on the Monday after my surgery since it was on a Saturday. I explained to her that i was concerned with some bruising right above my incision and she said all was fine. I had my one week on Friday with Dr. O at Spectrum. I woke up feeling great on top of the world.. When i got there.. He started removing all the tapes that where on my incision from tt and breast. As soOn as he removed the tt tapes i knew there was a problem. It just didn't look right it was dark purple almost black. He said its necrosis but not to worry so much that it should heal just fine. I also have my right boob in the same condition. He put some dressing on the bad spots and told me i have to come see him every 2 days. This was so depressing! Literally ruined me I felt super bad after! Saturday and Sunday i spent all day in bed. My next 3 visits M-W-F were all the same remove dressing and put new ones. As of now the condition is not getting worse and those are good sIgns that everything will be ok.. Thank god they are very small spots [tattoos can cover] next visit is tomorrow so will update more then.

Bad boob

Mommy Makeover- Drains out!!

Getting the drains pulled out is absolutely painless but totally wierd. I did feel them getting pulled out. Unfortunately Dr. Ortega was no in to see me today. My incision on my tummy seems to be better but my right boob is still looking scary. Have to return Wednesday to change the dressing again and Friday to see Dr. O.

Mommy makeover- consult

Pictures from my consult.

I told Dr. Ortega I wanted a reduction and a lift so he used tape to show me how all I really needed was a lift and that I might regret getting a reduction. He was absolutely right. I am so happy he showed me this because I love how they look now and I wouldn't have been happy if they were much smaller.

More pics

18 days post op. Hopefully this heals soon! I can't wait to see Dr. O on Friday. I'm dying to start my massages to get rid of all the hard spots:

Visit with Dr.O

Same ol same ol! I have to keep with the dressings. My breast is much better. I need to keep with the dressings because its helping to not create a hole. As far as my stomach he finally let me start with the binder because i have way too much swelling. I have to use the binder this week and see him next week to get into the regular garment. Once the swelling goes down he will tell me what we will be doing to fix my incision.

Every day is better

Im feeling so much better. I noticed that the binder does make a difference. Wearing it lets me stand up straight. I been able to resume to most of my normal activities. I'm very grateful that my husband has been by my side the whole time. I really don't think I would have been able to get through this without all the support I've had from him, my mom, and my best friend. Aside from the swelling and my necrosis I'm feeling great. Can't wait to finish healing sonI can enjoy my pool lol! Thank you Dr. O for your amazing work :)

Breast progress

Getting there...

The good boob :)

Healing so perfectly!!!


Here are some pics. Im sooo swollen! Cant wait for this to be over already. Any recommendations on what can help with all the swelling??

Dr. Ortega got me on the faja this week and i think its wayy too tight im feeling so much pain.

Small update

Hey dolls!! Im still recovering. My bottom scar has gotten so much better. Hopefully soon it can get closed up a little so my scar will look good. My belly button scabs got stuck on my faja and pulled a stitch OOUUCHH!! belly button is looking all crazy right now be he told me not to worry. For some reason everything looks so insanely bad to me but he always explains it all and tells me its healing great lol, I am still going to see him weekly, I am truly blessed to be living local where he can see me regularly and even luckier to have a surgeon who cares. I am very glad i chose him as my surgeon! Sooo.. Right now the main thing driving me bonkers is my breast, it looks CRAZY! The scabbing has started to pull away from the rest of the skin and it looks disgusting. I put some pictures so yall can see what ive been dealing with. Its not painful at all and i get to wash it every day with water and soap. For now I am still using the xeroform dressings which seem to be working good. Any one else been through this?
I still have sooo much swelling. I hope it starts going down soom since im already 1 month post op.


What can I say, im still healing from the compromised areas. Dr. Ortega removed the had skin and now I just have to take it one day at a time. I have good days and I have days im super overwhelmed and depressed. Even though I'm going through this I am still so very happy with my results. Im very grateful for how Gaby and Dr. Ortega have treated me. I know I have to take this one day at a time I keep remembering that IT WILL HEAL. I have very little pain. Im still very swollen in many areas. I never wake up completely on the flat side due to my complications and by end of day im extremely swollen. I have been walking straight and back to my normal life. All I am hoping for is the OK from my dr. So i can start my massages!

1.5 months PO

Just wanted to update you all, Im feeling so much better. My breast is finally healing and my tummy is still open but it is doing so much better. I cant express to yall how grateful I am for Ortega and his assistant Gaby. They have treated me so well. Im finally at the point were I go every 2 weeks to check up with him. He finally gave me the ok to start my massages. I cant wait to be completely healed and flat!!

Healing Process

Everything is looking so much better! Had my first massage and thought I was going to die lol i was super sore for about 3 days. Hopefully I'll be ableist to start them again next week. Here are some more pics. As you can see my breast is in it's final stage of healing. I might want a scar revision if it doesn't lighten up. As for my stomach it's much smaller and not as deep. I have been cleaning it every day and using the pressure of the shower head with antibacterial soap to wash away any dead tissues. Seems to be helping. Hopefully this will be closed within 2 weeks. I go back to see Dr. Ortega on Monday.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He explained everything to me in detail! Im very glad I decided to go with him. I almost go a reduction and a lift when all I needed was a lift. He taped up my boobies and showed mr exactly what they would look like. Day of surgery he came to talk to me, marked me all up and made me laugh a little right before surgery! Follow up appointments have been every other day due to minor complications. Surgery at Imagenes was awesome as well the staff was great. I had no payment issues or any misunderstandings with them nothing compared to the craziness that i was put through at Vanity Cosmetics

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