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I'm looking for someone who has a 6/24 date with...

I'm looking for someone who has a 6/24 date with Dr. Ortega and would be willing to change dates with me... I'm scheduled for one day earlier 6/23... I can accommodate monetarily for your gratitude ... My friend and I planned on this experience together but my Work schedule changed and can not get off work as planned until the following day...

The time has come for me to leave this old wrinkled belly in Miami and take my new smooth belly to Chicago

I'm at sitting here at Spectrum as I write waiting for the doctor to come in for a pre-surgical review. I am sooo nervous, I have been praying with family and friend that everything goes well.

Post surgery review with Dr Ortega

Day after surgery and everything is going well so far. I met with Dr.Ortega who assessed me and said everything looks good. I was a bit disappointed when Dr. Ortega wanted me to come back on Monday to change my dressing; I thought this was something that could have been done today. I had my flight schedule to return on Sunday; I had to get a letter to give to the airline stating that due to medical concerns I am not cleared to fly.

Mommy Make over 7/7...

have been contemplating this procedure for about 20 years... I have visited several PS but the timing was never right and/ or my finances would not allow me to move forward. After a friend connected me with another young lady interest in ps , who plugged me with Dr. Ortega things stated to look up. Fast forward to the weeks before surgery.. I was very nervous, Lots of anxiety and if it had not been for the fact that I had paid 5500.00 down, and could not get that money back, I probably would have not filled through with the PS. So I'm scheduled for July 8th and I fly down July 7 with my 26 yr old and my 3 yr old grandbaby (my care givers) arriving in FL at 10:00 am.. Rent a car and book my hotel at the Courtyard south beach.. Receive a call from Spectrum informing me the surgery is scheduled for 12:00 presurgery pics...

Follow up with Dr.Ortega post surgery day 3

Arrived at Spectrum Monday afternoon for my follow up appointment w/ Dr. Ortega before going home on that Tuesday @12 n. Dr. Ortega came in was was very very impressed with my results, he asked me to take pics three months out to show how I'm healing, progressing, and looking at that 3 month mark. I was told by one of the medical assist that it takes about 3 months to feel /look 100%... Dr. Ortega took his time during this appointment to explain; cleaning scars/dressing, medication, breathing; I was experiencing shortness of breath , he said its normal because of the tightening of the abdomen. Dr.Ortega recommended blowing up ballons as a cheap way to increase breathing. I informed Dr.O that I was feeling good and that I was flying out to Chicago the following day; he gave me a return to work notice for my Job and I was on my way. My experience with Dr.O and the staff was great, no complaints.

11 days post-surgery

I'm 11 days post surgery I'm recovery is a slow process with good and bad days. I'm slightly struggling with breathing, when I walk for a long time, and standing straight, my abdomen muscle are so tight. I don't have a lot of pain only during the night when I know I have over exerted myself with mommy duties, but I look forward to taking my oxycodone for a good nights rest. Except I realize that I need new mattress so went this morning to purchase two new mattress (lol). I'm working my way to return to work on Monday but not sure if that is going to be possible because I'm still about 95% bent over. my breast are sooo hyper-sensitive and I have no bladder control muscles right no, not sure if anyone has experienced this. My tubes come out Friday I'm so ready for them to gone they are starting to irritate my skin.

Today makes week 3 post SX...

I started back to work on Monday 7/25... And yes it was challenging. I'm stand about 90-95 percent upright.. Sometimes I wonder If I'm ever going to stand/walk straight. Thankfully, I sit down most of the day at work. My recovery I'm taking my recovery one day at a time.

Incision opening

My incision is opening and looks like an infection is setting in( no fever just swelling). Not sure what is happening I clean my incision daily and change the dressing daily..just sent my PS pictures for feedback. Also have appointment with my primary care dr. Why is this happening!!! Ugh!!

More pics of open wound

4 week update...

4 weeks 1 day and I'm starting to feeling much better. I'm still having some pain/ discomfort but nothing unbearable. Still swollen but lmll

4weeks post-sx

Feeling better about my sx/body.... I know there's still so much more progress to be had!!! Patience is a virtue!!!

6 weeks.....

Scar opening almost healed.... Dr. Ortega prescribed sulfamethoxazole and to continue wearing compression garment... The swelling is real during the evening and the sharp pain and inflammation ain't no punk... But the results tho... I love the results and its so much more progression to be had????????
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