34yo, 3 Kids and Mommy Make over Scheduled with Dr. Ortega

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It's been awhile since I have stalked real self...

It's been awhile since I have stalked real self lol. In October 2014 I did a bbl with Dr. Ortega and I lived my results. I have always been apprehensive about a TT and BA because one the scar and two I just always felt weird putting something foreign in my body...I have been doing extensive research and also have many friends who have done tummy tucks and BA and s far so good. I feel like I should have done the tummy tuck originally because I gained some weight since my procedure and I always had a big butt but no hips..so my bbl was focused more on my hip area because I wanted to maintain a natural look. Dr. Ortega is good for that! I never had any issues at that time when I went but, I will say the communication with my coordinator Stephanie is a little off. Anyway my husband doesn't feel Like this is something I need to do..but it is something I'm doing for me so I can feel better about myself...this is the evolution of me! I'm a full time mom, I'm in nursing school (can be the reason for my weight gain) I work fulltime and it can be overwhelming. I don't really get time to focus and do things for me so I'm going to get this done...I don't know why I'm so nervous but I am lol...positive thoughts only....because of my school schedule I had to book my date so far in advance but my plans are to start gathering my supplies etc early this way I'm fully prepared...I have read so many of you ladies journey and it's so inspiring...so thank you for sharing your journey...I hope I can do the same for someone else...
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