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Hi everyone :-) I'm new to this site but have...

Hi everyone :-) I'm new to this site but have enjoyed seeing such a positive community here! With that I have decided to undergo a mommy makeover. I have 1 child and I was a size 5 before now I'm a 15 lowest I was after pregnancy was a 12 but even then I wasn't satisified with my body. I weight 225 and I'm 5'8.... I never had breast before my daughter and after it seems the fat deposits and gravity made me not look like a 20 year old. Well I have been in and out of the gym I have tried most fads and while the problem I feel is my waist! My stomach hangs and has made me depressed but since I've been so busy these past 7 years with my daughter I have come to realize this is such a factor to being a woman! Your waist is something that is assumed to be small can anyone name a single women's clothing store that does not sell crop tops? Ok now is the time to be excited!! I have 5.5 months till my operation and I was told I need to lose 15 pounds but I plan on losing more. I started today as the first day I purhased a treadmill and I started an eat clean diet. One thing I didn't mention is I'm traveling to Miami to get this procedure done with Dr Mel Ortega... Can anyone provide tips for nice hotels? I will have someone with me and I plan on staying 10 days I also need advice on good scar creams and food ideas post op such as low sodium etc... I'm taking off work from 7-30-8-11 and want to know if that's eniugh time? My job is really just sitting and standing. Thanks everyone please let me know if you had work done at spectrum Aesthestics I had originally thought of using premiere center but my coordinator got annoyed with me and didn't contact me back for 1.5 weeks after I wanted to put a deposit so I made other plans

Just booked my trip to Miami!

Yay so I booked my stay for 2 weeks! I'm starting to get nervous!!! I can't believe in 2 months I'll be having a mommy maleover I could cry!

Medical Clearance appt

I booked my appointment at my PCP... Has anyone done this before? what do they test for and what do they look for? also I have to lose another 10lbs before I can have the surgery my coordinator said can anyone let me know there weight and height?

Mommy Makeover in 24 days!

Ive been so EXCITED FOR THIS!!! and now i'm getting scared. I know ive been dreaming about this for years and now that it is here im left feeling anxious. I'll get over it but I can't wait to be able to see my stomach and not be ashamed! I will post pics soon before I have the surgery because I know how this is motivation for others! :) I fly out the night before and ill be staying for 13 days. I just pray it all goes smooth everything with my coordinator Lizbeth at Spectrum Aesthetics has been great. I decided to go with Dr. Ortega. Can anyone tell me their height and weight or BMI needed to have the surgery if you had yours done at Spectrum?


YAY!! My PCP cleared me for my surgery and I just spoke with my coordinator and im good to go for surgery!!!! I was told that I would be the first surgery of the day and now im super excited!! I just got my new suitcase and a new neck pillow. All I need now is to stock up on some post care items and it will be good to go from here. Im starting to get cold feet but either way its going down!!! Cmon July 31st!

Pre mommy makeover photos

It was super hard to post these even though I constantly scroll through before and afters wish me luck all I'm starting to get cold feet! I will post boobs soon

STRESSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so today I went to make my final payment and was told it needed to be done via a wiretransfer and not through them processing it as a debit as before? I don't know whatever I went to my bank and got that done and now my primary care doctor I have called 10 times to send out my medical clearance finally I went down there and picked it up myself! Whoosh hopefully the dictation of the progress note is suffice since I originally asked for a LETTER FROM THE DOCTOR!! Ughh just sucks that you have to scramble when you are stressed enough. But its done hopefully everything else from here on out is smooth sailing

Prep time!!

So I was emailed some information. Since im doing lipo on the flanks I have to start taking iron with a full glass of OJ!! eeek this is becoming real so fast I can't wait to look sexy!!! Im bringing a bikini just to see the difference im absolutely ECSTATIC!!! WAHHHOOO I will have 3 people to help me im trying to finish all my homework for my online classes before I go since I do not think I will be able to do it there. I bought Arnica montana for brusing and juven tissue rebuiliding shakes to help with the recovery as well as an incentive spirometer and gloves as well as sterile gauze just in case.

Post care items

Ok so outfit for the day of surgery I have a strapless maxi dress, I also bought a bunch of camis and wife beaters along with loose comfy shorts. I bought some colace, gas x, hand wipes, baby wipes, and antibacterial wipes, juven, and herbal life protein shakes and my nutri bullet. I even bought some granny panties ???????? but I want to be comfortable. I'll have my MacBook and tablet as well as Netflix in gear. I think once I check in to my hotel I'll request extra pillows. Once I land I'm going straight to publix or Costco and I'm getting my ginger ale, low sodium crackers, low sodium soups, Popsicles, papaya and mango to promote the healing and since I work at a drs office I have instant cold compress for my back, gloves, neosproin, chloraprep, ABD bandages and a lanyard for my drains and some peroxide and antibacterial soap.

Uh oh

Well Pablo called to verify everything for friday and decided that since I was flying in at 4am that I have to be the last surgery of the day now :(.... now I just got a call from evelyn and she is livid my coordinator didn't specify this information... now im a nervous wreck!! :( What happens if they postpone my surgery now :( I already have my flights and room booked and my job time of scheduled I knew something was gonna happen to me I always have the worst luck with these things

Just got my time!

Im scheduled for 1130am!!!!! Im so nervous but so excited!!!! :) I can't wait

I did it!!

Went in at 10am waited and waited did a urine sample got my scripts I work in the medical field and good thing I looked over them as they didn't put a dose on my zofran and put my middle name instead of my last name whatever... Well they had it down as I'm allergic to penicillin and I'm not I was trying my best to be nice and patient but I was kinda getting uneasy with all the disorganization going on but I figured because it was Friday maybe that's why?? Well I figure i did it now to focus on recovery I found sitting on the toilet backwards was the best, but the nausea wasn't bad it was coughing up the anesthesia gas but my heels on my feet hurt the worse in recovery.... Now I'm just taking it easy I already have gone pee 3 times and I'm trying to stay positive but man this pain is no joke I'm only on Percocet


7 days post

Whew I made it! Still haven't had a bm started milk of magnesia been taking colace here some post photos

Btw I left miami yesterday and I'm now in ft Lauderdale

Left miami in Ft Lauderdale til Tuesday than off to fly back home here's the view from my room since I can't goto the beach

Quick tips for a good recovery

I wash my garment everyday, well my boyfriend does as well as my bra, and I shower EVERYDAY! I use an antimicrobial soap called Vionex which is a healthcare professional brand I got at work and let me tell you!! It is so worth it I feel better after each shower, and I feel its important to keep your body clean at all times. I wash above my bandages with the soap and let it run down that way if there is any drainage in my bandages it comes off and leave it clean. I than blow dry on a LOW COOL setting all my bandages, and blow dry my garment and bra. Everyday there is a little residue on my bra so I feel this is best to avoid infections. My garment and bra feel so nice and comforting when clean and I recommend this even if you are exhausted!! I always have a cold bottled water next to my bed, and I use Gas-x because today I got crampy and started my period ughhh, you're not allowed to use tampons so I use pads another reason to stay clean. I feel this is crucial in your recovery, and I can't imagine not doing so as it makes me feel refreshed each time even though time consuming. Other than that still super swollen, and one of my drains is completely empty. Always stay away from fast food, and salt I made the mistake one day and paid for it, fruit and granola make me feel great as well as activia.

Drains were removed

not bad at all I just made sure to breath... btw I had to buy a belly board for 25 and a breast band for 15.... Talked with a staff member there and she said she hates working there underpaid and disorganized. I honestly felt relieved she admitted it :) Im confused why is there Ibody miami and spectrum?? two different websites

14 days post op

My drain sites are still open healing slowly and still have serous fluid coming out.... Back at work 2nd day today, and boy this fatigue is no joke. I have a low grade fever below 101 and now I see a keloid forming below my belly button :(. Im so exhausted and super swollen I never knew this would be so painful I just want to be normal again. Im trying to stand up straight more, but as soon as I get home from work I sleep and with that im constantly hott and have hot flashes.... Ladies be warned tummytuck recovery is at least a month and 6months -1 year before you feel normal again. Im starting to have nerve pain in my breast but other than that they are beautiful :) Im just sad about my stomach it looks so sad right now....

Tummytuck drains not healing and my incidion is opening up

I'm crying I'm getting abx but I'm scared


Right breast looks angry I'm gonna have a local surgeon look at me tomorrow... I work at a drs office so it will be a doc we refer out too... So hopefully I can be at ease I'm on doxycyline it was 50$ w/ insurance

I feel like crap

Didn't goto work today I feel like shit... I'm seeing a local surgeon today dr zweibel for 100$ I don't care just want to make sure I'm not dying a slow death... I wake up very stiff every morning and I sleep 10 hours as soon as I get home from work... I'm pissed I did this to myself I wish I didn't but can't go backward only forward ladies just pray for me... I've been doing wet to dry gauze with saline and just neosporin on my belly but now it looks infected still taking doxycyline

More surgery

I have to have my tummytuck reopened and cleaned out all dead far below I knew something was wrong and I told ortega and he said it was a drain and it was a seroma it went in under my skin about the siZe of a grapefruit I wish I never did this surgery I'm so mad it's gonna be 1200$ + 300 of supplies cost

Here's the hole

I'm trying to be positive but I can't help but cry...

Surgery went well

I was awake the whole time while they did the wound debridement honestly I couldn't hold back tears walking back into an OR but Dr. Zweibel made me feel so comfortable as well as the nurses granted he is top dollar but he is so worth it.... I used my savings so my coworker paid for it.... Honestly so thankful that the dr I worked for called him... It's hard to get a doctor to follow someone else's surgery... I know have an open wound the size of a fist in my belly but he scrubbed and sucked all the necrosis fat to PREVeNt infection because this is where bacteria likes to breed... I even for stronger percocets than from ortega so I'm feeling good it stings a little bit this doctor spent 2 hours cleaning and examining me yesterday and today spent so much time... Follow ups will be free but debridement will be 150$+.... I'm not trying to bash ortega at all But I saw the difference of this place.... He only does surgery on specific days and consults and follow ups on specific days beautiful office and custom gowns all about comfort he spent so much time and told me we are in this together and it will be one dressing and day at a time.... Such an amazing man he truly cared and told me there's no need to worry and I don't need to go to those dark places anymore I see him again tomorrow morning and will learn how to pack my dressings

Heres photos after I had surgery 8/20/15

Hi ladies Ive been very busy here are some photos from 8/20 I will post newer photos soon just so busy :) THank you for all your well wishes and prayers I have more post op photos just need to get some time as im at work right now


DOING SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all my wounds are almost closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very very soon I feel great ive been doing weekly full body massages and let me say after not wearing that garment or bra since week 3 im doing amazing!!!!!!!! my new surgeon said that garment affects your healing but Im wearing these non padded cami type bras from walmart and victoria secret!! :) He has me push my implants up to massage. I did have a stitch SPIT out of my incision on my tummytuck and on my breast but just bactracin and gauze is all I need im still showering twice a day but I CANT WAIT til im healed to take a bath :) I still dont wear anything tight on my stomach I cant really say much anymore due to certain reasons but ladies I feel so much better ill soon post pictures btw im laying down on my stomach now and doing so much more

14 weeks out and I feel great!!

I feel amazing my clothes look great so happy I did this honestly my saving grace for the past two months has been weekly massages I'm now back in the gym and finally got to toto Victoria secret

Time for a revision??

Hi Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now that my body is great I have had a great time :) I got a dermal above my belly button because they said with tummytucks you cant pierce until 2-3 years out as it will reject? boo, but not I have a little bit of a scar from the debridement im tempted to do a revision! It will be 3,000 but I have that saved, and im also tempted on doing a BBL!!! OMG im hesitant on going back to miami for one obviously a different surgeon so I think I will just save and do it here locally as I learned my lesson. Funny enough I will be back in florida next month for a vacation and Im excited that I get to enjoy it!!!! Honestly I cannot believe im coming on my 1 year mark. I blocked out the WHOLE RECOVERY PROCESS seriously my brain just said no need to be reminded. I love love love my body and next time if I do decide to do a bbl I will do my best to do a cleanse and exercise insanely so that my blood is oxygenated better.

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