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Ok so I've been scoping out RS for about 2 years...

Ok so I've been scoping out RS for about 2 years now I wish I'd booked a consultation back then because it was cheaper and I had more money lol!

So I'm from London and really want a BBL the main thing stopping me is money was friends but I have decided to tell less ppl this time. So I actually went and booked a consultation with my first choice DR Miami, he is the King of BBL's as far as I'm concerned but his waiting list is so long my consultation isn't until June next year then surgery pencilled in for March 2017! That is ages!!!

The upside is it gives me time to save I guess but what I really want to know is if anyone has managed to get finance to pay for cosmetic surgery abroad? This would mean I can pay my deposit now then go on the cancellation list...

I'm terrified of the thought of the pain after surgery but I'm so tired of my body shape and people telling me to work out...I have FF boobs working out is painful AF and not going to give me an hour glass shape...I'm top heavy all my weight is in my boobs, arms and tummy! (I don't know where I get my shape from in black and all the women in my fam are extremely bottom heavy with smaller boobs) I don't want a ghetto booty just a juicy lil heart shaped peach and a tiny waist please lol!

I'm looking into handing a boob reduction in the NHS as my breasts are giving me backache and generally making life miserable...I know girls are having huge boobs put in but I'm wondering if they know what its like to not fit into clothes nicely and have ugly bras/bikinis lol I'd like to be a D/DD....

Anyway sorry I'm going off point! BBL...

So can any UK girls tell me if they managed to get finance? How /Where?

Also my 2nd choice is DR Aslani in Spain, I've seen his results and he is pretty amazing! My only thing is that his prices are pretty similar to DR Miami who I'm in love with so I may as well pay the extra for flights to US...but then again the flight to Marbella is only 2hrs and I could make it a 3 week holiday...argh can you see why I'm so confused? Lol...

How long have you Aslani dolls had to wait for consultation and SX dates? I can't imagine it's as crazy as DR Miami...Anyway will try and upload some pics at some point (a little shy) thanks for listening to my ranty first post, kisses xxx

Big boobs small ass!

So ive decided to bite the bullet and upload a very busty FF cup and i have a deep curve in my lower spine (so my physio says) but it is layered in fat so doesnt make a difference to my shape anyway i have SX concerns:

Will lipo of back fat and arms leave saggy skin?

Has anyone my complexion been left with scarring? (Black skin/keloids etc)

Does the fat stay?? I mean a year after surgery say you put on weight and then lose it does this mean you lose your ass or does new fat go there? No one wants to pay 7k for a temporary butt or to have to do top ups

Final question!

Aslani or Salzhauer???
I love DR Miami but im from London, the trip is really far...can Aslani give similar results ive not seen any/much work on black girls from Aslani its great that hes local but i would want to travel if it means results!
Do either of them do finance options from the UK...?

Would be nice to get some replies :(

DR Miami it is

Have finally decided to go with DR Miami he's the only DR who seems consistent, I guess I'll have to be patient he's not available till 2017! DR Fisher is also great but I have my heart on set on DR Salz now...well I have my deposit i'm just trying to see if i can get a sooner consultation! I'll add some wish pics later :) xx

Wish Pics!

I haven't paid my deposit yet, I'm kind of scared I think because its my hard earned money and if anything happens where I can't go it will be a loss to me! I don't know about anyone else but I don't just have money sitting around to spend on a nice new ass lol.

Anyways I'll admit I was also swayed for a while by DR Cabral then DR Duran and then Fisher but I've come back to Salz because he's the only DR I've seen who hasn't had a bad review about butts (maybe some noses but he i like my nose lol) well anyway here are some wish pics maybe you'll like some for yourself...

Instalicious and Balbody rant!

Hey dolls!

Im on insta too now add me if you have a sx page esp my UK dolls!


So i went back to my initial consultation email to ask about paying my deposit n some chick called Rebecca is very short with me, i find her answers a bit blunt and unecessary, all i did was ask how to pay if im from the UK and shes like you can do it through me, im like how, what do i need? is it online? Shes like you need $1000 and a debit/credit is it me or is that salty?

1. I dont know you chick so are you expecting me to email you my full card details??? I dont think so!

2. Your one sentence answers are pissing me off, im a new customer this isnt small change and im damned if im giving you my money.

When you're facilitating consultations surely you should have a full breakdown of the procedure and payments to email? So why am i going back and forth with you like im an ex you dont want to speak to?? VEX

So does anyone know this rebecca @ balbody chick is she legit?? Im about to find away to tell dr miami his customer service agent might lose him a patient....ok rant over!!! Breathe....

Everything for a reason!

Hey chicks!

Sooooo I've not updated in a while because I have joined the world of sx insta

Omg my last post didnt save!

Luckily I copy n pasted lol:

Hey chicks!

Sooooo I've not updated in a while because I have joined the world of sx insta

My update wont save!

Sorry chicks something weird is happening I'll try and post my essay again later!

Part 1 Changed Dr

Hope this posts:
Hey chicks!

Sooooo I've not updated in a while because I have joined the world of sx insta <3 ! Its so good to see reviews week by week as some dolls post regularly! If you havent got a sx page id really recc making one! Top tip: make a separate pg from your personal one as most dolls will only accept those!

Now for some news: drumroll....

I'm going with a new Doc!!! That Rebecca female pissed me off! Its like just because Dr Miami doesnt need my money doesnt give you leave to act a fool! Rude and disrespectful....

Anyway positivity and light! I have after much research decided to go with Dr Molina in DR! Now listen I was sooo against going to Dom Rep until I found that US and UK surgeons can mess up and kill too, the difference is they have a gagging order which mean patients or families of deceased cannot publically speak about the misconduct ie naming and shaming! I was so shocked, dont take my word for it research it! It comes within your contract and their insurance! Anyway this means that yes they too can botch, maim or kill but you wouldnt be able to legally publicise dont think that it means it doesnt happen, it just doesnt get reported like in other countries where this law doesnt exist to protect surgeons! Shocking right? Well this just means find a GOOD SAFE SURGEON no matter where you go, make sure they have lots of experience and trained in what you want.

Part 2 "New DR"

My new Dr leapt out from the pg at me, i cant explain it but it was his aura you have to look at his instagram or his replies to see, i'm in love with his personality! He works with his wife who os a Dr and he cares about safety over results and money! He is the sweetest man calling everyone "my dear" and was the first Dr to tl me to lose a bit of weight to be improve my health generally and healing post op! Honest and can i just say his results are banging! He can go from natural sex kitten curves to woah sexual vixen bawdy! He does great breasts and seamless tummy tucks too...omg ok i'm gonna stop goin on and on but i'm so happy I found him :) no reports of death or injuries against his name! Anyway I'll be paying my deposit in April and going in Oct /Nov because thats when my work slows down n wraps up for Xmas plus I want to caterpillar my small cakes in the winter and shake my butterfly booty in the summer lmao im really not able to deal with a faja in the heat! So sorry to go on forever I'm just super excited!

Ok my hand hurts now so speak soon or catch me on insta xxx

Ps pls note this is the post i tried to update with the pics a couple of days ago the pics arent me (i'm black lol) they a few of my fav pics of Molina's work :)
Dr Julio Molina Suarez

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