Lipo on Back Abs and Flank- Any Helpful Suggestion WELCOME! - Miami, FL

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I'm really excited about my procedure. Spent weeks...

I'm really excited about my procedure. Spent weeks searching for a surgeon and this Hanabergh is my man. I've been dealing with Alejandra and she is a complete doll. I'm
Flying all The way from Canada so I really hope it comes out perfect.

If any one has any helpful tips on what I should do/ eat to encourage faster healing please don't hesitate to drop me a message anywhere. If you have any helpful tidbits on things you bought that were lifesavers during healing please throw those my way;)

Thank y'all for reading my blurb.

Wish me luck - 21 days left :)

Wish Pic

Hello lovelies :)

Here are a few wish picks for what I would like to look similar too ideally after I'm all healed up.

Number one for me is a more curvy silhouette. I am shaped with a wide middle and I hope Dr H can change that for me :) With that being said I don't want to look cartoonish or plastic either.

I don't have the broadest hips but I hope once my waist is slimmed out it will give the illusion of that lovely hour glass figure.

13 days away :) (can not wait!!)

Have a blessed day beautiful people ??

Zika ?

I'm 7 days away from my procedure and now according to the news Zika is prevalent in Miami. I am travelling from
Canada and I am nervous.

Can Anybody in Miami give tell me how serious this is. I don't want to have to reschedule my procedure :(

Pray for me

Today is the day!

Not really nervous, more anxious to be on the other side and over it. Met with Hanaberg and have been speaking to Alejandra. Such an awesome team they are. Now I'm sat in the waiting room at new life, Will keep you all updated.

Have a great day :(

Made it!

So Thank God. Everything went great. I arrived at new life around 1:30 and I was in surgery at about 2:30pm. Hananberg took before pictures, marked me up and we were full speed ahead.

I don't even remember being out out but when I woke up I was freezing. My teeth were chattering and my body was shaking uncontrollably. The lovely nurse put this heater hose contraption in my blanket and I warmed right up.

I was pretty sore but it's not unbearable. My bf took me back to my hotel, I took my antibiotics and a Percocet and was out ft most of the night. I drained a hell of a lot my entire back side was soaked and so was my front region. One thing I wish I bought was those pee tube things so you can pre standing up. That has been a struggle for me because I didn't feel like the garment didn't open enough for me to pee without soiling my self and I wasn't taking the chance so i used a cup(TMI sorry).

The second day I went for my massage and when I say it's no joke. The massage is more painful than the surgery and they take no prisoners when they are getting the fluids out. I danm near cried by the time it was done. For those that will behaving this done take pain meds 30 mins before your massage. It will still
Hurt but it will help.

Moving around, getting out of bed and little tasks like that are kinda challenging but im feeling pretty good all things considered.

Take a look at some before and after shots

Day 2 post up

Had a shitty sleep but I'm still in good spirits.

Forgot to mention yesterday that i got set up with my ab boards, sideboards and the foam that shapes your back for that curve. The difference this made is amazing.

Went to my massage therapy appt with a lot of trepidation because day 1 was a Doozie. To my surprise Today was so awesome. She put this mud mask on me and made me lay down for 40 mins till it hardened up then she used a machine with a wand to sort any bumpy bits out. I actually enjoyed it. I was in there for 2 hours. When I was done I was able to fit into the second hook of my garment ( yay for little victories)

Little Tips

Before you go for your therapy buy another garment preferably from the store in the complex across the street. ( if your at new life Loads cheaper for the same thing. ( make sure you ask which size they recommend for you.)

If you can get your partner or a friend to come with you please do. If that is not an option employ a nurse to stay with you or use a recovery home (ask Alejandra if in doubt she's is a God Send)

Eat healthy. Lots of fruits and veggies ( pineapple, orange etc) maybe it is in my head but I feel like I'm healing like wolverine because of all the fresh juice and fruits I have been drinking /eating. Drink as much water as you can ( even tho getting up to pee is a pain) your body appreciates it.

A positive attitude goes a long way. If your cranky and miserable the people around you feed off that energy and respond in kind. When you are in a fragile state you definitely don't want any one getting cranky with you.

Best of luck to anyone embarking on this journey. So far I'm very happy and I love all the new changes in my body.

Check out some more pictures :)

2 weeks gone - Seromas, Back ache hardness and swelling)

Hello friends!

I am two weeks today and what a ride it's been.

First thing I had to deal with when I got back to Canada was Seromas. I had them
On both sides of the incisions by my hip bones. It is simply an accumulation of fluid and it occurs in about 15 to 20% of patients. It wasn't painful but I had to consistently drain them and did the fluid ever pour. My incision sites were healing up so I had to essentially reopen them to squeeze that fluid out. I had to keep up this routine for almost a full week because they kept refilling. It became
Very tedious and annoying but anything for a good outcome right.

( please consult you PS before attempting anything I mentioned.)

Back ache!
My back has been soo bad since my procedure. I find my self hunching over because of my boards and that has had such a negative impact on my back. I have had to take an aleve for the last few days just to get through the day. I've been getting massages here and stretching with some light yoga videos as much as I can which is helping but it has been quite the struggle for me.

I thing my swelling is gradually improving. Still very much swollen but what an improvement from
The first week. I have kept up with my arnica and bromeline. I eat lots of pineapple and stay hydrated.

Hardness/ itching/ odd shooting pain

All the areas that were treated are extremely hard. I've been told this is very normal and with this procedure. They recommended massages and patience. I've also been itching quite a bit this is also normal. I've been told that it will start to resolve at the 1 months mark.

So far recovery has been challenging physically and mentally. Plastic surgery is not a joking matter at all. I do not regret my decision whatsoever. I can't say enough good things about my PS and Alejandra. They are an exellent team of professionals and I'm glad I choose them. At the one month mark I will post more photographs. Giving my body a chance to heal and recover becasue 2 weeks is still early in the process.

Hoping you all are well!!


Hello friends!

Just a quick update on my current condition. My swelling has gone down considerably now that there doesn't seem to be any left to me. I am in no pain whatsoever anymore. I don't have any bruising, lumps or numbs at all.

The first 3 weeks were the most uncomfortable. When I got too stiff I got a professional massage. I am still massaging myself everyday after I shower for 10 mins. I haven't started working out again quite yet but I will when I hit 2 months.

I still wear my boards and faja 24/7. When I hit 2 months I will wear the faja only at night. Depending on how i feel I will stop the faja altogether after 3-4 months.

As with most other ladies and gentlemen who have had this procedure done you notice your belly button gets all wonky. I have been putting a cotton ball In there for the last month so it is finally taking shape again ;)


The picture posted is not good quality but you can get an idea of how in looking.
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

I spoke to him for a quick consult and he was super sweet and informative.

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