Dr Hassan Lipo and Fat Transfer Hips Oct 22 2015. Miami, FL

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I have been reading reviews on vanity and Hassan...

I have been reading reviews on vanity and Hassan for months before I booked the procedure. I am going to keep it short and simple. The women who work there are very unorganized and they don't communicate amongst each other or you efficiently. I flew into Miami a day before because I was told i need to come in for a post op with Hassan. I flew in and arrived by 1pm due to a flight delay. I emailed Amanda which is Hassan assistant (he has like 10) and she never responded. I continued to email still no response so I called and they kept transferring me to different girls. When I finally got In touch with Amanda she said Hassan is in surgery and he will be leaving right after surgery. I lost reception on my phone so it hung up and I tried to call back right away but they said Amanda went to lunch and she would call me when Se got back. I waited over an hour and she never called me nor did she email me back. Finally I called back and she said Hassan isn't there but I can come make the rest of my cash payment. This is when I got frustrated. There was no way in hell I was going to pay without even seeing the doctor or talking to him. I went off on her because she was so unorganized and misinformed me about my appointment. I came a day early for nothing. She told me it's fine and to come in at 9am when vanity opened and I will have a pre op with Hassan as well as make my payment which leads me to surgery at 10am. I was fine with it , since it was an early time. Boy was I wrong. I arrive to vanity at 9am and was told to wait In the back waiting room where aigns say "for patients privacy this is a patient only area". Well there was husbands and boyfriends, family members, so many people over there no privacy at all. Loud. Everyone were speaking Spanish and I'm sitting there it's 10 am I still haven't spoke to Hassan. I went up to the receptionist and told her this is ridiculous I should've been in surgery by now, when will I see Hassan, she was all panicky and said his assistant will call my name. It was 1145 and finally a lady called my name and Hassan met with me briefly. He seemed really frustrated with his assistant as if he was pulled out of his surgery for my pre op. Preop was for 5 min, then they said to wait again I said wait? Why would I wait I'm supposed to be in surgery she said well he is in surgery now so gotta wait about an hour. I was LIVID.h stomach was growling because I wasn't allowed to eat or drink. finally at about 1pm a lady calls my name hands me a plastic cup without a lid and says go pee in this , I had to walk across all these family members and men to go to the bathroom that was on the opposite side and pee in a cup and carry this cup to her. (I wrapped in a paper towel because it was embarrassing). I went into the room with her and she used an eye dropper to put pee in a birth control stick, she didn't use gloves. She stick was on the counter, and she used her hands to throw cup away, not once did she sanitize the counter or wash her hands after. At this point I was like what did I get myself into. Then she tells me to take off my clothes and she will bring the camera to take my pictures. Well I waited an hour naked in a cold room for her to get back. She came back with all the paper work I was supposed to sign during my pre op visit. The didn't let me read any of them she was holding the pages literally huffing and puffing like extremely rude and saying sign here, sign here, pointed to all the pages. And I said wait let me see what I'm signing she chuckled. This bitch really annoyed me now. She takes my pics and leaves me in the freezing room again. This time it was 3pm. Yes 3pm! I was told I would be the first for surgery that day keep in mind. Well the anesthesiologist came in and put my iv in. He was the friendliest person there and he had a sense of humor. He put fluids in the iv and I sat there for another hour for Hassan to come in. Hassan came in retook my pics and marked me up. I told him I wanted natural hips and I didn't want them high up I wanted more of a soft pear shape. He understood and agrees and marks me up exactly how I told him. Well it's time for surgery now and it's 430. I get rubbed up with iodine and anesthesiologist came back and put the anesthesia in my iv . I knock out and woke up freezing cold shaking as if I was in the snow naked. I scream from doctor about 10 times. Nope he never came to see me after surgery nor did I ever see or talk to him again. Two assistants came and put the wrong garment on me. Too small , too tight, excruciating pain. Finally they put my right garment on me extremely rough. I told them they are being Too rough and were hurt in. Me and they said we have to, you will be fine. They immediately made me stand up careless to see if I was nauseous of able to stand on my own. I sat on couch waiting for wheel chair in the room while a girl next to me had just waken up from her bbl and she was crying screaming and I thought she was having a seizure the way her bed was shaking from being. So cold. Well the RN ( a bigger Hispanic lady) laughed ... Yes she laughed and said what do you want me to do? And just closed the curtain to ignore her. Well I went to my hotel room and noticed he didn't give me the pear shaped hips I wanted he gave me stripper hips, I look like the figure 8 which I didn't want to look like. the next day I never got a email, a text nor a phone call from anyone at vanity to check up on me and see how i was doing. I previously had lipo years before so I knew what to expect since the first time I dealt with professional caring people who actually made sure I was good. This doctor never even called me , I could've been in a hospital somewhere, no wonder why a woman has died after his work. Worst customer service ever. Yea he's cheap, but there are other doctors you can find around same price range, great work, and people who will actually care for you.
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Waited literally 7 hours to have my procedure when i was scheduled first for surgery of the day. Hassan is cool,but he does too many surgeries a day, you can see the overwhelming look on his face and it shows the way he interacts with his staff. His staff was thee worst. No professionalism at vanity at all. Doctors should always have professional staff for it reflects you and your business. He never checked up on me after surgery. Nor did I ever see him or talk to anyone at vanity via person or email the days following after surg. Not worth it

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