27 and a Pretty Smile - Miami Lakes, FL

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I just deleted my whole review. I'll come back and...

I just deleted my whole review. I'll come back and edit this in a few.

Day 1 wasn't the best. I have a pretty high tolerance to pain, but the pressure got to be bad. I took them off after four hours to eat and was ready for the break. Ptting them in was difficult, especially the top one due to two buttons on my front tooth, which is causing me to have a really bad lisp.

I'll update more later as I'm at school and my whole other review was deleted.

Tray 2 in my mouth!

On to tray two. I went to Detroit for movement festival at the end of my first tray and they started to get really grody. I'm pretty good about brushing, flossing, rinsing and the whole shebang each time, but i have kind of a crazy club style life. It consists of me going to some insane Miami night clubs until stupid o clock and smoking. And let me tell you these stupid things stain. I've decided if I'm out for a while, just to remove them for a few hours. It's a lot easier than being embarrassed by gross yellow teeth for Two weeks.

The end of the first trays were nice and comfortable. I switched on Tuesday to tray two. I popped some Advil and didn't feel terrible. Some filing did happen, but not much. I swear I can feel my front two bottom teeth moving and my canines Have been aching. And is my gap getting closer?! I'm not sure. One tray down and 20 more to go. Hahahah

Tray 2/21

Just going to update pics. I did notice that my mouth accepted the aligners much more readily. I think all of the damage was done in the first go round. I don't notice any difference.

Tray 3/21

Ahh number three!

Tray 4/21

Into summer. I went home and my family said they really notice a difference. It's crazy how different days I'll feel different teeth. It has been a lot of canine shifting and that front crooked one.

Tray 5/21

I went for my first appointment. My dentist said everything looked great. My front tooth has two attachments and because I smoke it has really stained it. I need to buy crest white strips soon to get them looking nice.
Nothing has caused me too much trouble. The first day is uncomfortable and I don't want to eat. My teeth feel unstable and I don't hard foods for a while. I think I see a difference. Hopefully it's getting there!!

I'm getting a bit lazier about my routine. I don't always go through the whole brush floss etc each time I eat. It's just not sustainable. And some days I leave them out a little longer. We like to BBQ and go to nice dinners, so it would be a little awkward to rush everything. I haven't noticed a change in tightness though.

Tray 9/21

I had all of my pictures, I got lazy with updating and then I switched phones without backing everything up. All of my progress pictures are gone. :(

Tray 8 was easy sailing. It didn't hurt badly at all. I hurt my foot and possibly tore a ligament in it and I'm currently on crutches, so motion is limited. I went out on Sunday night and didn't wear my aligners out and accidentally left them in the car. My boyfriend wasn't home to get them from the car and, in all honesty, the effort of using my crutches to go all the way down to the first floor and to my car seemed way too much. When I put them back in in the morning there wasn't too much soreness.

Tray 7 was a beast, though. It hurt from day 1 and the second week was especially a killer. I had a difficult time with all solid foods for a while and all sorts of jaw pain. I wish that was translate into being skinnier. I really have to be careful what I eat now that I'm completely bed ridden. At least crutches are giving me some form of activity. My arms, core and one leg is sore. It's only eight and I'm probably going to sleep soon. I also just put new teeth in, too, and sleeping is the only thing that can stop the pain.

I took a picture while smiling the other day and was so happy with how my smile looked. I pulled up a picture from last year to compare and there is such a difference! When the trays are in, they look a lot straighter, but I don't care.


So my teeth are looking decidedly less white. Back on the better regime. I've had a really bad month and it's shown. I broke up with my boyfriend of three years. I had to find an apartment and move out On my own in a city where just move in costs are three times the first months rent. I lost my beloved cat for four days (he's back). They just sprung more move in fees on me. They pushed back my move in date to after my move out date. It's the end of term and I have a million papers to grade. And I'm out of town for a wedding this weekend. :( my life is a shit show right now. And on top of that I just put in new aligners and won't be able to talk right for a week.

I just put in number 13 and holy shit, they hurt, at least initially. I can tell that in a few days all sorts of different teeth will be aching at different points in time. It's strange, but some days some teeth hurt so badly and some hurt others. My bottom left canine has been particularly bothersome. It's also been slow moving. The top incisor (I think) has been lagging and has a continuous gap from the aligners. My dentist said not to worry yet, but if it persists, than we'll do something about it.

It's crazy, but when I look in the mirror, I feel like my teeth are straight. When I run my teeth along my bottom teeth they feel straight. But these pictures they still look SO crooked. It's only been five months, which is nothing. I have ages until they get perfect. I guess it's like when you look in the mirror and think an outfit is cute and then see a photo of it and realize you are actually a fat cow. ????
Dr. Mazdal

Getting the trays and attachments was easy. It took about 45 minutes to put them on. I felt my questions could have been answered a bit more thoroughly and she could have provided me with some more care instructions. She's not on the Invisalign provider network, but it's more normal dentist and I like her office. I will keep this site updated on how everything goes.

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