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I had the "PRP Facial" at the Miami Institute in...

I had the "PRP Facial" at the Miami Institute in Miami, Florida by the resident plastic surgeon there, Dr. Gallo. I had it 2 days ago. It included my blood being drawn, spun, etc., and then injected from my below lower eyelids to my jaw. (I was given the micro-needling option. The Doctor and I elected to use his individual injection method after discussing together. Dr. Gallo has a nice bedside manner.)
It was painful, akin to 150 ant bites on my face. (Still, oddly manageable.) There was no pain killer used.
I see no changes but understand the results take time and I wasn't expecting to see results yet.
I am writing this review to alert others of the potential reality of the recovery. (I will write more when and if I ever see results, which might be amazing. For now, though, I am a monster.)
Here's the thing...
I was truly under the impression that the recovery would be nominal and I'd look at least like a human being after 2 days. The Doctor, however, apparently hit some blood vessels under both my eyes. I look like I have either had an eye-lift or been punched on both sides of my face. I have two huge bruises which extend from my lower eyelids to my nose. I LOOK MESSED UP and it is frightening and alarming to all. I have had to stay home for work the last two days and plan to stay home from work tomorrow and the next day, just so my co-workers do not think I have an abusive husband.
Despite heavy questioning on my part, in no way was I warned of the possibility of this type of severe reaction. This is not "minimal bruising/swelling" at all. This is genuinely quite dramatic.
I did not anticipate these massive bruises and such extensive swelling and I do not anticipate any of these complications will be resolved in the near future. (Again, I will amend this review should I find myself randomly, suddenly healed.)
Upon departing the Doctor's office I tried to gage the reaction of the Doctor when I presented the immediate and noticeable reaction I'd had, which had been confirmed by a nurse, who'd noted, "He hit some vessels. That is not good." Of course the Doctor said I'd be okay soon, yadda yadda, take some arnica.
I am just hoping he's an honest person and I will look passably normal soon.
Again this might end up great. But in choosing this procedure please know it is has the potential to be far more intense than is advertised.
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon

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