2 yrs. & 6 months POST OP #FisherBabe

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To begin, my journey has been a long one....

To begin, my journey has been a long one. Worthwhile in many ways but, it’s been a long overdue process in my eyes. As of right now my motivation are my TWO BEAUTIFUL OLDER COUSIN’S, MY BESTFRND, MY R.N., AND MY DARLING NIECE. None of them have had the BBL completed but, my two older cousins and I plan to complete the procedure on the same day. Hopefully all goes well and as planned. #KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

I really wish my spouse was supportive of my decision to have elective surgery. However, that Negro aint going for it to sum up his words you’re beautiful the way you are and your insecurities are what’s not attractive!

I’ve desired a juicy booty well let’s see now since the 7th grade age 13. The reason hmmm… my juicy biggg booty sister, mother, and auntie! Dem ladies had a$$ for days. Juicy is not even the word I should use to describe that ass ooowweee! See my sister fortunately was born with our mother’s side of the family; sexy naturally plump, juicy a$$ plus the hips and thighs to match. On the other hand, my instinctive booty shape is from my father side of the family; square, wide, and flat it looks deflated like all it needs is a boost of injected fat! We all and when I say we all I mean my biological sisters have beautiful faces so I know I’m pretty in the face but, this body has got to match this pretty face. I’m about 5’3 my current weight is 168.2 lbs. and I’m 24 yrs. Old. That has not always been the case though about four years ago I decided to make a change in my life which was to lose weight; how much weight you ask… 65lbs to be exact it wasn’t all easy but I did it!

Albeit, I regained 23lbs I plan on shedding the weight before my big day which is set and locked for AUG. 1st 2013 the first surgery of the day 7:30 a.m. but, I know Dr. J works miracles either way. By then I’ll finally have some vacation time so I figured it would be the best time to just do it! I also plan on purchasing my airline ticket soon; just waiting on my cousin’s to lock in their dates. Ughhhh hurry up!!! ? Love yall

I’ve been conducting research regarding the BBL for at least eight years. I spoke to a women name Carmen back in “08” and “09” who I heard was popular in the black market world on completing the hydrogel booty injections and silicone but, truly I just wasn’t comfortable with the notion it was just too risky. Some of the thoughts that ran through my mind were like “what if something happens to me during or after this link up at the hotel, $h1t what if this results in death?” It is illegal so who am I supposed to call if something goes wrong?”

There were no forms to fill out no follow-ups I just wasn’t comfortable dropping all that money and then there be no real outcome like I said it was just too risky. I was sent several photos of other women who had the hydrogel injections and believe me. I was sold at first and for a long time after that but, I could never get myself to actually go through with it. Plus I’ve read a massive amount of horror stories it’s just sad what some of those women went through before and after their illicit procedures. My conclusion of the fat hydrogel injections everyone’s body reacts differently so results are just 50/50. Damn it’s some JACKED UP people out here that will do whatever for a dollar!!!

Before Carmen though I was thinking of Dr. Constantino Mendieta and after Carmen I was thinking of Mendieta but, I could never come up with Mendieta funds his prices were like $15,000 then my credit was not up to par so I could not receive an approved lender. Mendieta had the results I thought I was looking for but pricey although price shouldn’t factor your overall decision. As time went on I discovered Dr. Leonard Tachmes and a few others at Coral Gables their images were a-i-g-h-t BUT nothing I really enjoyed looking at. Dr. Tachmes did have one photo on his website that I enjoyed but, that was about it. His prices were extremely reasonable.

I finally learned of Dr. Jimerson on December 2010 and fell in love with the majority of the booties he had on display. Had a consultation on January 2011 with Jimerson his prices were lower than cash price $7,200 and finance $8,800.00. His booties were looking fine than but, in my mind I just knew the brother was going to learn how to perfect his craft and sure enough he did. (Got them derriere’s looking riiiight!) On November 12, 2012 I had a two way phone consultation the consult consisted of me, one of my older cousin’s, Dr. J, and Monica it went fairly well and they were pleasant. Now days Dr. J-Curves cash price is $8,800.00 and financing is $9,300 plus additional fat transfer to hips is $1,000.00 and any other additional lipo area $900.00. However, due to his growing new popularity and high demand Dr. Jimerson will be increasing his prices. I don’t know when or how much but he said it himself he is in the process of altering rates but is not sure when he will make the alterations. Some of his staff advises him to make the alteration effective in mid-December 2012 or January 2013 so ladies my advice to you ladies that have decided to have Dr. J. as your surgeon do your best to lock in before the prices increase. Right now there’s a $500.00 non-refundable deposit required to lock in rate and date it is also implemented towards the overall cost of procedure. I’m so grateful to say I’ve locked in my date; sure glad I locked in my rate when I did. I just refuse to let him increase his price on me again I know it’s nothing personal Dr. J and I understand a brothers got to eat and when a man can contour an individual’s body like you do you deserve what your worth, every single penny. #IJS… I have a feeling he’s about to get a lot more pricey. I have another phone consultation this time three-way May 14, 2013 and then the big day three months later.

I discovered realself.com through a good friend. Since then I’ve become a realself junkie lol.. Just like so many other women that become in sync with the website. I’ve read pretty much all of you ladies stories and each journey is unique some fascinating than others but all entertaining and worth reading. I’m always checking for a new story so I figured I mind as well start posting I don’t have to post every day. I’ll just keep everyone updated every now and then. I’ll upload my 168lbs images a little later today.

Until next time BBL SISTAHS,
Go check out that Billy Blue!

Well it has been said by Monica that the in house...

Well it has been said by Monica that the in house financing option (HFD) has been reduced to $3,000 instead of the $5,000 max due to sooooooo many patients deliquent payments. It has not taken effect yet but she says it should be in effect this March which is sooooo freaking devastating since I really need the maxium $5,000... The news is unfortuante for prospective patients such as myself dang you would think with the bootiful bodies DR. J has blessed these women with they would want to make their payments on time... I understand that life happens but damn at least attempt to pay your bill! If it aint one thing it's another I'm keeping hoping alive though trying to stay optimistic about the situation hopefully it don't go in effect till the end of the year but shoot I believe Dr. J want his money... She did also state that they were seeking other financing options but she wasn't to sure on the details!

Well, my cousins and I have locked in are dates...

Well, my cousins and I have locked in are dates and I'm thrilled to type we have locked in 8/1/13 its set. I don't know who the woman is that accepted the date change but all three of us want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND IT IS GREATLY APPERCIATED!!!
Now we all are just preparing ourselves for this life time investment. My significant other is still not happy with my decision to proceed with the procedure but I know him aint going nowhere

I Recently read what happened to one of Yily's...

I Recently read what happened to one of Yily's patients and all I can say better yet type is ladies be CAREFUL sometimes being frugal is not worth it!!! YALL LADIES BE CAREFUL OUT HERE; U HEAR... Like my momma use to tell me SOME PEOPLE WILL DO ANYTHING FOR A LIL BIT OF CHANGE so imagine WHAT THEY'LL DO FOR ALOT OF CHANGE!! #Wishing you luck through your recovery FebruaryLove

Well, I've been on a weight loss journey because I...

Well, I've been on a weight loss journey because I refuse to pay 13000 lipo'd bra roll areas that aren't done right. I've created a colleauge on my bra roll and back area and now I must say I've only got back fat by sx day my back gon be lookin righhhhhhht! I will upload pics. soon.

Got my measurements the other day something I did...

Got my measurements the other day something I did not want to do but was curious to do. DRUM ROLLLLLLLLL Please lol Well hips are @ 43.5 and waist 35. I was going to get my hips done but I can't stand the thought of not being able to sleep on my sides and hell my hips aint all that bad they could use a lil fill but bleep it. This healing process is already NO JOKE so I'm focusing on this ass, and stomach. Till my fingers meet the keyboard again I'll holla ladies!

It's been toooo long!! Trying to make this brief (from illicit butt shots, Dr. Mendieta-MIA area, Dr. Jimersom- ATL area, Dr. Du

Well, since my last post alot has changed. I've been debating if I should even continue to post on here. Although as you can read I've decided to continue to post. Shoot I have acquired so much from this site. Now for the update unfortunately I had to post pone my sx date with Jimerson because I had a miscraige in May two and half months prior to my sx date. Had to put my health first and worry about the rest later.. However, I am a firm believe in EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! You feel me??!!
I started to read that a vast majority of girls were traveling to the DR to have their procedres done I must admit I was a bit sekptical about it but as I read more and more reviews from the DR I thought maybe its not as bad gul. I was mainly worried about having no drain bag which they do have now.

I enjoys Yily work but didn't feel like she was the one for me regardless of her significantly lower price. Then finally Duran came along I was like damnnnnnn something said goooo gooo goo with Duran so back in Sept I attempted to contact her despite all the reviews stating she is super freaking busy I called her cell phone the first time I contacted her to my surprise she answered. I was like OOhhh suga, honey, ice tea.. She actually picked up this must be meant. Anywho I was suppose to deposit a $250 booking fee which is added to the final price of your sx. Some real negative stuff popped of between my sx buddies and I; my cousins so we will no longer be traveling together; it stung just a bit but I'm over it nah!. They will head to the DR come June sometime and I'll be going to Vainty around June 1st... Yesss I done went from illicit butt shoots (which I never got) switching to Mendieta in 2008, to switching to Jimerson in 2010, to switching to Duran in 2013 to finally Fisher in Dec. 2013. This is it for me ladies I have deposited my $200.00 with Vainty Cosmetics. Now I must state that Jessica suggested Dr. Fisher because he is a specialist in contouring hips as well as the ass. I would state alot more but I am trying to make this as brief as possible. You ladies take care and if you have any questions please feel free to inquire. Till next time my realself sistas, till next time!

This Vainty shi- is freakin REAL!

I hate to say this but dam looks like imma have to travel to my DRA. DURAN. Glad I kept my damn date Vanity got to much goin on and I ain't got time for the extra fuck shit!

Persistent and Patience

Spoke to Elizabeth today. Yayyyy I'm still on the calendar for June 3rd so ready or not here I come. I read several reviews were my follow BBLers have stated it is difficult to get in contact with Elizabeth and or Duran or office staff. All I can say is when calling be persistent and patience it will work. I called today six times back to back and BAM!! I got an answer.

Not aware

I did not know there was a bank deposit fee when depositng money to Duran. if you bank with Bank of America there is a $45 wire transfer fee to send money to the Dominican Republic apparently it is a one time fee however I was not aware. Just thought you ladies wld want to knw.

Less than 90 days Duran Beauty to be

Looks like your girl on her way! !!

My Delimma

This has become real difficult!! As you can see this lady is almost there however I had a consult with Fisher on 3/18/14. It went really, really well. So he informed of what he cld do for me. Jessica was my patient coordinator but she was off fromwork that day.. So Sheila is now my patient coordinator. I purchased my ticket for the Dr and made a damb non refunable 250 deposit. I truly believe that Fisher can give me the results I've been searching for! Oooo I forgot to mention I saw about three different women that had it done and cldnt sit cu they had recently got it done. Then there is this SUPER thick chick working in the back Goood LAWD she got body!! Sheila got a lil body too All these women were done by Fisher. I said self, self said huh? What wez gon do self? Well I've been thinkin heavy and I'm going to go with Fisher need to make ir official tomorrow by locking the date but I'm still going for June 3rd. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL REAL SELF SISTAS!!

Be sure of what your doing

Made another payment so I have officially locked in my sx date for June 3rd yayyyy me. Got my flight changed for $200. Anywho you ladies enjoy the rest of your day!!

Foam padding

Do you ladies knw if I can purchase tge lipo foam pads online? Vanity's price two for 40. Amazon has 5 non gel pads for 49.99. The size is 8 X 11 what is the size of Fisher ? Help me out plse! Thank you all in advance!

Gained a few lbs

Hey there ladies!!!! This is like some surreal ish that's happening. Time is whinin down b4 I knw it 6/3 will be here and I'll be on the bootylicious side! I've been wanting this sx before it even existed and before the popularity ohh the road to booty land is not an easy one!! I have picked up some weight my plan is to remain at 165 lbs and to see if I can get a k.michelle or Emily B. Freak it ppl gon say what they want anyways! I'm DOIN THIS FOR ME N NOBODY ELSE!!! YOU CAN NOT CONTROL WHAT PPL SAY BIG BOOTY LIL BOOTY MODERATE BOOTY THEY WILL FIND SOMETHING TO SAY BUT BLEEP THEM ALL HUNNI!!! Good luck to all my rs vets and rookies I'll see u vets on the other side!!

Changed my ps

Just wanted to take this time out to give a shot out to all the ladies that informed us on how to edit your ps. It totally worked thanks a lot ladies and Kristy!!!


Current waist and back situation

I've become an addict all over again!

My time is near!

Studio booked
Flight destination changed
Supplies bought missing a few things. But will purchase in May!
Happy Sunday ladies!


Hey there ladies!! I was thinking maybe this year some of us can meet and greet in Tally (Tallahassee, Fl) during Famu hc it will be held on Nov. 1st. There will be plenty of festivities during the week Oct 27th- Nov. 2nd. I know its early but hey better early than late! Yes, it is similar to one of my rs sista's idea who went to Salama she had one in March it was a success but I missed that one, I'll be there nxt year tho :-). Inbox let me know what you thinking this is for VETS and Rookies! Let's go out and have us a GOOOOOD TIME!!!


AND for those of you that care about the Marching 100... Ohhh they BACK IN FULL EFFECT!!!

Excited, nervous, #emotional rollercoaster!

So I've literally got less than 30 days. Welp I'll update as needed most likely June 4th. By the way I've scheduled my lymphateic massages with Ms. Miranna. 3 for $105 located in Miami can't think of the address right now. Oh I start my detox water next week thank you Prettyphysique you alright with me! !!!

I'm in ? wit Mary Jane

She's my main thing she makes me feel alright she makes my heart sang! You all shld knw the rest :-) . Anyways are there any vets out there that can enlighten me on when I should put her away?

Vanity Document

Yesterday I received this ONLY bc I asked for it. Plus I asked for it to be on a letter head all I can say is I guess she (Diana) is trying to improve. She stated that no one has ever asked for confirmation of sx to be on a letter head she typically just sends an e-mail no letter head... All i can say is get proof of EVERTHING whatever works for you hunty! 15 more days not including sx date...


You all better wake it on up! Vanity is trying to make extra coins by any means.. If your looking to salavage some coins THIS IS FOR YOU! 5 Massages for $150 and 3 Massages for $105 NOT AT VANITY OF COURSE!! Ms. Miarian will hook u up no I haven't seen her but from what I've read and discussed with her she is the lady you want to see for your lympathaic massage.. I will post her info shortly...


No matter who you choose I still wish all you ladies the BEST!!


I finally finished paying off sx today. I could of been finished but I just aint wanna take no chances with they real unorganized facility. They got so much ish going on over there it's freakin ridiculous! If you choose any MD from Vanity prepare your self for the fuckery! I would NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE! May be I repeat maybe Fisher but hell to the no with Vanity. Did this fool really go up on his prices? Hell nawl, RS helped them THRIVE hope they getting a piece of the pay! As of tomorrow according to Dianne he will increase his rates to $6,000 which means Hasan will increase as well.
Any who I'm just ready to be DONE with they ass fo real fo real! Dianne with the LIES she just annoys me! Heard they got a before and after booth my answer to that is NOPE cant have my picture good day and good night!

Last payment

Dade County

LAWD I've been partying all night long. . I'm running on a lil bit of sleep yall. . I had a great time tho! Any who I'm at Vanity trying to get this lab work done. . I snapped a photo of a lady but I will post later need to crop her head.. In the back doin lab work now... Welp ladies holla a little later. .

12 days Post op

Hey there ladie so much to fill you in on.. I have just been so sore and tired and I promise sleep is my best friend...oh I will post my first week and today's post op photos for you all real soon.. Sorry for the wait!

What it is?

Well ladies there is soo much and too much to discuss right now... So this is a lil photo update that I will take down due to some cat fishin issues!!!

It's been waayyy too long..

How's everyone doing?? Well my life has differently changed. Many blessings that I am very appreciative and grateful for. Anyways won't bore you all.. Happy Sunday! Hope you all enjoy the photos.. Yeah that ass still P.H.A.T.!

Much needed update 2 yrs 6months Post Op BBL

These are my real results as of Nov 2016.
I had my bbl and ft on June 3rd 2014. I am still holding yall..????????????????Thank you Fisher, thank you lord!????????????????????????
I still keep in touch with two lovely ladies I meet on here.. S/O to them for making this journey of mine so much more easier????????????

Dr. Fisher

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