40, 4 Kids & Finally Getting a MM for a better ME :D - Miami, FL

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I had my first daughter when I was only 17 years...

I had my first daughter when I was only 17 years old! I am only 5'2" and was barely 100lbs at the time and I gained a whopping 60lbs!!! I was so young and had no idea what gaining that amount would do to my body-lol, I just did what EVERYONE told me to do-EAT :( (I hate them all) shortly after delivering my daughter which was one of the happiest day of my life, was also one of the saddest days for my once beautiful smooth tight skin, now was filled with millions of stretch marks, some on my thighs, a little on my butt & boobs but worst of all on my belly!!! I was mortified at 17 my body looked like what I imaged a 90 year olds body to look like after 15 kids lol. I hid my belly from the world but little by little as I gained confidence, got back into shape and the marks did lighten up, I dared to bare belly even with all the marks, I was never criticized but I did get a few horrified looks, even my OBGYN after my 4th child said "you're so pretty and have a great body, why not just get the TT done" she had done it and loved it, she gave me her Dr's number and I checked him out but I didn't click with him. I have worked out basically my whole life, I eat super healthy and am more toned and fit than I was at 17, 19, 19, 20-30's and all my family and friends admired how confident I was even with stretch marks and always told me I looked amazing and they wanted my body (yeah right) After 3 more children the toll on my belly got worse and the flabby skin was unfixable no matter how much i exercised and ate right. I think the last straw (funnily story) was my beautiful, innocent, 7 year old Goddaughter, saw me in a bikini for the first time. My body was looking amazing- tight, toned, I was doing a new workout where everyone was complimenting my fit body... then my Goddaughter saw my bare belly and asked me "what happened?!" the look on her face was in shock, I told her I had 4 babies and was stretched out 4 times, she looks away and quickly said "Thank God my mother only has one baby!"....LMAO!!! Gotta love kids. Sooooooo, after years of researching, consultations and debating should I, shouldn't I, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it! I never thought the day would come, but after seeing Dr. H, MM results pics online and meeting with him twice (had two complimentary visits-nice!) He seems sincere, soft spoken and calm. He said my goals were realistic, except we disagreed on type of BA lift I needed. He wanted to do a full lift and I want a benelli lift (minimal lift) He is giving me what I want, but thinks I won't be happy with the result, I feel I will, I still want a natural sag in my breasts, do not want to have much cleaveage and want to remain on the smaller side. I am a C right now and want to stay a C, I need a lift but with the lift I will loose volume so a small implant should help that. All along I have always wanted a TT, I actually like my breasts size but after nursing 4 kids they have become pretty saggy and I lost muscle tone, so now I am going for the full MM. I did explain to Dr. H that I want a slight lift and want to keep some sag, I know that might sound crazy, but I just don't want to look like I got all this cosmetic, optional, selfish surgery-as some people may think it is :( My husband has not wanted me to do it, he (of course) says I'm perfect, but I finally got through to him when I told him I want to feel good in my body I work out so hard 5 times a week, I do pilates, I do kickboxing, I eat super clean, super healthy, I'm fit, I want my hard work to show on my body and my two problem areas will never improve without surgery point blank. He has always been supportive no matter what I want out of my life and said he would be happy with whatever I decided to do. So here I am scheduled for about 4 weeks out and I am so excited (terrified beyond my wildest fears) but I am SO ready to have a better ME. Please wish me luck! I will be posting before pre-op pics soon and will also put post-op pics :) I am really happy I found this site, it has helped me tremendously. I hope my story will help you too.

Sleepless nights & wish pics

I'm having lots of sleepless night & tons of mixed emotions :) :( :/ Been going through Dr. Hochsteins before/after pics. I am trying to be as realistic as I can be & am feeling very confident I'll get what I am wishing for...only a few more weeks to go & I need to get some zzzzzzzz's

Supportive Hubby acting....strange

I'm sure my hubby of 18 years is just having some fears for me but lately he's acting out (strange). He's saying some hurtful things & already throwing "my surgery" in my face-which is totally not like him. My husband is not only the sweetest most gentleman man he is also a good looking 45 year old who is physically fit (he works out) with a great body, confident & will do anything for his family. He has seen me before kids (super fit) & He wants to come to my pre-op with me but I told him if he's going to act negatively about it I would rather him not go! He says he will not be negative & will be support.....BUT.....he still doesn't understand & says he will never understand why I need to go through with this. I asked him "why do you need to workout" he says because he wants to be fit & healthy & I ask him for who? He says for himself & I say "EXACTLY" but then he says "well I'm not getting surgery".... wow that cut like a knife... so in return I say "aren't you so lucky you don't need it" so that's been the little jabs at me here & there For the past week. I know he loves me the way I am & maybe he's scared he won't like the new me... I don't know. A lot of our friends wives have had these procedures & their husbands practically helped them through each step of the way being super happy...while mine changes the subject every time I mention something about it & want to share a story about my Dr. He always has a smart Alec reply... Hopefully after the pre-op appt he will feel better (I hope so).

Pre-op today only 10 days till new me!

Didn't do much at pre-op met with Dr. H he answered any of our questions-hubby came with me. I asked how low my TT scar would be & according to him he goes as low as possible & much lower than most Drs. that was reassuring. I showed him my wish boobs & he thinks I will need around 340cc. I wasn't comfortable with that number & was hoping for a number in the 200's but I'm trying hard not to focus on #'s I'm 5'2" 120lbs I wear a 34C & clothes size is between 2-4 I'm petite so I don't want to go to big & look top heavy. I'm taking a leap of faith & trusting he will make me look how I want. I also asked about anesthesia since I've never been put under & he joked "don't worry, you'll love it" lol he always seems relaxed, patient & honest. I got my pre-op pics taken however they said I won't get a copy until I do my post-op pics & they do a side by side comparison :( oh well. They also did my bloodwork & EKG which was more convenient then getting it done elsewhere. EKG was normal & will get bloodwork results tomorrow after that all is ready. I got my prescriptions & will send them in tomorrow. Feels a little surreal that I'm actually getting ready for a life changing surgery. Now for the countdown & more prayers all will go well! I told my son today mommy will be having surgery to fix the muscles inside her tummy & he said "why, because you had so many kids" lol gotta love kids. I asked if he was going to help take care of me & he said of course. Hes 10 & very mature & intuitive. Hopefully he won't notice my increased chest size lol that will be a hard one to explain

Rice test sizers ;)

Rice test pics

2 more days!!!!!

Still feels like a dream--can't believe I'm actually finally going through with surgery in 2 days!! Got all my meds & post op care. My husband & nanny will be my nurses (mainly my nanny) she's incredible plus she's been through a tummy tuck & lipo so she's 1st hand familiar with recovering-I'm so lucky :)) I'm usually a very anxious/nervous nelly but it hasn't kicked in-yet! We'll see how that goes in the next couple of days. I have been doing everything to keep myself calm & just keep focused on the recovery part. So happy I found real self -- everyone here has great motivational stories & without you all I would probably not be going through with it! I'll be posting a couple of pre-op pics later today.

2 days pre-op pics

Bikini shot so I can do a before & after


I'm 5'2" weighing 120

Today is my day!!!!

It's been 22 years since the birth of my first baby & now here I go -- I'm scheduled for 4:30pm but have to be there by 2:30pm. Anesthesiologist said I could eat breakfast no later than 9am & drink water till noon! Yay! So happy I can have my coffee & not worry about a pounding headache afterwards. I'll try & do a quick check in tonight depending how I feel :) all prayers welcomed.

Frankenstein here i come

Keeping things light & humorous;)

Home & resting

Well I made it out ok :) pain is about 3 right get now more like a burning sensation from TT but manageable. Thanks for all the prayers & well wishes.

24 hours later

Made it through the first 24 hours & have no great pain (I have the pain pump) & taking my painkillers every 6 hours & it's been fine just lots of tightness & pressure. The only thing I was not prepared for was the amount of nausea I've had omg it's been terrible along with a nagging headache! I'm assuming its the anesthesia. Even drinking water made me nauseous-I never did vomit but the constant feeling that I had to was no fun!! Just walking to the bathroom felt like a marathon. Been dizzy nauseous & extremely fatigued. I slept on my electric recliner which was fine getting up & down with no issues. My nausea had just subsided somewhat thank God & I was able to drink a coconut pineapple smoothie without gagging lol. That's it for today. I'll try & get a pic tomorrow although I'm all bandaged up & nothing can come off until my post-op Monday. Thanks again for all the well wishes & I hope everyone is having themselves a great recovery.

Day 2 feeling much better

Feeling alive today lol! Slept ok last night at least 3 hours straight but woke up with a splitting headache...coffee slowly took care of that. No more painkillers for me the last one I took was at 4:30am & only took 1/2. now I'm taking extra strength Tylenol, ate breakfast, had my vitamins & drinking lots of water with ginger (seems to be helping) & coconut water. Going to the bathroom with no help since last night. I have my hubby & nanny taking the very best care of me (so blessed) my kids are so cute & caring, making sure to be quite & asking if moms boo boo is better. That's about it. Here's a pic I took best I could do hunched over & bandaged up. You can see some puckering from the benelli lift which I totally expected & know it will smooth out eventually.

Post op day 3

Last night at midnight when I couldn't get comfortable to sleep I did what doc said to do...take a vallum (I am the worst pill taker-hate them all) only took half since I know my body isn't used to these things & man thank god I only took half I slept for 9 hours straight!!! Holy $&!? Lol I woke up pretty stiff, groggy & extremely thirsty. Took a couple of hours to feel somewhat normal lol & after my coffee addiction I was up walking stretching & even feel like I'm walking straighter :) pain level very low to none tightness not as bad as yesterday & my boobs feel a little less hard. Still haven't gone no. 2 ;) but then again I am barely eating. I'm forcing myself to eat but only can take a few bites...I feel like my taste buds aren't working, has anyone felt that way? I've already had a few pissed off feelings thinking I'm a healthy person with no issues why did I put myself the this...but I quickly remind myself this is temporary and I'll be happy soon enough. My kids are having a rough time seeing me like this since we are a minute by minute in the go type of family they want to lay next to me & hug me & keep asking if I'll be ok soon. Husband is great trying to keep them busy around the house. We have a canal out back so he's taking them fishing & bike riding through the neighborhood in this 100 degree weather just to keep them out of my hair but still close enough that Ivan call/text him if I need anything. Guess I thought this recovery would be a breeze but just keep reminding myself one day at a time & it is getting easier:D thanks for listening to my ramblings & hope everyone is doing good. Oh & can't wait till my 1st post op tomorrow. I only had to have 1 drain yay so we'll see if that can come out..Honestly it hasn't bothered me much. This CG is a killer though talk about cutting half of your oxygen off >:{

Quick update with pics!!

So it's evening & wow do I feel a burst of energy & even bouts of forgetting I just had major surgery (only lasts for about 2 seconds lol) I was able to quickly sponge bathe myself (just a super quick wipe down & bio oil) feeling refreshed. So I got a quick peek at my TT insision & got very excited I had to take a pic. Super low thin straight so far looking as I hoped :D I see the swelling on my hips (as expected) & the bruising on my lower back (from lipo of my hips) doesn't look bad at all. I've been taking the arnica forte bromoline started 2 days b4 surgery so maybe that's made the difference. Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Like my hubby said just imagine yourself at the beach looking like you want to look (he's the best). Happy healing & hopefully more pics after post op appointment tomorrow.

unmummyfied lol

1st post op doc appointment & doing better than expected walking 85-90% straight. Hubs came with me.
Appt Was super quick...
how are you?
You look great!
As she Ripped all taped off...um OUCH (gave me a nice raw chest/back wax) lol
Took out pain pump (painless)
Doctor H comes in looks at insisions, everything looks great.
Any questions?
When will the drain come out?
Once it doesn't pass -25cc in 24hours could take up to 2 weeks :(
The nurse will give you your some instructions & I will see you in a couple of weeks.
Here's your bra to wear for 6 weeks
Here's your binder to wear for (not sure) you can wash with bleach & dry it.
You can shower & just call us when the drains readings are ready.
Have a nice day lol
I know they're busy but they really run like clockwork. Which is FINE by me the less I have to spend in a docs office better.
Here's my pics :D feeling very excited & happy!! I never thought this day would come!! BUT I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!

Day 6

Just wanted to give a quick update slept in my bed last night YAY! Pillows under knees & head/shoulders 1st night of 6 hours straight so I'm feeling very refreshed. I wake up stiff but in about an hour that feeling subsidies. Stopped taking all meds since day 4 & still no pain (so lucky). Continuing my vitamins & protein shakes, Walking faster/straighter, my range of motion is getting stronger. All in all I'm doing great Thank God. Been taking walks outside getting some nice vitamin D & I can stand pretty straight I'm at a good 90% I love the way everything is looking my boobies are fabulous to me & my tummy is looking better & better. I'll do a 1 week progress pics tomorrow. For now here's a pic of my beauties in a bikini top (couldn't resist trying some on) ;) Hope everyone is doing great.

1 week post op

Quick update...doing better each day. Sneezed for the first time & felt like my abs split down the middle...real painful moment!! Here's my one week pic I had lipo on my hips & as you can see I have more swelling on my hip than the other...hoping they'll even out soon!! other than that I don't feel I have any concerns. Hoping to get my drain removed by Monday (fingers crossed)

10 day update :D

Hello RS family :D All seems to be healing on time. The bruises are mostly gone, I'm walking better and able to to pretty much do everything on my own except the things I'm not supposed to be doing, lifting heavy stuff, etc.... & I'm really in love with my breasts if I haven't said that enough ;) it's exactly the size & shape I wanted so yay!
I am starting to feel new pains/discomfort mainly on my tummy such as little shocks, tugging/pulling, tightness & burning sensations especially around my inner hips. I'm thinking it must be my nerves waking up....? I hate walking with a slight hunch still & try to straighten out as much as I can & my back is thanking me for that, although Dr. H recommend walking with a hunch for 10 days I guess to promote healing & not put too much tension on the insision. Tried to get as much rest as possible especially this weekend & today since I go back to work on Tuesday-which I'm ready to, except I wish this drain was out! It's been under 25cc for 24hrs for the past 2 days now, so I will call them this morning & see if they think it's ready to come out. I've driven a few times since day 7, that's been fine & normal. Most of the day I feel fine but once evening hits I'm pretty tired, tight & walking with more of a hunch, that's about all I have to update. So here's my pic at 10 days! I also tried on some of my bikinis since I was bored & holy mama I must admit I look damn hot!! I'm obsessed with bikinis always have been Lol & I always thought I looked good in them before (even with my wrinkly tummy) so I sent the pics to my adult daughter who doesnt live near me & she couldn't believe how amazing I look! My kids always thought their mom was the hottest & since I had them so young most people think we are all
sisters...now they're like wow mom you look perfect! I have the best children :D

Drain is out! Woo hoo

Got the drain out this afternoon hurray! Also got a new CG which is soooooo much better, soft seamless with nice support. Looks like this I'll have to wear it for 6-8 weeks along with the bra I got on day 4. Feeling much more comfortable & now I can wear my regular clothes to work tomorrow! :D

18 days post before/after

Was going to wait till 6 weeks but impatient me couldn't wait ;)
Feeling more & more like my myself but making sure not to over do it. Still tight & slightly bent first thing in the mornings & at night, by midday I feel my best with most of my flexibility back & energy level at peak :D
Here are some before/after pics sorry about the lighting tried to make it as equal as possible but the befores I took in the late day & afters were first thing this morning.

2nd post op appt

Had a quick post op today to make sure no fluid build up after drain was removed a week ago from my TT...I may or may not have a small area to the left above my belly button that he will keep an eye on so I'll be back next Monday to have him look at it again. Other than that all looks good. My TT scar still has some areas that the surtures haven't desolved but I can start scar treatment on my BB & TT scar I'll be using bio cornium which is what he recommends. The areas that they have desolved looks good (pictures make everything look worse lol).

4 weeks; time flies

Quick update & pic :D sometimes I still can't believe this is me, I stare at myself in the mirror still in disbelief that I actually had the mommy makeover I've dreamed of for a million years. It's really one of the best descisions I've made! Healing has been good, normal & timely but being this inactive for so long is extremely hard & gives me anxiety. I keep reminding myself only a couple of weeks to go before I can slowly start back up but it still feels like forever! Anyway - I'm so happy with my body & can't wait to hit the gym, beach, pool, go shopping for new clothes & be 150% normal :D can't complain too much though I am a healthy girl, I'm healing beautifully & I feel great. Thank you God.

Almost 6 weeks post op

Had my 6 week post op appt a few days early & was cleared from most restrictions!!! Yay I can workout with the exception of chest exercises. Doc says I look fabulous & healed remarkably fast :D thank you God for watching over me & I will thank myself for my hard work at keeping fit & healthy and I thank my amazing family especially my hubby & awesome kids for caring for me & being there for me! Last but not least I thank Real Self & everyone on here, without which I would've been so clueless but feel so knowledgeable now & through this journey this site was a life saver. Wishing everyone happy & healthy healing. My next post op appointment is at 3 months but I'll be checking in before that just to let everyone know how working out is going as I continue to heal. Love to everyone xoxo ps-Dr. Hochstein is awesome I love him & his personality he's so real/normal & NOT weird like most plastic surgeons lol ;P

7 weeks & feeling good

I've been working out at home (light) since about week 4 but as of today I'm starting full swing & feel that I'm totally up to do most of my high impact workouts. I've literally had NO noticeable swelling throughout this whole MM & I'm thinking it must be because I incorporate fresh pineapples in my diet DAILY whether it's in my protein shake or I eat it alone. There have been days I don't eat pineapple & I notice I'm a little puffy. I try not to stay sedentary for too long & with an office job that's a little hard. Anyway hope all you lovely ladies are doing great! Keep in touch :)

Just because I'm feeling like Wonder Woman;)

On my 2nd week of full workouts & feeling like myself again! What a great feeling :D I thank God for my body healing quickly & without any complications. Wishing everyone on real self a happy & healthy journey. Just keep believing in yourself & don't sweat the small stuff. Positive vibes only.

3 months Post-op!!!

Time flies!! Just a quick update. Feel almost as good as new. Can do most of my workouts with the exception of extreme chest/ab exercises. My sensations are coming back slowly, my ab scar, belly button & nipples have light sensation so that's good. Had my first bikini outting & got rave reviews from my friends especially my tummy & awesome belly button! Here are some pics all angles in the brightest lighting to keep it real!! Scars look worse in pictures but all in all I think everything looks great. Just a recap I had the benelli lift (donut lift) I love it love love it!! Full tummy tuck with a little lipo on my hips. The scar is super low &
I can wear the skimpiest bikini & it covers well!! I have stretch marks left over on my lower abs BUT I DONT CARE lol my tummy looks 150% better than pre-op so I couldn't ask for more :D I have a small snag/dog ear at the right end of my tummy tuck & will wait the 6 months to see my options I'm not that concerned with getting a revision & may not even want to do one. Hope everyone is doing amazing. Lots of love to everyone xoxo

4 months!!

Not much to say all is about the same! Happy thanksgiving RS.

One more pic - 4 months

In a cotton wireless regular bra & string bikini underwear-really happy with my results!! My hips are still uneven hoping it evens out by 6 months but we'll see ;) no one is perfect lol

6 months!!!!

They say time heals all...I thank God that I've been healing without complications. Loving my new body so much it's hard to remember a time when I did not look like this. :)

More 6 months pics :)

Thanks to all you real selfers who gave me the final courage to go through with this! Blessed that's all I have to say!

Before/After 6 months post!!!!

10+ months post op :D

Closing in on a year & I couldn't be happier with my decision on a mommy makeover and for choosing Dr. Hochstein! My benelli lift & implants are exactly how I wanted them to be & my tummy tuck is more than I could have dreamed of! I thank God for letting this experience go so smooth & feel so blessed with the results Dr. Hochstein provided! I'll be back at my one year anniversary!! Hope everyone is having great experiences with their surgery :))
Dr. Hochstein

Just completed my mommy makeover which consisted a Breast lift, Breast aug, tummy tuck & lipo of the hips. Dr. H is very professional & gets to the point. He listens, has a very calm spirit & demeanor. His staff is the same, professional, polite, calm. The whole office is more like a day at the spa then visiting a doctors office. Everything is tasteful, plush & comfortable. I'm at a week of post op & my body is looking as I wished. Dr. H listened to Me as I showed him pictures of how I wanted to look & he has delivered. He works fast, careful & is really an artist at sculpting the body to your liking. I don't know when he was nicknamed the "Boob God" but it sure is fitting!! My tummy tuck is healing & looking amazing! I have a low, thin, straight incision, cute belly button, I might end up with small dog ears (quick office fix) but I will wait the 3-6 months to see fully healed results. Needless dare I say he is a tummy tuck God in my eyes ;) Thank you Dr. Hochstein & staff especially Amanda the coordinator-who answered my 1000s of emails almost instantly & Jennifer the OR nurse who held my hand distracted me & made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend him as a wonderful plastic surgeon along with a great staff.

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