30 YY/ 2 Kids/ 30th Birthday Gift to Self ☺️- Miami, FL

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So for my 30th birthday I decided to give myself...

So for my 30th birthday I decided to give myself the best gift ever... a mommy makeover by Dr. Mel Ortega at Spectrums. I am really excited and really nervous all at the same time although my surgery isn't until August. I'm having an extended TT and breast lift. I haven't decided if I want to have a fat transfer to my breast to get the full plump look with my breast so that's still up in the air. Can anyone tell me what to expect for post-op and maybe share your before and after pictures?

Surgery is fast approaching

So nervous for my mommy make over on 8/3. I keep thinking about my two kids and husband and if this is really worth it. I'm so worried that my results won't be what I want and I'm so scared of the pain afterwards. I weigh 196 and need to lose 15 more before 8/2. I walk/jog for an hour a day 5 days out of the week and bike 5 miles on the 6th day and I'm exhausted. I really hope it makes me shed the weight fast. Wish me luck guys.

Curvyangelsrecoveryhouse Review

Vanessa is nice and so was her staff but that doesn't mean that she knows what she's doing or how to run a recovery house. With so much drama between her staff and her husband going on it was so unprofessional.

On the way to my follow up appointment I had to hear about the drama and issues going on in the house as they texted on their phone and drove at the same time. I'm sorry but, I just had a major surgery and I don't need to hear about your issues. I should have known that about her since she likes to air out her drama social media.

Also make sure if you stay at her house that when you put down a deposit you get a breakdown of what is included in your package. Although I have proof in text messages and emails of what was supposed to be included in the end she didn't want to honor the massages and faja I was supposed to get. I sent her the emails and text messages showing her proof but she ignored them.

Good luck ladies ????

8/3/16 Mommy makeover update

I have to tell you ladies that Dr. Ortega was an angel and he did more than what I expected. I was so happy with my results and I couldn't have had it any other way.

I did have some issues 6 days after my surgery. My skin below my belly button died and Dr. Ortega put me under on the 12th day post op to remove it. Soon after the second surgery my incision opened up.

Dr. Ortega gave me creams and antibiotics to help close the incision. It's been a long road but it's finally closed. I'll be going to him soon for a follow up.

I'm so happy with the work he did and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a mommy makeover. He's the best ????
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