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So I have met with Dr Miami and loved him and his...

So I have met with Dr Miami and loved him and his staff. I automatically felt comfortable.
I have always wanted this surgery - my thighs have always been my biggest insecurity. Even as a child I would never wear a bathing suit because of cellulite or my saddlebags.

I am 5'2 and about 135. My weight often fluctuates - annoying. And I have hypothyroidism. Even when I am at my smallest (107) I still have stubborn areas of fat that do not seem to budge!

I am hoping this surgery will help with my trouble areas. I would love a Kim K body (who wouldn't) but I feel it is realistic for my body type.

Anyway about it I am comfortable with the doctor I have chosen. I have seen his work and he is amazing.

5 days pre op!

My doctor sent out my clearance today! I am getting so anxious! I just want it to be surgery day already!!!

I just took my prescriptions to Walgreens & started using anti bacterial soaps as suggested & taking a multi vitamin.

i have friends who have had lipo and they have told me I needed massage packages - but my doctor & coordinator haven't told me anything about that. Is it necessary?

Oh, and today makes exactly one year since my breast implant surgery (they were done by Pazmino not salzhauer)! Anniversary for the tata's ????????

On my way!

My surgery time is 2:30! So paper work & then surgery. I am starving, lol! I told my bff to have food waiting for me when I get out of my surgery.

I can't wait & I don't even know what to expect from my body! But I'm praying. Work that magic Doctor Miami! :-)


So my actual surgery didn't begin until like 7:30 & we didn't leave until 11pm the entire staff was very nice! I don't even remember knocking out! They made me very comfortable

I woke up freezing!!! Leg lipo and then legs shaking is such a bad combo lol and I could barely make out my words to scream for a blanket but ladies dress warm!!

When I got home I ate a bit and started feeling nauseated so I took two vicodins and a zofran as directed. I'm in bed and don't feel pain... I'm on face time and lurking dr salzhauer IG and snapchat of my body... So this is a great start to hopefully a easy recovery! Speaking it into existence! :-)

The comments on his ig about my body are disgusting. Like, women love tearing other women down. And I am sensitive... So I'm reacting! Which I know isn't good but whatever. I started shit will the trolls who were talking about my body in comments. Like why follow a surgery page if you aren't supportive of surgery? So annoying.

Anyway, I'm not sleepy! And luckily I'm no longer in pain but I do have to pee & my friend who is takin care of me is sleeping, lol.

Overrall the pain isnt bad it is just hard to move in & out the car or get on my bed & stuff.

I will keep you all updated! The nurse does a house visit tomorrow!!

Thank you doctor miami I am so grateful and so proud to have you as a doctor. Your work is phenomenal and I am so happy to be a patient of yours! I know the end result will be amazing!!!

Why I attahed a picture of right after surgery & NO that's not my vagina and NO that's NOT balls and some people made snarky comnents about in the pic. Lol.

I also want to say thank you for the ladies who encouraged me & sent prayers my way. We are all in this together & I'm glad for real self. This is an awesome community full of awesome women all in the same boat!

There day after

Today the nurse from Bal body Yeilin stopped by. She was super nice and helpful with showering me, changing me, and answering questions.

I was nauseated again this morning but I was active with the nurse here so I had to sit down with my gaterade, zofran, and sniffed alcohol pads which helps!

I woke up in piles of blood soaked through my compression garment, sweatpants, blanket, chuck sheets, and actual sheets. My blood has a weird smell everyone said, lol! But now I'm not bleeding at all.

im a little bruised and sore when I'm up walking but the most pain I feel is from the swelling/my compression garment digging in a bit.

Today I ate some Olive Garden soup & salad and have just been drinking tons of fluids. I have peed but still no bowel movement... have cut down to one and a half Vicodin so the constipation won't be too bad!!

And I finally took a nap because Xanax gave me an opposite hyper talkative effect so I stopped taking that.

All in all I'm feeling good for less than 24 hours later!


But is it normal for my vagina to be swollen after lipo? Like the outside is dramatically huge. At first it was like a cute type fat swollen and now it's just a mess!! Did that ever happen to any of you? I feel awkward calling the office and asking lol


Ugh, first off... I hate when i have been writing and the real self page freezes up & force restarts with everything deleted!!!

The last two days I have had a throbbing headache. It feels like someone keeps punching the back of my bed. It is worse than any pain. I think it may be due to the Vicodin so I am weening myself off of that & on to Tylonel. Hopefully it helps.

Yesterday I vommited all over my new mattress, my dresser, the floor... Everywhere. I hadn't even really felt nauseated! It just happened.

Also sleep... I cannot sleep more than 2 hours at a time. Maybe because of the headaches & my back it starting to hurt from being in the same position.

I am still super swollen everywhere. My goal is to avoid mirrors for a bit but I will take some pictures tomorrow to update with. And I will answer some private messages I have received sorry for not responding the last two days have been the worst for me


Day by day

Everyday is like a struggle with discomfort and emotionally. Most doctors will tell you they cannot perform magic and you look worse before you look better. And they are surely right. I look and feel like Frankenstein.

I don't feel pain it just doesn't feel comfortable. Certain positions of sleep I question if it will impact swelling or something, idk. I don't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time and have nothing to do to stay active. Feels like a prison, lol.

My body is swollen larger than my normal size which I hope doesn't last long. And my vagina I am really worried about... I texted the nurse and she said its normal but it now looks like a penis LOL not exaggerating. It's disgusting and uncomfortable. How can I make the swelling go down??? *insert a thousand crying emoji faces*

Can I just be healed already??

Getting my faja on is like a work out! I have my mother putting it on for me and it's still a "okay let's take a break" every snap type ordeal lol... Bless the hearts of those alone who have to strap that sucker on.

Emotionally i am a wreck. I do remember I was this way with my breast augmentation as well but this is harder because it's all over my body.
My family keeps wondering why I did this to myself... Saying my body was fine before. It wasn't morbidly obese and I was always complimented on my shape. I should have just got in the gym and dieted. Their negativity really weighs on me and maybe they are right but only time and healing will tell.

I know I should be somewhat active but I'm so depressed. Tomorrow is my one week follow up so it will be my first time out of the house as well.

My job was temporarily laid off due to overhead costs right before my surgery which stressed me out financially but now I am seeing as a blessing because I don't know how I could return to work feeling like this

My stomach is super lumpy currently and I think my back stitch ripped against my garment.

Oh, and the doctor told me in a week or so my vagina should be normal again. Thank goodness cause the Chaz Bono feel isn't for me lmao

Bruising pics attached (fun!)

1 week apt!

So at this moment last week (about 6:30) I was prepping for anesthesia & here I am post op. First week suprisingly flew by.

It went well. The nurse drained a small bit of fluid from my stomach, took my stitches out (didn't hurt), and took progress pictures.

It was my first time looking in the mirror with good lighting & my butt is huge! Well, my butt is always big but I am happy I went with banana roll liposuction even though doctors consider it a risky area - it really seems to have bubbled my wide framed booty. Surgery isn't always about making something bigger sometimes it helps to work around it. Who am I kidding - i didn't have the 2k extra to spend on my CareCredit lmao but still My outcome is going to be very Kardashian (maybe even better), I know it :-)

Met with Dr Miami also & he wants to follow up again on Friday.

This visit put me at ease & reassured me that I am glad for the surgery.

Im still feeling no pain other than when my bruises bump hard against something.

Is it weird that I'm not hiding my surgery? Like I put my bruise on snapchat lol. I guess I just feel like if I "expose" myself no one can "expose" me !

Plus I wonder what those referral discounts are... I'm thinking about juvaderm next or botox near my crows feet smile line. Hmmm!

Waist swollen but still snatched

I'm not even healed and very much swollen but already poppin! Love you dr miami!


Yesterday I went to the office to get drained again. This time on both sides of my tummy.

My stomach looks like I wear a constant corset. and the banana roll lipo made my butt cheek line extend farther out (according to my boo) but I'm not seeing much difference in my inner thighs at all... They still very much touch. I want to start the HCG diet soon to intensify my results.

I have been very active the last few days and feel completely normal minus the bruising. I start work again Monday!

Ladies, in the Fort Lauderdale area what post opp massage places do you recommend? I might just do a few groupons. The nurse said it won't impact my final results but might help for swelling. (Speaking of swelling my vagina is back to normal!!)



I kind of wish I just dieted away a few pounds... I'm the same I look when I diet. Cheaper than 4.5 :-( Because, I don't think I'm swollen anymore

Don't get me wrong there IS a difference from pre op to post op... But it just isn't what I envisioned. I just I expected a more drastic change. Maybe I should of just got a damn bbl

I wanted skinny thighs and there really isn't much fat in them anymore but they're still huge (I guess they're just naturally muscular and my anatomy can't change that)

Idk maybe I'm just being depression and emotional because my period is due lol.

I've updated with a progress pic along with some pics of me when I'm skinny without surgery so you can get what I'm saying kind of about how I could have just lost ten pounds...

Praying that results become more drastic soon.

& Don't get me wrong I am happy because either way I'm skinnier than I was at my consultation!!! & the doc did put in work.

I just feel maybe I should have thought about it more.

3 weeks

I'm getting smaller :-)


Yesterday the nurse told me I'm still swollen in some areas. I feel and look good though :-) I need to start dieting tho asap lol

Affordable massages

Hey post op ladies! Anyone recommend a good masseuse? I was thinking Groupon but I want to ensure they're familiar with post surgery massages. Not anything too pricey because I'm broke lol lmk :-)

Burning sensation

My body feels tingly/has a burning feeling when I'm not wearing my compression garment. Very weird.

I still feel big lol I hope I get smaller and am just still swollen.

Last week some guy commented on my instagram saying I look like I'm getting chubby... I'm like "wow, thanks, I just spent 4k on lipo" smh

If I could go back in time...

I wouldn't of get lipo. Losing 10 pounds is the same effect and cheaper. Could of just did the Hcg diet :/ maybe if I did a bbl my body would of been more of what I envisioned, Idk. I look better then I did at consultation but not my money's worth... Like I wish I had more money so I could get a "round 2" already. Shoot I financed this surgery. I also kind of wish I went with the doctor who did my breasts because he has less patients and spends way more time with you... For example, my follow ups were with him and only him and he made sure I was 100% happy. It is what it is. Doctor Miami is very very talented but just as talented at marketing. My surgery is just a number. He does like 80 bodies a month prob doing surgery from 8am until midnight. I understand it & I respect it but Idk :-( Maybe I just need psychiatric evaluation lmao :/


I don't wear my compression garment anymore but I'm still a bit swollen. can tell because I feel hard in some areas.

I tried on a denim midi skirt I got from AA and it took like 30 min to get it over my hips lol

Looking good

Surgery will have you so bi polar with how you feel about your appearance, lol. I'm happy again. I'm looking good. Swelling is subsiding & I have a thigh gap!! Small but a thigh gap! Dr. Salzhauer is the mannnnnn :-)

On a sad note my dad died in a tragic accident a few days ago so I've really been stressed... :-(

3 months post op

And I'm unhappy. My body shouldn't be swollen anymore (and isn't) but there isn't a drastic difference in my body... At all.

If I could go back in time I wouldn't have got this surgery.

as much as I liked this doctor, I also wish I went to the doctor who did my breast.

Dr salzhauer has great allure, is charismatic, and is a great MARKETER but I think his viral fame might have changed the quality of his work.

It's like a surgery mill. You're in and out. And he doesn't see you for pre op visits. Doing too many surgeries a day.

I wanted to love my surgery so bad and I wanted to love this doctor and my procedure but the truth is I am unhappy.

Round 2

I'm still unhappy and I've gained weight from being sad. I think I might do a bbl with another doctor. Salzhauer was such a waste of money.

D.R or Colombia?

Friends of mine have beautiful bodies from those countries. Anyone recommend any GREAT doctors? I want more lipo since the last was a waste. Considering a Bbl but my butt is already kinda big... So not sure.
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