19 Yrs Old, 5'5 140 ish 425 cc Silicone

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I'm so excited to announce that I will finally be...

I'm so excited to announce that I will finally be getting my BA!! I chose Spectrum Aesthetics as my destination due to the affordability that is coupled with Dr. Ortega's 27 years experience. I am going with silicone understand and shooting for a full c/ small d. I'm in the process of losing weight as well, I'm currently 140 and trying to get back down to 123 by my op. I'm sooo excited! I've saved up for the last 6 months to get this done and I can't wait. Anyone my age going through this, please give your feedback, I'd love to hear! Anyone older too lol

Saline not Silicone:(

So thanks to a couple of helpful ladies, I figured out that it is recommended that you get silicone implants at 22 or older. Well I was still going to hopefully go through with it, but I turns out that in the state of Florida, it's actually illegal... sad day. I just hope that saline produces an awesome outcome as well. Quite frankly, I feel that anything will be an improvement hahaha


Hey guys, so I was just wondering if I could get some feedback รณ weightloss post op. I have 3 and 1/2 months to get to my goal weight and I was just curious if I am not able to get there, if weightloss could greatly affect my implants? I only want to lose another 15 to 17 pounds and am not sure if I should work hard to get it all of prior, or take a slower more balanced approach at losing the stubborn lbs remaining? Please let me know if you know of anyone who lost afterward with no side effects. As well, how long into recovery do you need to wait to lose weight? Until after they drop and fluff?

Slightly Constricted Breasts?

Hey guys, I've always noticed that it looks like I wore my bra too tight or something and cut off some of my breast development. I'm not sure if I have mild constricted breast or what, but I'd love some feedback if anyone has experience with this!

Back to Silicone! Yea:D

So I went on spectrums website and spoke to their online chat rep and asked if I can get silicone under 22 at their facility. She did confirm that I could and was confused as to why I was told otherwise. I then got in touch with my coordinator Liz and made sure it was all good. She said that I would just need to sign a form. I'm on cloud nine! I really set my heart on silicone and now I'm excited again! I can't wait:D:D

A little over a month to go!

I just thought I would post an update on my weightloss and progress :) I have 7 more weeks until my surgery and I can't wait:D I'm definitely going with submuscular moderate plus profile, silicone implants. I'm so excited!!

12 Days away!!!

I'm finally allowing myslef to think about it all again. I was getting so anxious and excited that I was giving myslef anxiety lol, so I detached myslef from all things boob job, well with 12 Days remaining I think I can let myslef get excited!! I have got down to 135 from 145 and have added tons more muscle so I'm hoping I don't lose too much progress during my recovery. And ladies have experience with this? I'm super excited I just can't wait! I will make and test some rice sizers...I know a little late in the game to do so lol, tomorrow. Photos to come!

On the other side!!

I'm beyond pleased with my size and current condition of my boobs, he ended up going with 425cc high profile placement and I just let him go for it, he said I had a more narrow ribcage, coupled with the size I want, making that profile necessary. I'm soo happy at the moment I hope they recover welll! I can't get my nudes to upload, so I will try and get those up as soon as I can!

Day 1/ Surgery Day

Here they are, I'm soo excited:D

10 days Post OP :D

I can finally pull my own pants up and sit myslef up haha, so far progress is good, I haven't really dropped all that much, but I definitely see huge improvements, I can't wait until they drop into place, I'm really happy with the size but I'm worried that when they d and f that they will be too big, I'm just hoping for the beat! I can't wait until I'm 100% functional because I couldn't care less how long they take to fall into place, so long as I can do my job properly! I work retail at a jacket store and my first day back 3 days ago was so miserable it had me in tears. Luckily my boss was gracious enough to extend my time off to allow me to recover properly.

Question, help welcomed!

So, I didn't have much time to ask questions etc after my operation, and my surgeon is in Florida, so I just have a couple questions for you ladies! How long did you ice your tata's? How long did you take anti-inflammatory meds, ex. Ibuprofen? When did you raise your hands above your heads? When did you guys start changing your own clothes, ie. Raising your hands in funny positions and stretching to put shirts on? Also, when did you guys start changing out your sterile strips? Thank you for anyone who can give a helping hand!

15 Days Post OP

Today marks 15 days. Craziness! Well at the moment I'm feeling super impatient. Gahhhhh, at current they are still very high and tight and I'm still lacking lower roundness. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff out. They seem a bit small so I'm hoping they get larger as they settle a bit more. All in all I'm doing great though. I've been moving around plenty and have been feeling good. I started walking 2 miles at 2 miles and hour today. At 3 weeks I will do 3 miles at 3 miles an hour and so on until week 5 I can start jogging again. I can't wait! Right now I'm just trying to practice my patients. It's dreadful haha

3 weeks

So I'm finally feeling myself again!! I can finally move normally and slowly feel my strength restoring ie. I can finally open lids haha I finally am developing some side boob and I feel like my nipples are slightly higher? I hope they raise quite a bit more here soon. I am a bit disappointed because I was really happy with my swollen size and I'm pretty certain all of the swelling is gone, and now they seem to be like 2 sizes smaller:( I am hoping that when I finally d&f and get that lower fullness that I literally have none of so far, that they look bigger. As well they are still hard as rocks and not very move able etc. Hopefully things really make progress this week! Also, my strap is bruising me/popping blood vessels as pictured. Anyone else experience this?

6 weeks:D

Starting tomorrow I will be starting the p90x3 again and have already been back to lifting at the gym the last week. I can't wait! My boobs are still very hard and I can't squish them together or make cleavage yet. They have softened slightly though. Ad well, my nipples are still quite low so I'm really hoping the drop and fluff raises them a bit. Currently I have been a 34 D in all the Bras I have tried on, except at Victoria Secret which varied into even larger sizes. All I'm all, I'm pleased with my progress so far!!

6 Months and 1 week

I'm beyond pleased with my result. 1000% worth it and I regret nothing. This has balanced me out immensely and I'm so happy with everything!

11 Months ????????

Yesterday marked 11 months and honestly I forget sometimes that I ever got a boob Job. They feel and are a part of me and I feel like they are the perfect size, and fit my body quite well. I'm surely on cloud nine????????????


Here are some comparisons! It's also about a difference of 3 to 4 lbs and lots of heavy lifting in the gym ????????????

Another angle

One last one!

Bikini Comp

Sooooooo I'm in the middle of a bikini prep!! I can't wait to step on stage, I'm about 3.5ish months out and here is the body progress for those who asked!
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