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I have been reading lots of stories and doing...

I have been reading lots of stories and doing extensive research on Dr. Fisher in Miami. Thus far I love his work the most. I am a 25 year old nursing student, no children, no husband. I'm 5'2 and currently weigh 140lbs. I called today to get a quote from Fisher and it was $6300 which I thought was AMAZING because that includes 7 days and 6 nights at a hotel or recovery house, a nurse, breakfast, meds, garment, 12 Lipo areas, 4 massages and transportation. I'll be able to bring along a friend for free and Our air fair is $546 for two people. They do ask for a $1000 deposit to secure the date before the consultation. Luckily the date I want is totally open I can be the first to be operated on. If you've already experienced a bbl with Dr. Fisher please give me some tips on some of the things I should bring with me and pre op vitamins I should take, thanks ladies!!!!! O and I will post some preop pics later this week

My pre op pictures

Ok everyone.... I'm stepping out and showing my insecurities so please be delicate with me. Here are a few pre op pictures

Wish pics

Dr Fisher's Official Quote

Soooo, I know I haven't been on here In a very long time but I'm back Yal!!!! LOL I have gotten in touch with Vanity Cosmetics again. I sent my pictures to them and all the info they needed about my health and got an approval to proceed with the procedure. I look a little different now than I did when I last posted my before pictures. I've gained 10 more pounds and I might gain another 5 to 10 more before the procedure. I have now been quoted 5k for my BBL and double chin lipo. I am seriously thinking about NOT going with the recovery house that Vanity uses because of all the horrible things I've read, so I've found another place to go in Miami that has great reviews. I will do another post about that recovery house later. I am hoping to have my procedure done no later than July of 2016. Please keep me in your prayers as I go forward with this life changing experience ????

Final quote

Ok ladies, I'm back. I know I've been gone for a very long time but I am back on track with my procedure now. My final quote at Vanity for Dr.fisher is $5000. That includes 12 areas and I added chin lipo as well. I've decided not to stay at a recovery house because I will not be alone, my boyfriend will be with me and I want him to be as comfortable as possible. I found a great condo that we will be staying at for a week and I'll just schedule massages and all that with someone. I have gained more weight. I think I posted that my last weight was 140lbs, well now I'm 146lbs. I will not be gaining anymore weight between now and my surgery. I am so very excited to get the ball rolling again. I had to redirect my focus to school. I just graduated and passed boards to be a nurse!!!!!????????????yay me!!! Lol now that I'm working several jobs, I can pay for and go through with everything. Please continue to pray for me as I go through this journey and I will do the same for you!!!! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I'll be elated to answer anything!!!

Updated body pics of me (pre op)

More pre op pics at 146lbs

More wish pics

Dr evaluation

Less than a month away

I have not posted anything on here in a very long time but I couldn't resist today. I am less than one month away from my surgery day of sept 15 and I am so excited yet so scared. Lol this will be my first surgery EVER!!! I've been doing a hell of a lot to preparing and ive hfinally gotten the entire surgery paid for!!???????????????? I've read that vanity is really expensive when it comes to the lymphatic massages so I decided to set 4 appointments at the wax spa. I paid 120 for 4 massages. Also is the best site to get your post op garments. I bought my abdominal foam board from there and it's amazing. I will be buying my lower back triangle from there as well. I also found the booty buddy on dr miami's website that I will be purchasing as well. I live in Mississippi but my boyfriend and I will be flying from Memphis, tn. We are leaving on sept 13 to head to Memphis and leaving sept 14 from Memphis to Miami! It has definitely been a long time coming and my dream is finally coming true. Please pray for me and my journey and I will continue to pray for you all!!!!!

9 months post op and ready for round 2!!!

So I'm 9 months post op and already ready for my 2nd bbl with dr fisher at ERES plastic surgery. I went from 32, 30, 38 to 32, 28, 41 and weighing 148lbs. So I've uploaded pics from the first bbl. the only complication I had was a hematoma from removing my drain out too fast (my fault). It went away in about 2 weeks. Hopefully this time they'll inhance my butt to 43 or 44. I'm sure they're going to tell me to gain more weight because I have very little fat to Lipo right now but I'm up for the challenge!! I don't remember if I said my height in earlier posts but I'm 5'2. I'm praying that my second go around will go as smoothely as the first one. My expenses the first time goes as follows: $6000 bbl and chin lipo, $350 massages, $145 faja, $120 booty buddy, $1300 car 2 plane tickets round trip and hotel for 6 days, $50 post op meds, $100 lipo foam lower back triangle. I didn't get stage two nor stage 3 fajas but this time I will because the first faja got way too big really fast. Be ready to not sit down or drive or lay on your back for at least 6 weeks. If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Oh yea, don't waist your money on creams, booty buddy and all that. Go the cheapest route because it'll work better. I'll be getting a yoga mat for sitting this time and a female urinal as well. Best of luck to all of you!!!!!!
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