Decided to Go with Dr. Fisher BBL/ARM/THIGH LIPO. - Miami, FL

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I've been stalking BOTH Hasan's and Fisher's pages...

I've been stalking BOTH Hasan's and Fisher's pages daily for a long time. Originally wanted Hasan, but very hesitant since there is no for sure date that he is coming back. Decided to schedule with Fisher. I will be getting bbl w/fat transfer as well as thigh lipo. Looking for advice on what to bring, purchase, and the best remedies for healing properly. Any previous patient's of Dr. Fisher would love to see pics! Thanks!


So Far there was a mix up with my appointment at Vanity. They had me for 7/12 originally, but was informed by Claudia that it would be 7/11 w/ Fisher instead. I actually prefer that date. Although I've had to call a few times and wait for someone to get to my call, I have always been able t speak with someone. Claudia was very helpful and I def. appreciate her assistance with getting the surgery date confusion. The girls that answer the phone always maintain a great level of professionalism as well. Since My surgery is on 7/11 (Monday) now, I will be flying in from Cali Sunday, and having the pre-op appointment the same day lol. I requested the first appointment of the day so hopefully they give me an IV right after the pre-op. I will be getting my labs done 3 weeks prior, which I planned to do regardless. Thank god for Claudia, because my "coordinator" did not inform me of any of this.

Bilateral thigh/Arm Lipo??

Has anyone gotten Bilateral thigh/Arm Lipo with Dr.Fisher? I've been reading a few reviews where ppl complained about paying for it and it was not preformed during surgery. As well as ppl complaining that they got it done and saw no results, almost as if it had not been done. Really praying that I see a difference with this procedure. My problem area has ALWAYS been my THIGHS. I do have a nice shape, even after having a baby 2 years ago, BUT I want these thighs slimmed the hell down!

Pre Op photos

I'm 5'6 1/2 and just want a flatter stomach and fuller ass. Had a baby in 2014 and my ass deflated a little lol. Also want slimmer thighs! These things won't ever go away !!!

Pre op photos

Anyone going to Dr. Fisher in July?

I will be having surgery 7/12/2016. Hoping there may be other RS Dolls also going on or around this date.

Why is it so hard to get clear answers from vanity???

I just wanna know if Dr.Fisher is going to be around for my appointment 7/11th!! Why can't vanity keep it real with us! We work hard for our money! So to lie and string us along!! Ugghhh

Thanks to Claudia once again for contacting me back!!

Claudia confirmed that dr. Fisher will be in the office for only a few days in July ! So thankful she is responsive!! I prefer to go through her than my coordinator! She always gets back to me !! So glad I he will indeed be there on the 11th!!

Can July HURRY UP lol

Its not even April yet and here I am wishing hoping and waiting for July to get here lol. I want to feel pretty again!! I feel like a whale, and am anxiously awaiting to be blessed by fisher! I wanna go summer clothes shopping !!

3 more months!!

Can't wait till July!!!!! I just confirmed my reservation at BluCove recovery house !!! I'll be staying in Miami for 10 days! Just ready to get this surgery done!

Just bought my plane ticket!

Anyone know of any decent hotels near Vanity?? I will be staying at a hotel the first night of my arrival.

12 more weeks

Im so ready for it to be time! I can enjoy the summer or the spring for that matter. I feel like a bear hibernating lol.

79 more Days!

counting down every day! lol

10 more weeks!

I have no supplies yet. Will wait till June to purchase. Faja i will buy from Vanity or the Faja store in Miami the weekend I arrive. Im ready to get this fat sucked out! lol

60 days to go!

Let the countdown begin! No alcohol or junk food for the next 60 days for me! I wanna shed a good 15 -20 lbs before surgery.

46 more days lol

patiently awaiting!

30 more days till surgery!

Im at the last leg of this journey pretty much! Flew bye!! Still praying i loose 15 lbs lol

25 more days!!

Time flying by! Started the 5 bite diet today so that I can immediately loose a good 10-15 lbs in 3 weeks. Gotta do what ya gotta do to get this extra weight off. Im ready to get this surgery and recover so I can enjoy clothes again lol

all cleared for surgery!

Thank you to the most high!!!

2 weeks left!

Time literally flys by! I HAVE NOT been able to enjoy my body for a good 3-4 months now in prep for surgery. I feel like a whale! Looking forward to getting this little surgery vacay asap lol

Blue Cove Recovery House

Planned to stay there, sent an email to confirm a week prior ( since i had booked 3 months prior to surgery). I receive an email stating she forgot my reservation and therefore was unable to notify me that she would not be able to have me. There was a death in her family, and she was not present in Florida. Thank god i sent an email a week ahead of time, would not have been happy if i had to look for a new recovery house few days prior to surgery! Luckily I found a new option, and although its a tad bit more expensive, I look forward to my stay! So ladies, ALWAYS confirm confirm and confirm with there Recovery Houses!!! That last minuet switch up aint cool!! lol

Anna from Vanity!

I really have to S/O Anna, Dr. Fisher's assistant! She is TRULY the best! Always easy to get a hold of and extremely good when it comes to fast responses! I def. appreciate her!

9 days !!

Ready to get this show on the road!

I love Miami!

Vanity is bleached down from ceiling to floor! SPOTLESS! They def stay busy in there! Fast efficient service!!

Had my surgery yesterday !!!

Let me start off my saying vanity had been GREAT!! I've never had a bad experience with them, and they have been very helpful and responsive since day 1!!! I was told to come in at 7 am on Friday before my surgery! Came in on Saturday to by faja early so it wouldn't delay my surgery the day of. Got there Monday 7am waited till 7:15 to be called to the back. Within 5 min or less nurse called my name, I got weighed undressed and told to put hospital gown on. She asked me to pee in a cup (pregnancy test) then proceeded to take my before pics. Within 15 min dr.fisher came in. He was very very very nice and give me the complete run down of what was to occur before and after. He took more pics and then I showed him my pics. He also keeps it real with you and tells you why he won't be able to fix ( I had a baby so he told my my stretch marks on stomach will remain, which I knew lol). After 30 min talk iv guy took me to the room and within less than 1 min I was knocked out. Woke up in recovery room to a nice nurse. Was shivering and very cold, but was actually able to walk on my own which they were really surprised about. I feel fine, not much pin just a really hard ass which is uncomfortable. I also feel some numbness in right leg which is normal. My waist is tiny tiny!! Ass is very huge. Wanted a tad bit more projection but everyone keeps saying I'm tripping cause my ass is huge. I love what he did so far! I would highly reccomend him!!!

Miami escape recovery house!

So far they have been the best ever!!! I don't think I would have received this kind of care at any of recovery house ladies! I mean they are their for your every need!!! Not to mention this damn house is BEAUTIFUL!! I feel like I'm staying at The W of recovery houses!!! I cannot stress enough how important after care is and Dani, Sherri, and Brenda have been so good to me and the other ladies staying here! This is definitely the kind of care you need after bbl surgery! Don't be cheap when it comes to your after care ladies, that's a really really important stage of surgery! Would highly reccomend it here without a doubt!

Bowl movement

So I def reccomend that you get one of those pool noodles kids play with in the pool. Cut it in half, and place under your thighs when you need to use the restroom. It def helps you not sit on your but and helps put pressure on your stomach to easier push stool out lol


If your staying at a recovery house make sure to bring your own food with you . Example: canned pineapple, microwaveable meals. My recovery house has ok food, but my appetite has been up and I'm Latina so I need some rice beans and chicken in my life ASAP lol

Recovery is/will be a long process!

I got out the house for the first time today (not including going to post op visits), not sure if it was cause it's so hot and humid in Florida but I was dizzy and nauseated! I lasted all of 5 min outside in Walgreens and had to immediately get back in the car to sit down! Not sure how I will be able to return to work in a week and a half! I'm in pain! This recovery is no joke n I will probably have to take off an additional 1 week. I tried to sit on the bbl pillow for the first time that was painful as well! I luckily bought a desk riser for work cause I will not be sitting down on that thing for weeks to come! Def will need to stand but even with that I hope I can do so! It's hard to stand for a long period of time right now without needing to lean on something or needing to lay down. It's only been 7 days tho so still very early own in recovery. Praying this week gets easier before I return to work

Flight from hell

Ladies please utilize wheelchair assistance if your flying back home after surgery! Complete life saver ! The flight was horrible for me! Those bbl pillows are only meant to be sat on for maybe 10 min at a time ( if your going to ride in a car short distance or grabbing coffee). It was so painful sitting on my bbl pillow during my 4 hour flight! Literally bought another pillow (regular) pillow to put in back of it for support, still painful! I choose to stand for probably 3 hours total! I couldn't last sitting down! I literally cried entire way! Flying is really stressful on your body after this surgery! My entire body swelled up do to pressure in cabin I'm guessing. To stand hurt but to sit down hurt more! I cried tears of joy when my plane finally landed and I was off! My body felt like it was going to explode! Especially my ass! I can't say I recommend anything to take away pain during flight cause it's unavoidable! Just be ready to be in pain and know that the flight back is the last leg of the surgery!

Posting pics

I will post pics when selling subsides. Right now my body is really black and blue from the lipo! I will say this tho, dr. Fisher def accentuated my already curvy figure! He agreed I already had a nice figure and shape, but. He def brought it out !!!!!

Vanity complete review!

They were so good to me! I have not one negative complaint about them! I was always seen right away NEVER had to wait like those horror reviews say! They always showed me respected and treated me with kindness! Dr. Fisher was terrific and really easy to talk too! He's also really honest and realistic when it comes to discussing your results!! I saw him for my first post op appointment as well! Then I came back two other times after and saw his medical assistants who are really great! I never felt like vanity neglected me after I paid them or after surgery! Not sure if they are under new management or if they treat ppl how ppl treat them, but they are amazing!! Thank you Vanity Staff!

Realistic results!

One more thing I wanted to add! I feel like a lot of ppl go into surgery with unrealistic goals for their body! Everyone is shaped differently and to ask for a kyler Jenner body when Im a thick girl is unrealistic! Try to look for wish pics of ppl that have a similar shape to yours!

TT and BA with Dr. Salama in March!

Ready for more!


Keep in mind I had a wide but before but dr Fisher gave me the lift and projection I needed. Only thing is I wish he could have given me a little bit more projection.


Negative ppl on real self

Listen if you don't like what someone has posted on THEIR journey stay off THEIR review. It's aways a page with no pics and no reviewes commenting on ppls stuff. I like my post op results and if your coming on my page with anything to say otherwise exit! This place is for ppl to come together to discuss not make accusations. It's aways a profile with NO pics that is usually not the first to come with the BS TOO. FYI there are many reasons ppl may decide not to post pics after surgery! Give ppl time to heal lol! It's rude to demand pics!

Garment I use

Mommy makeover ( Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants +slight lift)

I went to Dr. Salama three weeks ago for this procedure! The doctor was very straight forward and informative! I appreciated that! Im still recovering but getting better weekly. This procoedure is so much more pain then the bbl I had in July. I mean ladies, you really have to prepare yourself for the pain! It was unbearable and still is at times! You will be living in your garment 24.7 for a good 3 to four months with this procedure! I don't think I was prepared for this! I you don't wear your garment you swell up and your stomach and entire body feels extremely right! Dr. Salama is really good with lipo! I have zero back fat, and although I had lipo Done on my back in July Dr. Fisher didn't get it how Salama got it! As far as my ass! 8 months later And my ass is still perfect! It has def went some due to swelling subsiding BUT my ass is perfect and fits me! So back to the Tummy Tuck, I have a pouch in my lower abdomen I'm praying that it is just swelling cause I had a flat stomach before and only wanted the stretch marks gone. According to Salama and realself swelling takes up to 6 months to subside in that region. Paying they are right or it's lipo again! Cause the pouch thing isn't cool!! As far as my waist, it's super tiny!! I've had a lot of ppl stop me just to tell me how tiny my waist is( this is with a garment on). I would recommend both docs! As far as recovery house, I honestly feel like it's better to just get a hotel room and have someone go with you! Save your money!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

If I could give him 10 stars I would!! He's a very very very good doctor!!

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