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After comparing so many procedures (cool...

After comparing so many procedures (cool sculpting, smart lipo, lipo) and deciding on what I should get I finally decided a Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL is what I want to get.
I am still deciding what doctor to get. I think I am opting towards Dr. Miami, even though he's booked till June 2018!
Super Excited to change my life.

dr. bbl

So I'm definitely getting a BBL, BUT I'm still deciding the doctors (and saving up of course)

I'm absolutely loving DR. BBLs work in Minnesota, plus he was trained by Dr. Miami 

Even though I didn't want to travel I think he may be worth it... 

Here's a before and after of one of his patients that kind of looked like me in her before. And the after is basically what I want!

Dr. Blinksi???

Still comparing doctors & saving up for my BBL.
I'm really looking into Dr. Blinski because it seems like he really does care for each patient and reviews have been overall positive. I'm also going to post some of my wish pics. Let me know if you know of any doctors that you recommend! I'll eventually post pics of my current body but it's athletic type (5'4" , 155 LBS.)


OMG! So I just found out about this app called "plastic Doctor" and it only motivates me more to go in for this BBL ASAP!!
It's kind of tricky to use at first but you kind of get the feel for it.
My arms look messed up on my side pic but you get the idea of the shape I want!

More before & after app pics

These two didn't go up with the before & after pics on the app "photo Doctor"

what do you dolls think?!

Fisher doll '17

So I decided to stay local and go to dr. Fisher
He seems to be doing really good BBLS
But I noticed he's no longer with vanity & it has a new administration and they're called eres now???
I heard bad things about vanity so since its eres & it's under new management do you all think the customer service will be better??? Let me know what you dolls think, please

Also I'm going next fall and if you bring a friend or 2 we could get up to 20% off our procedures. Anybody interested in going in with me??

December update

I'm still saving up as I will be paying in cash..
Also still deciding doctors at the same time.
Maybe Blinski?!

More wish pics

Almost the end of 2016! Savings account is starting to look right for the surgery!! It's all about time right now!

Ghurani or Blinski

Dr. Ghurani and Dr. Blinski are becoming my favorite Miami doctors! I can't really tell what there differences are in the way they do their BBLs? Who gives more hips and or laterals? Can someone please help me? Thanks
Minneapolis Physician

Booking consultation probably in December or so super excited and ready to finally be in my dream body

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