I Finally Got the Courage to Get my BBL - Miami, FL

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Hi everyone ! I'm scheduled for a BBL on June...

Hi everyone !
I'm scheduled for a BBL on June 14 and with the days getting closer and closer I'm getting really anxious. While getting all the test done, getting everything ready for the surgery since I don't have immediate family members that can help, my bf broke up with me a wk ago but he agreed to still help me with the entire process. Even though is nice of him, I feel that something that was suppose to be an exiting process for me turned out to be stressful.The procedure will be done in Miami, Fl and even though I am trying to prepare myself (mentally) I don't know if I'm really prepare for the pain, recovery process and everything that goes with this procedure. Any suggestions and feedback will be really appreciated, I will be posting pics soon and will keep you guys updated.

Nite Nite for now :)

Pics Pre-Op

Pics Pre Op - BBL

7 days to surgery

Well, surgery date is getting close and my anxiety levels are going UP! I have almost everything ready, checking different sites and getting everything I need to hopefully have a good and fast recovery. Wish me luck and pray for me

Body Wish

I made it!

Ok, I was MIA after the surgery so I have a LOT to say. The night before the surgery had to take half of a valum to be able to relax. My time was scheduled for 6:45am, to start getting me ready, do the markings, got the nausea med and then I went walking to where the magic happens. I know they clean me, and cover my arms and legs, felt like a an astronaut lol. Next thing I know, the anesteciologist came and gave me the "happy juice". I know I was carrinh a conversation but dont remember, within seconds I was out!. Next thing I jnow I was recuperating asking for water. My (ex) bf, dk what we are at this moment. Got there and told me I was super white and lil worried but said it was funny how I kept asking for water. I have no idea how the nirse managed to put the faja on and get me dressed. I got aome ice cubes and hope in the back seat of the car since I needed to lay down. I was out for the majority of that day but I managed to walk a bit inside the room once the anestecia wore off and also eating every 3 hrs, trust me that sets a difference! I will continue to post later and include pics, gotta nap now

Day 7 - My suggestions

Hi ladies :)
Thank u for all the comments and good wishes, makes me happy. I just got back from dinner, I was able to spend some time with a friend of mine that moved to Miami not to long ago so it was nice. I will try to go in order since I was out for so many days due to the recovery.
1.- My big suggestion is force yourself to move even the same day of the surgery, u want those muscles moving, do it after u take ur pain pill.
2.- Prep your meals (healthy), u need to nourish your body and with good high in protein and iron. I made salad with beets and I made lentil soup and took some to the hotel with other snacks. My bf said it will be weird, he wanted me to sleep all the time and was telling me to take a Valium. I guess his thinking was, I will be able to sleep all night but also you will be like a baby and u need to wake up to eat some, take ur pain pill and move.
3.- I thought i was going to feel weird about having a caterer in, trust me is the way to go!. During surgery they put 5 littlers of liquid, can you imagined if I needed to get up to pee the same day of surgery. My bf was empting that bag constantly. You need to move around so you dont get so dizzy but not every hour.

I had my post op the very next day, they removed my cateter, change the garment and check the results. My bf couldn't stop saying Omg Omg Omg. Ladies, the fat I had on my back and love handles is totally gone. They also remove some from my stomach but Im still so swollen that i cant tell if my belly will be some what flat :-/. Will let you guys know how it goes, but I have a nice curve and hips like exactly from one of the pics I gave to Doc Mendieta :))

4.- The biggest struggle will be getting on and off bed. The muscles on all ur torse is gonna feel in so much pain that it will be difficult. If ur bed is high, get a stool to help you. Also cover your elbows with something, mine got very sore cuz I was using my arms to pull and push my body in and out of bed.

5.- how to sleep? Of course on your stomach but after a while ur neck gets tired. Use one soft pillow and put it on your chest and rest your head on o e of those U shape pillow for the neck. I was able to sleep much better.

6.- I almost forgot, the day of the surgery they will have you ride on the back of the car on your stomach. You will need to prep the car, putting plastic bags cuz you will be draining, however, the car we rented was higher in the middle section on the back seat so it was unconfortable meaning painful. So depending on how far you need to go, you might want to make the back confortable adding some blankets, or pillows. Try it before to make sure you are confy. If you have an SUV get a stool to help u.

7.- you can start showering the next day of the surgery, make sure any time you are getting your garment/faja off you have water and something really really sweet with you. Do not shower with hot water, u are so dehydrated that even a lil hot water will make u feel sick super quick.

8.- Search for pillows for when you are seating. Im trying to trained myself to use the cylinder one since I have to travel this Wednesday but I feel very uncomfortable, is really hard and my legs go kinda numb. I order another pillow more expensive but it might be better since I have to use it for two months.

Remember, you don't need to be on a diet after surgery so EAT but healthy food. These are my tips so far that even though I did my research some noone mentions it. Hope it helps.

Tomorrow I have my 1 wk follow up appt, we will see how it goes since I feel I still have fluids inside. Will keep u all post it. So far I like what I see, my only concer is my stomach. Will post pics later.

Totally Worth it !

This update will be short but will upload pics in few days. After 8 months of my procedure I can totally say that I love the results. There are totally natural amd considering on having a second procedure with Dr. Mendieta. Love him and his staff!!!
Constantino Mendieta

Worth every penny!!

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