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So last year I went to Florida for a BBL &...

So last year I went to Florida for a BBL & Rhinoplasty with Dr. Pazmino. I ended up canceling DAY OF OPERATION and flying home. I got to his office and everything was so sketchy from the day I arrived. I couldn't go through with it. Thank god I was fully refunded.

Well how about this: I forgot I have a consultation with Dr Miami scheduled next month!! I made the appointment OVER A YEAR AGO and he was booked all the way up until now!!! Hoping he will be able to save me lol. Plus the cost for a rhino and bbl is only 11k which seems reasonable for 2 procedures.

Has anyone had experience with him?

Back to the DR?

As I'm waiting for my consultation with Dr Miami, I'm looking around for backup surgeons. I have a feeling Miami is booked through 2018 and I'm not willing to wait that long.

I notice that the surgeons in the DR provide a different "look" than ones in the US. It's curvier, a bit more dramatic, and more like what I want. I consulted with Tania Medina previously and I LOVE her work. (Yily and Duran are no-no's for me since I've heard so many horror stories)

It's much cheaper too. There's a few things holding me back though. One being the simple fact that if I have complications after surgery, I can't just hop in the car & visit the surgeon. Id have to fly out again, or see a US doc who didn't work on me.

In addition, I've heard that the recovery houses are in rough areas ( well some anyway). I don't know, the whole idea of going out of country for an operation scares me.

Has anyone done this?

Help me choose my BBL doc!

Ugh I'm so torn. My US choices are McAdoo, Calva, Llorente, or dr Miami.

My DR choices are Medina or Maikel Ferreras.

I LOVE the results from the DR surgeons. They're more like what I want. And cheaper. But there is so much risk with going out of country for surgery. Plus Ferreras doesn't practice at CIPLA which is a red flag for me. Ughhh

The US docs are more expensive and the results aren't as good as the DR in my opinion. dr Miami has a wait list until 2019 Um no thanks!

Can someone give me some guidance! Struggling

2 deaths at Vanity?!?

I almost booked dr Calva at Eres Miami. I thought something felt off so did some research and ERES is just VANITY under a new name. Unreal. I canceled my consultation. I've heard so many bad things about vanity. Ugh now the search continues

Has anyone had a rhino & bbl in the same procedure?

I'm looking to get a rhinoplasty & bbl. I'm fine with going back twice for 2 different surgeries, but a few docs I've looked into want to do them in the same operation.

That makes me nervous and that's probably one HELL of a recovery lol. Has anyone done multiple procedures at the same time?

McAdoo quoted me an awesome price for both so im tempted

HORRIBLE experience with Dr Miami

I've been waiting for my phone consultation with Dr Salz for a year now. I emailed their office a week before my appointment to confirm the time. Then on the day of the consult, they called me 6 hours before my scheduled time! I was working and couldn't answer. I called back almost everyday for a week and was never able to get a hold of Ari. Worst client service I've ever had. I GET that he's busy but isn't that what office staff is for? Seriously unreal. I switched to Dr Blyer and have a consult scheduled. I'm still so furious with Dr Salzhauer's inconsiderate office staff.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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