39 Years Old Mother of 3 my Baby is 16 So It's Time for Me to Finally Do Something for Me - Miami, FL

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I've been on this site since 2013 reading reviews...

I've been on this site since 2013 reading reviews and seeing before and after pictures trying to decide on the right procedures the right doctor to give me my desired outcome in search of the best of the best without too far of a travel. My initial plan was to see a doctor in my area but after going to a few consultations and being told that they couldn't give me what I wanted and then had the nerves to quote me crazy prices like 18000$ I almost gave up till I ran across Hasan Dolls n from there I was sold

Down payment made

So I finally put 500$ down to lock in my 5000$ with Dr. Hassan at Vanity my Coordinator name is Angie. I'm 183lb and I have to be 170 to get the surgery I'm thinking the end of April that way by my birthday which is in June I will be good

Vanity playing games

How able my Coordinator is playing games with me I just got my invoice and my name is spelled wrong and my deposit is not on it like what's up with that

Switched to Dr Mcadoo

Ok ladies my surgery is for May 25th and I was told that Dr Hasan called and said he would be back in May but they can't tell me for sure If it will be the begaining middle or end smh I'm not playing those kind of games Now all I can do is pray that I get what I know Hasan was going to give me

Time is getting close

Hey dolls I know I'm not on much but I promise to keep u ladies posted on my B4 and after experience time is ticking

Received my supply's

Ok so I'm 22 days away from my surgery. Blood work done on Friday ???????? everything is good

Vanity and the bullshit

How about I recieved a call today stating Dr Mcadoo won't be in on my date which is the 25th of this month what part of the game is that when I already have my flight recovery house n took time off work Smfh. I then spoke to a few people over there and I'm told they might be able to get me in on the 27th if not he don't have any openings till June 3 I tell u these people drive u to eat

New surgery date

Well as u all know Vanity schedule me a date knowing the doctor wasn't there smh anyways my new date is 5/26/16 thank God. Now I'm sitting here waiting for my CMP that wasn't done when labcorp did my other labs. I need to loose wieght like asap I'm trying but it's not working smh

All cleared

My blood work is good now I need to loose 10 to 15lb in 18days any ideas other then a liquid diet

Look at how flat

I can't wait till my butt is not flat in my uniform so sad


I can't believe how fast time is flying

Omg I'm getting nervous. It's becoming so real I don't know how to feel I just pray I get the body of my dreams and that everything goes well

Mixed feelings

As time gets closer I get scareder I'm not sure why. Maybe because of stuff like this a girl died yesterday with the doctor I'm going too. Lord knows I want this done but I love my life I'm going to Pray hard.

3 more days

Well tomorrow I'll be leaving NY to Miami I'm a nervous reck. I feel like im going to forget something I'm really not sure if I'm ready for the pain that I'm hearing these dolls be going threw. My question what's worse child birth toothache or bbl

Nervous reck

Omg I'm at the airport. I've never been on a plane b4 and this whole mess is just getting so real.

Met with dr Mcadoo

That guy is such a nice doctor Very down to earth n encore all the girls in there was pretty cool I didn't have a problem with them at all n most of them had work n bodies are off the hook I can't wait till tomorrow so I can say bye to this flat ass of mine

I made it

I made it I got out real late at 12am didn't go in till 8 something here's a few b4 pic this pain ain't no joke I'm glad I came to Moni she's the best so far

Not sure y I can't download my pics on here

I've been trying to post a few pictures but some reason it's not letting me

Day 2 post op

Doctor Mcadoo is the bomb and he's such a funny nice guy I went to go see him today and I must say he made me feel good cause I'm worried about everything I'm going home tomorrow I think I'll start waist training I'm fall ok to sleep as I'm writing this so here's a few more pics

My stomach is gross

My stomach looks like a prune it's flat but ugly I will need a tummy tuck no if ands or buts about it

Before surgery

This is me and Mcadoo kicking it he's such a cool dr. And keeps it 100

Waist training

So I've decided to start waist training I won't be posting anymore pics beings it seems no one is following my page


So what did u dolls eat not to gain weight after surgery? I have to go shopping cause while I was gone I guess everybody decided in my how they would eat my food.

back to work

So I went back to work on Moday. Driving sucks! Getting in the car is know joke and then trying to sit on without touching my butt hurts my legs. I won't sit down at work i walk stiff as a board I'm sure my boss is looking on the cameras like wtf is up with me but oh well. My ass so stiff I'm taking off today n tomorrow is my day off so that should help. Also on Monday I got some bad new my BBL buddy got put in the hospital she had 2 blood transfusion so far she keeps spiking a fever she has a infection somewhere they keep giving her meds but nothing yet. I thank God that I'm fine because we had the same Doctor n she went after me but I don't think this had nothing to do with Mcadoo when they tell u don't shower how about don't shower. I used 90% alcohol to clean myself with bottle Water and the anti soap and as grandma said I hit all the hot spots with soap n water.

I need to loose weight

Well as of today I'm almost 3 months post and I've gained 13lb I just can't eat rite as of my body it's way better then what it was here's a few pics dr Macadoo work

6 months post op

Well as of today I'm still not happy with my body because I have a lot of back fat n on my left butt cheek it's a few hard spots smh but other then that my ass looks great

She's sitting

i guess I'm going for round 2 now but this time I'm going to the DR
Miami Physician

Dr Mcadoo is the man

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