23 Year Old Excited For New 2016 Body. Miami, FL

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I have been on real self for a couple of months...

I have been on real self for a couple of months now looking into the BBL procedure. I have finally put my mind to getting it done sometime July-August 2016 as a birthday present to myself. Even though it appears to be awhile away I am literally saving from scratch for the whole surgery so it works out well. Now I am particularly focused on two doctors - Dr Johnathon Fisher at Vanity and Dr Osakatukei Omulepu at Spectrum. I have since sent emails to both and in the meantime, have only received a response from the surgical co-ordinator at Vanity. I have sent her some pre-op pictures and completed the questionnaire. I can't wait to have the surgery done to get a banging body but I am also anxious at the fact that I will be travelling alone for the surgery all the way from Australia. My body stats are as follows - 160cm and 70KG. I am not very satisfied with my stomach and size of my butt although I already have a relatively small waist by me doing corset training. My ideal body is a really small waist, toned and a big butt! I have taken a 'selfie' of my current body but will do updates gradually. I can't wait to get a response from Dr Omulepu so I can start my BBL journey.

Confirmed pricing

So Angie my surgical co-ordinator has been very prompt with my emails, she literally replies almost instantly which I am very pleased with. As I mentioned in my previous post I was looking to have it done in August 2016 and the price for that is $5000USD (This price includes all consultations & unlimited follow ups. All your surgery room fees, full panel of lab work, general anesthesia, & an anesthesiologist who will be in the room at all times. It will also include liposuction & liposculpture on your full back, full abdomen & waist, (I.E. bra line, love handles, flanks, waist, upper & lower abdomen). With the fat transfer into the butt & hips.) Now because I do have some fat located in my thighs and during summer they chafe so I have requested fat to be removed from there as well and transferred to my hips/butt. Angie has quoted an additional $500USD for that. She has just sent me the deposit details and requested $1000USD to be made by tomorrow to lock in the special $5000USD price + $500USD for thighs which totals $5500USD/$7540AUD all together. Now I am extremely in love with Dr Fisher's post op results but money is also another large factor in me choosing the right doctor. I am still thinking if I should wait for a response from Dr Omulepu before proceeding to the deposit for Dr Fisher because I could end up having the surgery cheaper by $1000USD.. I don't know what to do.. What do you think ladies? I have only until tomorrow to be able to secure my price too! I sent the email a couple of days ago to Dr O. Angie has also sent me some post-op pictures of Dr Fisher's patients who had a similar body shape to myself. Please help a sister out with advice :)

Ladies please confirm where Dr O works?

So ladies I'm getting mixed responses all over the shop as to where Dr O works. Can someone clarify this for me? I have reviews for him at Spectrum, Vanity and Encore! I am urgently in desperate need of contacting him tomorrow morning before I confirm my deposit with Dr Fisher. I would just like to have a consultation with him for my peace of mind knowing I consulted another surgeon and that I made the right decision choosing Dr Fisher. Help :(

Got a quote for DR O

So just called Encore to grab DR O's price for BBL and was quoted $3900USD. I did also request inner thighs as we'll to be liposuction to get a thigh gap, that was an additional $500USD. Now again', the surgical coordinator has said that the special price is only valid until tomorrow and deposit must be made by then. What is with this? I feel as though the coordinators are always putting a 1 day limit once they've given you a quote. My big question is any other ladies out there getting/got their inner thighs done? Should I get it done?

No response from Spectrum

So I emailed Spectrum about a week ago and still haven't heard back, I literally sent two emails. I'm getting impatient! Anyone know how I can speed this up? I want to be able to lock in the surgery now so I can sort my finances! I will call them on Monday next week and try to catch on Liz the surgical co-ordinator. In the mean time here are some more wish pics. I really love the curvy small waist and big butt look!

Dr Omulepu at Vanity?

Ladies can someone confirm if Dr O still works at Vanity? My surgical co-ordinator at Vanity has just emailed me regarding Dr O's price which was the same price by Encore. Doctor shopping is literally driving me crazy!

Vanity It is

My surgical doctor Angie at Vanity is literally amazing. She is always so prompt replying to my emails, very informative and actually calls me and goes through things in detail. It's been about a weekish since I emailed Spectrum/Encore and still haven't heard back from them. Now not too sure about you ladies out there who have better experience with the two, but I am definitely Team Vanity. Travelling so far for surgery - a min of 29hrs, communication is really important for me.

Deposit made

Ok so I finally made my deposit yesterday with Vanity - $500USD/$764AUD. The remaining will be made shortly. I have decided to go in October instead so about 9 months away! Let the journey begin!

Can we still go the gym?

Ladies I was thinking if I should cancel my gym membership. I am currently going to the gym almost 5-6 days a week and I feel great, But still don't have the booty that I want and losing stomach fat is quite difficult. I mean I would still like to continue going to the gym just to tone my butt up a bit because my surgery's not until October but what hit me is the fact I will lose weight/fat if I continue to go which will affect the amount of fat the doctor can utilise in the surgery. What to do? Maybe just continue with weight training and skip cardio? Or cancel the membership? I don't know what to do.....

Changing docs

Ok ladies so if you've been reading my posts from earlier, I initially picked Dr Omulepu however was recently advised that he is currently being investigated by the board and my surgical coordinator suggested that I switch to Dr McAdoo. I did some research on him and couldn't find many reviews and she also mentioned Dr llorente who I looked up on YouTube and was fairly pleased with his work. Any ladies got work done by McAdoo or Llorente? I am leaning towards going back to Fisher and the current cash price is $5500 :( That's an extra $1500 for Dr O's quote! I haven't yet made my second deposit due to me procrastinating but will definitely get it over and done with this week!

Switched to Fisher

Ladies I have switched to Dr Fisher! Made my second deposit today and scheduled for December 2016. America here I come!

Stressed out

Ladies I'm so stressed out. I had to reschedule my surgery date once again to March 2017 due to unforeseen circumstances. My only concern is Vanity has now renamed itself to Eres Miami and Angie is no longer my surgical co-ordinator. My new one has poor communication and organisations skills and I've just been so stressed because I'm on the other side of the world and need all the assistance I can get. She never replies to my emails and I constantly have to call her and keeping in mind the timezone difference, I need to wake up at 6/7am to do so. On the back of my mind, I want a refund and find another place but I love Dr Fishers work and can't help but think that trying to get my co-ordinator to issue the refund is just a whole new level of headaches due to her poor skills. I've been asking her to send me through recovery house details and she still hasn't sent them through. I was going to stay at the Vanity recovery house but think I need to find other ones.. What do you ladies think?

It's real now

Ok guys surgery date is coming up soon March 30! In 5 weeks Yaaaaaasss finally!! So I'm getting the stomach and full back down however I'm still thinking whether to get my arms and inner thighs done? Ladies did you get these done? Please let me know! I need to pay the full surgery amount next week :)

SOOOOOO stressed

I am pretty much ready to go! Got my flights, medication, accomodation all sorted and I've finished packing. The only thing left is whether they (Eres Miami) have received my last deposit for the surgery before I can pay the remaining balance. We have been going back and fourth on this deposit for about a month now and I'm seriously growing impatient and going crazy. I have just over 3 weeks until surgery and their customer service skills are appalling. I constantly have to contact them to follow up and I live in Australia so the time difference I have to wake up around 3AM!!!!!! I still need to get my lab work done also and my co-ordinator said to wait until someone contacts me?? By the time someone does it'll be next year. They've literally changed their banking details twice now hence why we need to confirm the deposit details and I want to make sure I'm depositing into the right account. When did you guys get your lab work done? What did you ask your doctor to do? I just want to get this ALLLLLL sorted by next week oh my god


So everything that could go wrong is literally happening right now. I called to follow up on my deposit and for my lab work to be sent and just got told by the pre op nurse that she doesn't even have me booked in for Mar 30???? How is this even possible? I've been in contact with co-ordinators for the past couple month since Sepetember I actually spoke to someone 2 days ago also who re-iterated that my surgery was booked in now this happens??? I've bought my flights (keeping in mind this is a 30hr flight), packed, bought my medication, organised time off from work, booked accomodation and my recovery houses NOW THIS??? I have no idea what is going in with Eres but their service is extremely horrible and I'm just praying to god they can get this sorted as there's no way I can take a no for an answer. This is not my fault but a fault caused by negligence from their end and their employees should learn how to manage things in a better manner. One of the pre-op ladies stated that I can't go in for Mar 30 with DR Fisher however she said she'll see what she can do. I told her I'm only in America for the last week of march into the first week of April and that she needs to sort something out for me! Pray for me guys I am literally so stressed, annoyed, upset and practically speechless because I can't emphasise enough on my disappointment and anger at how unorganised they are. Anyone been in a similar position to me who's had their surgery rescheduled or cancelled last minute? I literally need help I don't know what to do

Surgery done

I have just finished surgery with Dr Daniel Calva was conducted at around 11am at Eres. Unfortunately I couldn't get my arms and thighs done as Dr Calva said he could only take 4000L which was already sufficient from stomach and back. 10hrs later I am extremely nauseous and have been puking like crazy.

2 days post op

So I am now 2 days post op - has my surgery on Thursday 30/03 and now it's Saturday 01/04. Dr Calva used no drains and I was draining like crazy such a big mess! I've been taking my pain killers and antibiotics as well as which has been making the recovery process easy. I've been drinking a lot of juice, Gatorade, eating fruits and hot soup. I have also had 3 massages so far which are extremely painful but a must and removes the fluids built up in my back and stomach. Any ladies out there know how to speed up the process please let me know!!!!! I am flying back in 5 days and it's going to be a long ride 19hrs excluding stop overs so throw suggestions at me!
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