32 Year Old Needing a Mommy Makeover. Miami, FL

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Picking a surgeon is so much harder than I...

Picking a surgeon is so much harder than I expected, I have a small budget so I've been mostly looking in Miami, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. I'm 95% sure I'll be using Mel Ortega from Spectrum Aesthetics. My quote was 6800 for a tummy tuck, breast reduction and lift, and lipo of the flanks. I'm waiting on one last quote from mexico .

Possibly changing my mind

Just got 3 quotes from mexico today, really great prices and it will run about that much if I go to Miami, with the cost of hotel, flights etc! Something just scares me about getting surgery in Mexico but maybe I'm just being ignorant.

So my quoteb from Mel Ortega was 6800 and very little lipo

My mexico quotes were 8500 to 9500 and that included lots of lipo and bbl!

I just want to make this appointment!

So right now im leaning toward Dr. Lara, good reviews and I like his price.

The issue im having right now is that he takes so long to respond to my questions, like hes very busy. It's annoying!

Going back to one of my first choices Dr Luis Suarez

He has many good reviews and he's willing to do all procedures in one day, it looks to me like he does a pretty small BBL and that's fine with me, I don't want a huge butt. The cost is $9500, I find it strange that they want 30% down to save the date!! That seems like a lot! Did anyone else have to do that?

I don't know

Well I was excited, I just keep bouncing all over the place with doctors.

I'm back to Dr. Ortega, or maybe someone at Coral Gables?

I really like Dr. Lara in Tijuana but he's pretty bad at communicating , I keep trying to get my questions answered and he takes days to get back to me. Its really annoying because I'd really like to just make an appointment since I pretty much only have the last part of September to go!

most likely making my appointment with Spectrum Monday

I feel like I did a great deal of research on doctors, and I'm back to Mel Ortega.

The whole reason i looked into other doctors was because i don't feel like he does a super small waist, especially compared to DR, I'm assuming its due to the liposuction laws in FL. For $6800 he will be doing my breast reduction/lift and also my tummy tuck, and lipo on the flanks.

I told my husband that I'm scared i wont look that small after im done, due to the lack of lipo, but he said i could go back in 6-12 months and get more lipo if I'm unhappy with it.

Doctors in Tijuana are willing to do more lipo and BBL for about 8k-9k, but i feel unsafe about having all of those procedures at once.

Vanity was out because of the scamming that goes on there
Coral Gables was out because i didn't feel like there were enough reviews.

so that's how I ended up with Mel Ortega :)

It's happening!

Well I booked my room, and I'm making my appointment tomorrow for September 26th , I'm $50 short for the $500 deposit, so I had to wait a couple extra days.

I decided that if im not happy with the results, then I can get full body lipo in the DR and we can also make a vacation out of it.

It feels so close!

The time is flying by and I expected it would. Does anyone question their decision almost every day? I'm always wondering if I'm making the right choice, mostly its about the finances, its such a large amount of money, then the health risks, I have 2 kids and if something happened, I would feel so stupid!
Part of the problem is I don't feel like I'm giving myself enough time in Miami, I get there the 25th and my surgery is the 26th, then I leave on the 2nd. Should I stay longer? The Dr said this amount of time was OK.

Change of plans!

It's been a long road, I was supposed to get a mommy makeover with Mel Ortega September of 2016, but that has since fell through, due to my blood disorder (hetrozygous thalassemia). I felt uneasy about going so far for my surgery and decided to stay closer to home and have a mommy makeover with Luis Suarez April 19th.

9 days!

I got back and forth between being excited and nervous.

I'm more excited right now and every day I feel better about going with Luis Suarez, praying he won't let me down and it all goes smoothly.

I haven't gotten on the scale recently because I haven't been eating that well and I've been so lazy due to the cool weather we've been getting, make me just want to be cozy on the couch :(

The communication between me and cer hospital has been outstanding, Cassandra emails me back within 20 minutes every time I have a simple question.

If I didn't have this stupid blood disorder, then I doubt I'd be hardly nervous, but I have been turned down by a bunch of surgeons and all the sudden he's willing to do it, so that kinda freaks me out. I don't wanna die, that's all lol.

I'm in Tijuana!

Arrived this morning around 11. Miguel drove us to Cer Hospital, met 2 other women from Seattle coming here for a different procedure, really cool talking to them!

Got my blood draw as soon as I arrived. The guy fished around for my veins until I almost threw up, then they called a lady in to do it and she got it in one shot :)

Paid off the rest of the surgery and I go in at 7am!!! I'm so nervous, I have a light headache, but I'm also very excited. Wish me luck.

Woo Hoo! Its finally over!

Had my surgery yesterday and it went very smooth! I did wake up during surgery, which I read about before, so I wasn't scared. I told them "I'm awake" and they knocked me right back out :) I was in recovery for a very long time because I needed to lift my legs up before they'd bring me to my room. Our room was huge and everything at Cer hospital was so clean. Dr Suarez made me so comfortable and he explained everything so well before I went in.

It's day 2 and I'm pretty sore, I had to get to our hotel and it was a lot of moving around, I felt like I used my stomach muscles too much.

I'm staying at the tijuana grand hotel on the 11th floor where it's all medical rooms. Very reasonable and so nice!!

I seriously can't say enough about CER Hospital, they took such great care of me and I'm so happy I didn't end up in Miami in an out patient situation, I felt like that hospital stay was so necessary!

So far

Pics from our stay

Met with Luis Suarez today

Had my check up today with the doctor. Everything went well, I feel more swollen today than the other days :( I did eat a pretty salty soup last night.

He said everything looks good and that my breast should even out once the swelling goes down. He said I shouldn't be walking much and to keep low for the next week and a half. Just going to my appointment wore me out.

I'd highly recommend Dr. Suarez and the Grand Hotel Tijuana, staying on the 10th floor was such a good choice, I don't know what I would have done without a hospital bed and a wheel chair!

Almost 3 months post op!

I'm so happy with the work he did. I went into a surgeon here in Oregon to make sure the seroma that had formed was gone, thank goodness that's over. The surgeon here commented twice on what an excellent job Luis Suarez had done. I'm so happy! Itso truly life changing. I still need to lose about 20 pounds, but I'm glad I can be happy with myself while doing that.

4 months post op

I'm starting to feel like my old self, the swelling is finally going down. Here's my before and after, as of today.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Luis Suarez did an amazing work, my scars are minimal and my TT scar is very low and he promised. Dr. Suarez is very professional and confident, which I appreciated, no one wants to go into surgery thinking something bad is going happen. He made me feel very calm and I trusted him so much. I'd go to him again for surgery. I'm so happy that someone was willing to work on me even though I have Thalassemia. He changed my life in such an incredible way, I'm finally comfortable with myself, I haven't been able to say that in many years.

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